Wednesday, October 7, 2020

 Grateful to be back....

....I just cannot believe that June 2019
was my last blogpost, but there it is,
and I'm so sorry I've been neglecting to post!
Granted, since then we all have been through
tough times, 
with this current global crisis with
this virus outbreak, and all the stress and hardships
that have gone along with it, 
but I hope family, community
and yes, 
arts and crafts have seen you through.
Especially arts and crafts,
 if you've been stuck at home!

So here's a catch up post,
 of a few bits and bobs
I've managed to play around with. 
I've been craving some art time, 
getting back into my art room with
the boy,
 Barkley the cat, 
(who's just turned 2 years old
last month...time just goes by so fast!).

So here's some of my projects....
First off....
Fabric Painting

Prior to the pandemic, I had started dabbling into Fabric Painting and using my hand carved stamps to create the paintings with.

Using recycled cottons to begin practicing with....

...and experimenting with drawing....

I found it all to be quite addictive....

especially buying the supplies for the project...

...I found getting a selection of these fabulous

 Derwent Pencils just as addictive....

...which Barkley kind of noticed...

...still an ongoing project, lots of practicing and will
later on show you what the outcome will be from all
all this effort....lots of other projects and bits and bobs
have been going on as well...

Even managed to dabble a bit in acrylic canvas painting...
inspired by Barkley...

...although he doesn't think so....

...he's always skeptical....grin...

And my latest of projects,
Artist Trading Blocks

...and using some wonderful scrapbooking papers 
 I found up here in Canada, 
from manufacturers in
Hungary and Poland through a little,
new to me online shop called 

...with all the other wonderful bits and bobs from

So as you can see....
even though life's been topsy turvy,
I've still managed occasionally 
to get some art time....
Hope you have too!



Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

I love your blocks! Great job! And that Barkley is the best! Love your painting of him. XOXO BIAF!

peggy gatto said...

Welcome back!!! Love your art projects and have missed you!!!

Pandora said...

Welcome back - I was just over in my corner waiting for you to arrive. Fabulous projects, all! Thank you for alerting me to the metallic Derwent pencils, I had not found those as of yet.

Denise Phillips said...

I'm so pleased to be back!!!
Thanks for the encouragement!!! xoxo

Eva Wilson said...
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Anonymous said...

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