Saturday, July 12, 2014

How'sYour Summer Going?

If you're like me, you have tons
of projects going all at once :)
And not just art projects!
Our weather here in my area,
has been on again, off again 
since last Spring, so many of
my outdoor projects have had 
me ping ponging, in and out
of my art room.
Nothing like doing fence cleaning and
sealing one day, then diving into
painting a canvas the next due to 
the weather.

Working on a canvas project for
an online workshop I'm taking :)

And then it is also the 
Season for Workshops!
I've signed up for 3 all at once....
( pinch me next year if I do this again:)

Starts July 16 so there's still
a couple of days if you wish 
to join in!!!

And what FUN Class Kits!!!!

YUM!!! tee hee

And Joanna's Workshop Starts July 16th in Session 2 at Artful Gatherings just as Mary Jane's so there's still time to Sign Up!!!

And as much as I'd love to be in my art room all the time, ( as in Winter months :)
I've still managed to grab and play with 
2 of my Most Fav 
Deviant Scrap Designers New Graphics Kits

( Loved playing with this Kit of 
(my self portrait....grin)

And the Wonderful

Always love Nancy's Girlies in 
her Graphics Kits.
This one I used my own background with...
may need sunglasses....grin.

And make sure you check out
all the Designers Kits on Monday
July 14! There's a big Collaboration 
Event going on!!!
TONS of New Kits!!!

So there is so much to keep busy with! 

Even the latest edition to my art room
is enough to keep me going :)
Meet 'Doris'
My New Vintage 1958 
Singer 99K Machine

As you've seen my other machines
here on my blog, I can now say
I'm a hobbyist collector at this point :)

Which of course leads me into another
project.....rearranging the art room.
No time this Summer will have to
be a Winter Project :)

So that's about it for the moment,
I will have some "News"
coming up soon, on my next 
blog post. There are some very
serious changes going on 
with the Facebook and other 
Social Media and
the Canadian Governments Rules
as of July 1st, 2014
in regards to Blogs, Emails, Spam,
and some other issues. I'm currently 
involved in seeking information
and legal advice as there will 
be some changes here on my blog.

I will keep you posted :)
In the meantime.....
Oliver Howard and I wish You All
a Great Summer!


Thursday, June 12, 2014

We Have Winners!!!!

It is always a pleasure for me
to Co-Hostess with 


All of Mary Jane's Workshops
past and present,
have been Full of Fun and Inspiration.
And Mary Jane is a Fabulous Teacher!

So it's a Total Win 
for Any of Us 
Signed up for Mary Jane's Workshops!

So it really is 'icing on the cake'
for a chance of Winning in this
Giveaway of
One of Two 
Special Workshop Kits

With Embellishments to boot!!!

That Mary Jane has so
kindly put together for
this Giveaway for the Students
of the Workshop
'The Imaginarium' 
Anthologies of an Art Doll!!

So let's get to it!

We have 2 Winners!!!

Using the Random Generator
to choose from the Great Turn Out
of Entries!!!!

The 2 Winners are.....

Elizabeth Barrow
Yvonne C.

Woo Hoo!!!!

Being that you both are Students
in Mary Jane's Workshop,
she should already have info
on how to contact you, but
give her a shout just in case
so she can make arrangements
to get these Fabulous Special Kits
mailed out to you! 

I'm also taking Mary Jane's Workshop
so I'll look forward to seeing you all 
in class!
Looking forward to seeing all of your
wonderful creations!!

Thank You All 
for participating in this 
Fun Giveaway
And a Huge 
Thank You  

(to bits Girlie :)


Monday, June 9, 2014

Thought I'd Play Catch Up
with You All so Bring Coffee!!

Well it's been busy here on 
Birdnuts Mixed Media for
quite some time!
Just finished the 
Wonderful Giveaway
with Joanna Grant 
of her Workshop
at Artful Gatherings 'Gelli-Jam'
and Congrats to the Winner!
And, I still have the
 Giveaway Post of 2 Class Kits
For the Students in her
 Wonderful New Workshop

The Post to Leave a Comment
to be Entered to Win is a 
couple of posts down, so 
make sure you stop by and
Leave that Comment on
that post!!!

So the 2014 Workshop Season
is in full gear over at 
And there is still time for you
to go check out the plethora
of Fabulous Artist Teacher's
Workshops! I believe Session One
has begun, but Session Two is
still Open so please do have a boo!!!

I'm keeping busy recently, 
doing a few projects and collecting
art, one of my favourite things to do :)
I love Artists, and love to surround
myself with their talents.
Recently I purchased a 
Wonderful painting by one
of my Facebook Artist Friends
Who graciously allowed me to
purchase one of her lovely creations.

Maggie's a Fabulous Artist, 
Musician, Photographer, Pet Lover,
All Round Fab Girlie in my Book :)
I just love this painting of 
Frieda and the Monkey.
So do check out Maggie on Facebook
as you never 
know when she'll be offering more
of her wonderful art!!

And the Wonderful

Has her current Kit
'Dreams-Odd Show'
for Sale in Her Shop

Which includes this Fabulous
Background Kit 

And later this Week,
 Marsha's Releasing 
A Brand New Kit!
So you never know what 'buzz'
is happening around here with 
such Fun and Fabulous New Graphics
coming!!! go check it out and stay tuned!

