Friday, April 18, 2014

We have Winners!!!

Gee, this Giveaway seemed
like the time flew!
At least for me it did! LOL!

And when I set it up, I forgot
that this weekend was a Holiday
So ....

Oliver Howard and I
Wish You All
a Fabulous
International Bunny Day! 
(a.k.a. as Easter :)

So lets get on with handing
out the Prizes!!!

As you already know, we
will have 3 Winners this Giveaway!
Each Winner will receive 
2 of these Wonderful
Ranger Melt Art 'Texture Treads'
which I hope you'll enjoy!
Looks to me like you'll be able
to use them for many different purposes
other than just using the UTEE with them!
Hope you'll share pictures with me
of your creations you make with them!
Just PM them on Facebook to me, 
or Email them!

So here we go with the 3 Winners!!!!

First Winner is.....
( can you hear the drum roll!!! LOL)

Jowyn Jenson!!!!

Woo Hoo!!!
Congrats Jowyn!
( You'll need to contact me Jowyn
for your mailing address for me
to send these to you! 
Either PM me on Facebook or
Email me at

How exciting! Always fun to hand
out prizes!!!
So here's Winner #2!!!!!

Woo Hoo Glenda!
( and Oliver Howard had nothing
to do with choosing! LOL!
The Random Generator could 
not be bribed by you! LOL!)

Although he does have a hankering 
for some sort of treats....grin

And Last by certainly not least....

Winner #3 is......

Woo Hoo!!!
Congrats Girlie!!

Big Congrats to All the Winners!
And don't forget 

Has all the supplies you need
to play with your New Goodies!!

And it's all on Sale to Boot!!

So make sure you get on over to
Retro Cafe Art and have a Boo!!!

So I Thank You All so much
for Joining in on this Giveaway!
And New Fun Swaps and Giveaway's
are in the works and coming soon!!!
So stay tuned!!! 

And Congrats to the Winners!!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Happy Friday Everyone :)
How about a Giveaway?

Well Hello There :)

After a Fabulous Tag Swap that
I really enjoyed Hosting and
with such Fab Co-Hostesses
Nancy and Marsha I'm finding
I'm going through withdrawal! LOL!

But I'm still making tags!
How could I not with even more
Fab Kits Released from these 
Great Shops!

New Release
from the Fabulous

A Breezy Fun Kit
Blissful Journey!

I had a bit of digital fun making
this Digital Page with Nancy's New Kit  :)

And Another 
New Kit Release!

I had a Blast doing some
Digital Play with 
Hidden Vintage's New Kit :)

I do love playing with Animals :)
And this Kit was so much fun!!

And Another 
New Kit Release
from the 
Tumble Fish Studio!

And has contributed to my 
continuing making tags!!!
( I'm addicted! LOL)

And Marsha has a Great 
Egg Kit to boot!!!
Just in time for the upcoming Holiday!

Oh man the colours are fun 
and inspiring to play with!

And more tags to boot :)

So with all this inspiration
hope it motivates you all!!!

So what can I say.....
I'm in the mood for a Giveaway....

So for something a little different....

Have you seen these?

Ranger Brand
'Melt Art'
Texture Treads!

They're made to use with UTEE
(Ultra Thick Embossing Enamels)
and Guess Who has those!
That's right one of my 
Favorite shops 

And Kristin's Having a Sale!!!
Retro Cafe Art
has a Huge Selection of
UTEE Products on Sale
So get on over and Check them out!!

Now for the Giveaway!

I have 6 of these
Fabulous Ranger
Melt Art 
Texture Treads
to Giveaway!
That's right...
so here's what to do to
Be Entered to Win!

I will be using the 
Random Generator
to pick 
3 Winners!

Yes! 3 Winner's
will Win 2 of these
Melt Art Texture Treads

Starting right now
if you're a Follower
Birdnuts Mixed Media

Leave a Comment
on this Blog Post!
If you aren't a 
Follower yet, 
then choose either
Google or Network
Blogs Widgets on the
right sidebar to sign
up as a Follower,
Leave a Comment
on this Blog Post to 
let me know you're 
Entered in the Giveaway!

