Sunday, July 15, 2018

Hello Summer
although a little late....

I guess 2018 is a year of a shift in focus.
As I've mentioned before, it was a conscious 
decision to give much of my free time this year
to our dear old boy Oliver Howard.
Being his 16th year, and starting it off with
a major health issue, my arts and crafts have
taken a back seat to the boy.

Pleased to say, he's still with us, and managing
with a bit of intervention, and fingers crossed
for the goal of getting him to 17 years of age in
September. Then onto setting another goal if
he'd like to keep on keeping on.

But that doesn't mean there is no arts or crafts at all...
Managed a bit of art play occasionally.

After signing onto a wonderful online Workshop
 I started a little project, that I could just leave out
on my art desk, and come and go from it as the mojo
would take me in spare time.

Armed with a myriad of stamps 
and ephemera bits and bobs,
water colour paints and felt pens and
of course lots of coffee....grin....

...and my old clunker sewing machine that I use
strictly for mixed media projects....

I began the journey into letting my mojo go....

tucking in and sewing in bits and bobs....

to create pages in the little sewn book....

even dug out some of my own hand carved stamps

and vintage bits with scrapbooking bits...

no rhyme or reasons....

...just some creative play 

I also had signed onto a couple of other workshops
but haven't had the time yet this year to commit myself
to diving into the creative process, but high hopes for
the fall and into winter...will post when I do.

Other bits and bobs done, still making my 
chubby ATC Blocks using
ATC Block Kits

and of course using the Fabulous assortment
of graphics from all of my Fav companies 
like Tumble Fish Studio (Retired) and
Crowabout StudioB and Itkupilli
from Mischief Circus
Teesha Moore graphics from
The Astronauts Club

always enjoy making my tongue in cheek ATC's

and so much fun mounting them onto the 
ATC Blocks for my ongoing wall display....
think I'm up to about 18 of them done.
Husband will love all the nail holes in the sheet rock wall....

...and of course the occasional post card pages,
always fun to make those, even if it's 3 a.m...
as long as coffee is involved 

So that's what I've been up to so far this Summer,
bits and bobs in between a busy life this year,
as I am sure it is for you too!
As always, hope my post gives you some inspiration,
and even some permission to try to find the time
to give yourself a bit of creative outlet and let
your mojo fly.

And have a good Summer!


Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

You’ve been busy! Lovely art and thank you for the shout out!

Julie Lee said...

Some 'luvverly' art work, Denise! That little book with the beautiful stitched pages is great!I really enjoyed reading this blog post. Thank you for sharing, when I know this has been such a tough year all in all!