Well there you go!
Oh wait!
Here's a fun little project I've been
working on as I'm a bit of a nerd
for organizing in my art room

If you're a customer of

Then you know about Kristin's Wonderful
Selection of Stencils her Company

Anyway, I was wanting some sort
of organized way of having my
huge assortment of Stencils
from Retro Cafe Art and this is
what I came up with.

Using Chipboard that I covered
with one of my Gelli Plate Prints
I made a Stencil File Book
just for my 

Front of the book
I made it as a 5 x 8 book
and using one of Ranger's 
Tim Holtz idea-ology
3 Ring Binder inserts....

Back of book....
And using 
that I stained with Tim Holtz
Distress Stain and Stamped
to bind the cover together...

I then took the insert file cards
from those great photo boxes
that you can purchase all over
for storing photo's, as I end up
not using the file cards and end up
with tons of them, so putting them
back to back, I ran them through
my sewing machine to make a pocket.
I then punched holes using 
that line up perfectly to the Binder Rings,
and Walla!!

A quick ( ok, it took a while to make :)
solution for storing and using

I think I'll be using much more of
my Gelli Prints

And will be making more of these
binders to store many other

So there you go!
This was a catch up post! LOL!!!

Will see you all later this week
with the Winner's of 
Mary Jane Chadbourne's



Friday, June 6, 2014

We Have a Winner!!!

Well I always feel a bit sad
when we get to the deadline
for a Giveaway...

But this time, 
I'm so excited for You All
You have made such a Fabulous
Turn Out for this Wonderful
Giveaway of a Seat in 

Joanna Grant's

Fabulous New 
Online Workshop
Art Journal Workshop

And an 8 x 10 Gelli Plate!!!!

Where Joanna will be teaching at

And for those of you who haven't 
won a seat, Please do go sign up
for Joanna's Workshop as it really
is going to be a Fabulous one, and
there's still time to Sign Up!!!

So let's get to it!!!

The Winner of 
a Seat in 
'Gelli Jam' 
Art Journal Workshop
the 8 x 10 Gelli Plate is......

Woo Hoo!
Kim Jolley!!!!

Congrats Kim!!

(I will pass on your Email
Address to Joanna to Contact 
You Kim to set up your Seat in
Gelli Jam Art Journal Workshop
and to mail out the Gelli Plate 
to you to have in time for the Class!)

I think really 
BIG Thank You's 
should go to 
Joanna Grant

For such a Generous
Giveaway Package!
All Success to You Joanna
for Your First
Workshop with 
Artful Gatherings!
I am sure of many more to come!
And Thank You for sharing 
all this Fun with 
Birdnuts Mixed Media!

And Thank You Everyone
for Joining in the Fun!!!


Thursday, May 22, 2014

A 'Special' Giveaway for 
Students Only
of 'The Imaginarium'!

What a Whirlwind of Excitement
here on Birdnuts Mixed Media!

Being the Beginning of the 2014
Workshop Season for the Wonderful

With such a plethora of 
Fabulous Artist Teachers
Hosting their Workshops,
I feel so very Proud and Honoured
to be Co-Hosting with such Talent
like the ongoing Giveaway, with
 Co-Hostess Joanna Grant in her 
New Workshop
'Gelli-Jam' at Artful Gatherings, 
so be sure to go to my 
Previous Blog Post and get 
Entered to Win!

And Now, 
I have the Great Pleasure to 
Welcome Back 
one of 
Birdnuts Mixed Media's Longtime Friend's 

The Fabulously Talented,

has been with 
Artful Gatherings 
Teaching her Fabulous Workshops
for the past few years now, 
and this 
Year 2014 
Workshop Season
Mary Jane has a 
Fabulous Brand New Workshop

'The Imaginarium'
Anthologies of an Art Doll

Oh my!!!!! Aren't they Stupendous!!!

What an Inspiring, 
Creative and Talented Artist 
Mary Jane Chadbourne is, 
and I can honestly say from
taking Mary Jane's other 
Online Workshops at
Artful Gatherings, that Mary Jane
 is also
a Fabulous Teacher!

And I am sure if you've Signed
up to take her Online Workshop
at Artful Gatherings this Year,
You'll be enthralled with letting
your Imagination Fly making
these Fabulous Dolls! 

So Mary Jane has Graciously
Donated Two Wonderful Prizes
and is my Co-Hostess for a 
Giveaway Celebration!
here on Birdnuts Mixed Media!

To Be Entered to Win

You must be a 
Signed Up Student 
in the 
Online Workshop

To Be Entered to Win!

Leave a Comment
on THIS Blog Post to be Entered!
And if You aren't already
a Follower here on 
Birdnuts Mixed Media
Please do sign on either
Network Blogs or Googles
Sidebar Follower Widgets!

Using the Random Generator
We will be picking 
2 Winners!
Each Winner will Win a 
Class Kit 
with Embellishments!!!

Kit #1

Kit #2

Woo Hoo!!!
So the 
Deadline to be 
Entered to Win
Thursday, June 12th, 2014!
So go get Signed up for this 
Inspiring and Wonderful Workshop
and come on back over here
Leave a Comment for a 
Chance to Win
one of Mary Jane's
Totally Fun Class Kits!!!!

So Looking Forward to Class!

Good Luck!!