The Deadline for the 
Giveaway is Friday 
April 18th, 2014

So there you go!
3 Winners 
to Win the Giveaway
on April 18th!
So get Entered to Win!

And you know you can 
always find me on Facebook,
so send me a Friend's Invite
for an extra Entry to Win!
( That is if we aren't already Friends :)

Well I'm off to start the 2014 
Tax Season...yuck :)
But once I'm all caught up on the
bookkeeping end of Tax Season
After this Giveaway I'll be totally
ready for another Swap!
So stay tuned and get 
Entered to Win!


Friday, March 21, 2014

And the Winner is....

Hey Everyone...
Well it is finally time to bring this
Fabulous Tag Swap and Giveaway to
an End...what a Wonderful Swap 
this has been!!!

I first want to give a Huge 
Thank You
To Both of my Wonderful
Co-Hostesses this time round!
It was a First here on 
Birdnuts Mixed Media
to have Two Co-Hostesses at once
and believe me, it's been a blast
working with both


Two of the most Creative and Generous Women I know!

As you know, 
both Nancy and Marsha
Donated $25 Gift Certificates 
each to their shops for the 
Prize Drawing
but also Nancy's sent 
a little Embellishment Kit 
for an extra 
Runner Up Prize, 
Marsha has sent a Post Card 
of one of her
Fabulous Creations 
for Each of You to be
tucked into your 
Swap Envelopes
and for another 
Runner Up Prize one of her
Wonderful Original Prints!!!

Wow!!! So let's get this
Using the Random Generator Site
to Pick the Winners.....

We'll start with the 
Embellishment Goodie Pack 
from Nancy at 
Crowabout StudioB! 
And the Runner Up Winner is....

Jackie PN!!!!
Congrats Jackie, I'll be tucking in the
goodies from Nancy to you in your
Swap Envelope!

Now Next...
The Lovely Original Print of
Marsha Sayler Jorgensens'
Tumble Fish Studio

and the Runner Up Winner is....
Larry Hnetka!!
Woo Hoo Larry! Congrats!
Marsha's Print will be mailed out
in your Tag Swap Envelope!

...Now the Big Prizes!!!

The Winner of the
$25 Gift Certificate to
Crowabout StudioB 
from the Lovely 
Nancy Baumiller
(a.k.a. Ms. Fancy Pants)

Big Congrats to
Bevlea Ross!!!!
Woo Hoo!
Congrats Bevlea! I'll give
Nancy your contact info to
get the Gift Certificate to you!!!
And Nancy's Just Released a 
Brand New Kit!!! Perfect time
for a Gift Certificate!!! Woo Hoo!

And Last but certainly not least...
 Marsha Sayler Jorgensen's
$25 Gift Certificate to
Tumble Fish Studio

And the Lucky Winner is....

Jaci Swarts!!!
Woo Hoo Jaci!
And great timing Jaci, as Marsha
has a New Kit just about to be
released! Congrats!!!!

Wow! Like I said before, 
What a Blast 
I have personally 
had with this Swap!

With these Two Fabulous Shops
Graphic to work with, I've had
so much fun making all the Tags 
that I will be Swapping with you all,
And the crazy idea that I'd make all 
the Swap Envelopes to send to you All!

And I've put together Goodie Packs 
of my own to send to each of you as
well, just a little Thank You
to All of You Fabulous Swap Artists!!!

Big Thanks Everyone!!!
Hate to see this Swap come to an End..
but you Never Know what is coming next!
So stay coming soon!!!

Until then...
Congrats to the Winners!


Monday, February 17, 2014

Quick Note!!
Huge Thanks to All of You Entering!!! Wow!
(Don't forget to Email your Mailing address to me and I'll get mine to you for the swap! Or you can PM on Facebook to get the Info to me! Thank you!!)

And A New Season Begins......

