Tuesday, October 3, 2017

October Already!

Hey All
With all that is going on in the media this past
couple of weeks, it's hard to parlay any joy or fun
in life currently, as I am sure it is effecting many
of you too.

But today I just had to find some art time for myself,
and have had a day of it, with the t.v. turned off,
(watched early a.m. and decided not to watch any further),
so I thought I'd share some of what I accomplished 
today to maybe inspire you to find some time 
just for you too :)

I've had a flurry of making ATC's and Post Card Collages...
Using a myriad of wonderful graphics from predominantly 
and some

All Brilliant and Wonderful Artists the lot of them!

I love making ATC's and Inches and 1x3's and 2x2's...grin

Great Fun as it's all quick ideas to put together
without a real commitment of major time...

And usually, I find, while making the mini arts pieces...
that leads me to other ideas....

While making the ATC's this one, using Crowabout StudioB and Teesha Moore Graphics
I decided I liked it so much I wanted to have it out in the art room
to see it.

I had ONE LEFT of 
Chunky Dimensional ATC Kits

and in a lovely hour of some fun art time....

...some glues, scrapbook papers and the ATC 
I made, I was able to mount it on the ATC Block...

Now to find just the right spot to hang it up on the
wall in the art room....space is at a premium! LOL!

So that's what I have been up too....
...and I'll post a few more pic's of some of
the Collage Post Card Arts I've been making
to hopefully inspire you too...

'Art Cow'  ... grin...
(Crowabout StudioB Graphics)

'Be Fearless'
Assorted Graphics Crowabout StudioB and Art Tea Life
and Tumble Fish Studio

...got a little carried away with this one....grin...
'You Can Call Me Art'
Assorted Graphics Crowabout StudioB, Itkupilli, and Art Chix

So as you can see.....I'm keeping busy :)

Big Hugs to Everyone!
We can all use one these days ...
Oliver Howard says so!


Friday, September 15, 2017

Sewn Bookmaking Part 2....
The Leftover Bits.....

Well then, this is all that is left....

If you've read my previous post, I've been
busy making a Sewn Book Project 
for what seems like months....grin....

So please do, if you haven't seen, go have a boo
at the previous post!
I've taken one of those lovely carrying bags from
Michaels Craft Supply and tried to use it in as
many things I can think of to make....
Being the previous project was my first try at this,
I was pretty stinking pleased with myself....grin...
and I have received a few questions about the strap,
as I cheated not using the straps from the bag, 
( they'll get incorporated in some other project I am sure),
but what I used, was a 7Gypsies 'Book Bra'.
Seems they are no longer making these fabulous things
and luckily I had bought a dozen of them when they were
being closed out....wish they'd make them again.
Being one not wanting to waste any of the other side
of the bag used for the previous project, I decided to 
attempt to make one of those Midori type books that 
you see everywhere....

I gave it a shot....

Being that I have multitudes of art and craft supplies
I found I had everything I needed to attempt it...

I was thrilled that it worked....
but being that I've been working with this 
same pattern through both projects, I decided to
throw in some other colour.....

That worked.....grin...

It's fairly large, as inserts can be up to
a 5 x 7 inch...so I've begun now cutting
and sewing signatures to tuck in for future
creative journaling....(used an old cover from
a used up Moleskin journal, waste not, want not)

there was just one more piece left, a bottom
section of the bag.....what the heck...
a zippered pouch for my rulers....grin...

So as you can see from this post and the
previous post....I've had some fun creative time!
Now to go in search of some more bags.....grin...

Hope you can find some creative time for yourself!!
Make it so! And Enjoy!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Already September!
How did that happen?

Hey All, Me here, and it's been so busy!
Spent much of  the Summer Season with 
household projects rather put my mojo
on hold. We did manage to get some major
projects competed, both back porch and front
deck rebuilt, plumbing issues taken care of,
and the usual touch up painting and re-staining
of cedar shakes and we're still up to our necks
in window washing and gutter cleaning the 
next month preparing for the change of the Seasons.

