Tuesday, March 12, 2019

How can it be March already?

Funny how that happens, you just blink, and you
realize you've lost 3 months.....grin....

I always look forward to Wintertime, with big expectations of lots of creative time and a list of projects that I sometimes spend months planning and thinking about.
Then when it arrives, I end up these days, more like a bear in
Winter, wanting to hibernate.

So I keep in practice, at least every couple of days
with my Artist Trading Coins.
As I find when you keep your hands and head busy
with creativity usually, one thing leads to another.

Last year, I had started a series of 
with wonderful, quick and easy kits from

I loved the Artist Trading Coin 'Spring Fever'
I'd made using paper flowers from
Retro Cafe Art, that I didn't want to just stick
it away in my ATCoin book, so I had a play around
with one of the Artist Trading Block kits and 
channeled a bit of wishful thinking
for a change of season soon.
( Still snowing, raining and general Winter at my home).
Will be adding this one to the collection, that at
some point will take up a wall in the art room.
More nail holes....grin...

Something of which, I am sure 
Sir Barkley McMuffin Butt
will enjoy plotting about reaching up the walls
to get to all the pretties hanging up there.
As you can see, Barkley's growing like a weed, 
and each month as he's sprouting, I'm still playing around
with the artsy apps and digitally changing up his photos.
6 months old, almost 8 pounds, and 28 1/2 inches from
back feet to nose in a stretch. His 1/2 Maine Coon is
regally showing up.

And although he manages to monopolize most of my time
being a kitten mum of a moose kitten, it doesn't change
that we still miss our dear Oliver Howard any less.

I was motivated a few weeks ago, to give tribute to my boy,
after seeing a series of Victorian Sweetheart Eyes, as 
traditional gift of a loved one's eye to give remembrance.
I did my version with a metal frame from Retro Cafe Art,
and chose a photo of Oliver Howard's gaze, which wasn't easy,
as going through the photos to pick just the right one.
Sealed with Glossy Accents and placed on a clear
acrylic mini-easel also from Retro Cafe Art, 
Oliver Howard is there on the mantel in the art room
at a glance when I think of him.
If you're missing a pet that has passed, I encourage you
to try this for yourself, it does give a strange peace to the heart to see it daily as a reminder of how special they are.

And as I said before, still making my 
Artist Trading Coins
here's a few more to have a boo at ....

Using a variety of the wonderful graphics
from all of my favourite graphic designers.

From Tumble Fish Studio (Retired), Crowabout StudioB,

and many others...

So it may be March, it may be unseasonably cold
and icky outside, but I do hope you all are 
managing to have some rest, and creative time
in your neck of the woods.

and Barkley says, 
"Be Creative, but don't forget to Cuddle your Pets" 



Kim Collister Studio said...

Love all your ATC Coins and well, Barkley.. his story is just beginning and a new chapter for you both. He's a beauty! I'm looking forward to cuddling a new fur baby soon! Getting our new baby schnauzer in May. It's been a long wait since our last one, he was a hard one to lose. Love and Hugs to you!

Denise J. Phillips said...

Oh Kim, I'm so envious that you're getting a new fur baby dog! Life is so much better with one <3
And after Oliver Howard's passing I can understand your 'hard one to lose'.
thanks about the ATCoins, keep me busy and out of trouble....HA!

Marva said...

Hi Denise, I can't find a place to follow your blog, you may have to add it

Maulvagita's World said...

I just found your blog and love it. Your ATC coins are amazing and I look forward to reading your older post. Here's hoping the Sprign that stays is right around the corner.

Denise J. Phillips said...

Marva, you can still sign on with the blogger follower on the right side of my page.
And Thank you Maulvagita! Glad you found me! Hopefully getting a new post in the next few days....it's already the end of April! LOL!