So I did some checking, as I tend to not keep track of these things..and it's my 
4th Season 
of Hosting Giveaways and Swap 
here on 
Birdnuts Mixed Media 
and my 5th Anniversary 
is coming later this year!
That woke me up faster than my cup of coffee this morning :)
It's been an Amazing Journey, and so
many of you have stuck with me all 
these years, and I THANK YOU!!

So here we are about to start 
New Season of Swaps
and I couldn't be more excited 
asthis Season, it's a First!

Birdnuts Mixed Media
TWO Fabulous Co-Hostesses!!!!
Woo Hoo!!!
That's Right, Two!!!!
..and you KNOW I love Ms. Nancy
and her Graphics being a long time
Swap Hostess here on 
Birdnuts Mixed Media

and for the First Time the 

(I attached links to their names to their
wonderful blogs and you can find them
both on Facebook to boot!!!)

Both Nancy and Marsha
just did a Collaboration of Kits
that I just fell in love with!
Both these kits set me off the last couple of weeks producing a Goal of a Tag a Day
Which we'll get to in a moment....
as Both Nancy and Marsha have
Today Both
Crowabout StudioB and 
Tumble Fish Studios
Released Brand New Kits!!!
along with all the other
Fabulous Designer Shops at
Deviant Scrap
With Coordinating Papers Kit to boot!


Plus All of the Wonderful Designer's at Deviant Scrap
are Participating in this C.Y.O.C. Category 
and there's a Freebie for Purchasing!

So here's what's going on
here on 
Birdnuts Mixed Media
These Two Fabulous
Deviant Scrap Shops!
2014 Tag Swap
Gift Certificate Giveaways!!!!

Something a little different to start out the Season a Tag Swap!
Using Standard Size Shipping Tags
( 6 1/4" x 3 1/4")
and using one or the other or both
Tumble Fish Studio and Crowabout StudioB
Graphics from their 
Fabulous Assortment
of Kits!
You'll be making 3 Tags.
2 of the Tags will be swapped out 
with the other participating Tag Artists
and 1 Tag will be swapped with me :)
When you've Entered the Swap
you'll be 
Entered to Win one of the
Giveaway Prizes!!!
Crowabout Studio B and Tumble Fish Studio
both have Donated $25 Gift Certificates
( with some Surprise Extra Prizes)
so there will be 
2 Winner's of $25 Gift Certificates!!!
with some extra Giveaways 
for more of you in the Drawing!!
Woo Hoo!!!
What a Great Way to Start the Season!!!

Here's the Detail on 
How to Enter The Swap
Please send a 
PayPal Family and Friends Gift Invoice
for the amount of $6.00
for the 
Return Postage and Handling
(tucking in of extra goodies)
Birdnuts Mixed Media
(by sending the invoice to me as a Gift
it saves both you and I the fee's and charges
Paypal would be charging either of us)

(If you're unable after sending the 
Invoice to Participate, I will refund
your Return Postage amount up to 
February 21, 2014 as the preparations
of envelopes and tag making will be
effected if cancelled.)

I am setting a limit of
30 Participating Artists for this
Swap Round.
(I'd better get busy, that's 30 Tags 
I have to make! LOL!!!)

Leave a Comment 
on this
Blog Post after you've sent the 
PayPal Invoice for Return Postage
( and if you aren't a Follower I'd
love to have you sign on either
Network Blogs or Google's Widgets
on the Sidebar!)

Here's the Deadlines!
The Swap starts Today!
so get those Entries in!
The Deadline to Receive your
3 Completed Tags is 
March 14th!!!
The Drawing for the 
Gift Certificates and Prizes
will be 
March 21st!!
Now with all the issues with the Postal Service in the U.S. and Canada and Internationally, please get your Tags
mailed out giving at least 2 weeks delivery time to arrive!!!
With the storms in the States and the grounding of planes, this could effect the delivery, so please give yourselves plenty of time getting them mailed to arrive before the March 14th Deadline!!

So there you go!!!!
2014's Tag Swap is Under Way