So once I found some mojo and me time,
it seemed I couldn't figure out what to do first...
So grabbed this lovely little cup and saucer a dear
friend sent me years ago, and made a quick pincushion.
Well one thing leads to another, dragging out an old sewing
machine ( nicknamed 'the clunker'), as my other machines
are strictly for fabric use...as I had a plan....

I came across a wonderful older workshop on the internet at
Well that just sent me off on a whole new adventure....

First I had to make 
Signatures for my 
Sewn Book Project
and even though the workshop was for 'found' ephemera,
I switched it up to use tons of my scrapbooking supplies
and papers, and incorporating by sewing in some of 
my printed digital graphics, handmade tags, and other
assorted goodies I've made and collected over the years.

It's taken weeks of pulling together all the bits and bobs
of inspiration, and figuring out how to sew it all together.

But it's been one of the most fun projects I've taken
on for years. 

I certainly don't profess to be a seamstress,
as I tend to not do things as perfectly as many
in the sewing field do, but this was right up
my alley, as I could just sew away on the old
clunker without worrying about perfection.

Making the signatures has been so much fun!

Then came the cover....

Veering off from the Workshop....
I've had this really colourful and pretty tote bag
from Michaels hanging around my art room for
the past few years, so I thought I'd try cutting it up
and using it to make the cover.

I still have to hand sew the signatures into it,
but had to put it all together to see if it was going to work.

Please to say, the experiment was a success!

Even the inside worked to boot!

So as I said, still have to hand sew in the signatures,
and may even make another set to tuck in as it seems
another set of pages just might fit...
Being it was a large tote bag, it seems I have the other
side of it for another project....hmm......wheels turning already for the next project.
Isn't that how it always happens!

So that's what I've been up too during this long quiet
spell on Birdnuts Mixed Media this Summer...
and just a quick mention....

It was our Oliver Howard's 16th Birthday
last Sunday!
( Where the heck did the years go!)
We were overjoyed at the pouring of love and affection
and sloppy kisses from all of his 
Internet Aunties on Facebook 
this past weekend! 
Huge Thank You's to Everyone!

In our home....Dogs Rule....
and Birds too!

So that's what has been going on....
Already getting going on my second sewing book project
so another blog post in the works soon!

Until then...
Get Inspired and Creative!


Friday, July 28, 2017

Happy Friday
Quickie Post...

I think may of you can relate to a night 
of insomnia unfortunately, but in my little world,
that means uninterrupted  art time....

And now that it's nearly dawn, I'm finding I'm in
a rush as the day is about to begin....
So you'll have to forgive me for not putting
my usual commentary with each photo,
as I'm just trying to post any sort of inspiration
since it's Friday and hoping You All get some
art time this weekend....without a night of insomnia! 

Had a experimental play with one of my Altered Book Journals
and using a myriad of my favourite graphics from
Tumble Fish Studio and Crowabout StudioB and
others from Mischief Circus and
my sewing machine....grin....
Bits and Bobs, some of my pre-made Post Card Arts

I made a 
Trifold Insert Page 
for my Altered Book...
Front page
Sewn in Post Card Collage

Second page....

And Inside the Trifold...

Hand Painted Watercolour and doodads attached....

Little Miss Smart Ass.....GRIN....

Had great fun, especially incorporating my
sewing machine in the project.

And that was just one page in the Altered Book Journal 

And here's a few other projects the past couple
of weeks I've been working on. Some Post Card Collage Arts
and some Digital Arts, all of which I hope will
give you a 'push' to be creative this weekend.

Again with lots of help from my Friends
Marsha and Nancy 
at Tumble Fish Studio and Crowabout StudioB

And a bit of digital work
using Itkupilli's Graphics 

And some Crowabout StudioB

And of course, some Post Card Art too...

So there you go!
Now the sun is peeking out...so I'm off!
Have a Brilliant Weekend
and Make some art!!!