Saturday, November 3, 2018

So sorry for the long absence ...

Such a long period of time since my last post,
with apologies. Life sometimes can knock your
stuffing out of you. After the loss of dear dog,
found my mojo had all but disappeared, but recently
joined a group of Facebook that are into making
Artist Trading Coins.
Now I seem to be totally obsessed with making them...grin.

They're great fun to make, with so many options

It's the same principal as Artist Trading Cards.
The only rule, is that it be a 2.5" circumference circle 
instead of the 2.5x3.5" Trading Card.

And you can choose to use any type of
medium in making them. Paint, draw, stamp,
or in my world, collage with graphics and
bits and bobs to add on occasion.

I'm finding, when making them, I seem
to be working in series of them. 

I find an idea works, and have the supplies,
I make a few different variations, then 
when the ideas start to fog a bit
...onto another idea.

I find it's a little hard to run out of ideas
when I have a massive collection of 
wonderful graphics to use by all of my
Favourite Graphic Designers collections
from over the years....just to name a few...

Tumble Fish Studio 
(Retired from Mischief Circus)
Crowabout StudioB
Miles Beyond the Moon
and others...

other Favourites
On Etsy, Art Tea Life,
Ceremony, and through 
The Astronauts Club
Teesha Moore

and even 

They have a whole section in their shop
full of wonderful graphic digital sheets!

also has a whole other series of wonderful
Artist Trading Coin accessories!
Digital pages to print up for labels
for the backs of your coins and now,
rubber stamps for labels to boot!

Anyway, I'll just post a few more pictures
so you can get the idea of the obsession 
I've fallen into....grin...
and hopefully to give you some inspiration
to jump in and make some for yourself and to trade
with others too!

If you check out Facebook and other 
Social Media, you'll find there are 
tons of Artist Trading Coin groups!

And on a practical note....
in this current time, postage is always
a concern when doing swaps...
These are so easy and lightweight
to pop into the post....

I like to put them
into a trading card sleeves, or even
a trading card page, as they have the
2.5" wide openings and store great,
 leaving rows open
for the swap partner 
to finish filling the page sleeves...

...and of course, that can lead you into
mail art too.....grin..

So I hope sharing my latest obsession,
my getting my mojo back after a long
absence will help inspire you to get busy
and make some Artist Trading Coins too!

Now get busy....Cheers!


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Sara Dee said...

Love these, looks like so much fun! Glad you got some mojo back, Denise! <3