Friday, April 6, 2018

Long Time No Be Around... 

First off, Hi All!
Sorry for not being around for so long...
Life has a habit of getting in the way
of my creative time and it seems
this year is no different.

I did mention last last year, that I was
intending on spending more time for
the New Year with our dear boy,
Oliver Howard
He's turning 17 years old in September,
and is currently aging fast, with some
medical issues that have appeared 
out of nowhere, so he has become
our priority these days.
But I have managed to still grab some
art time in between dog feedings, cuddles and naps ...

....and when I can get my glasses back from him...

Christmas came and went, and with all that
has been going on, I found little time to get
to play with my new toys....

So quick projects are all I've been managing, 
here was one, the new 
Sizzix Eileen Hull Die Cut for making 
Travel Journals,
not that I get to travel anymore, but they can 
be used for many other purposes.
I had great fun for a few, making one, and mounting
a 3D Collage Doll I made with Itkupilli Graphics.

Also I've been continuing making my collection 
of ATC Blocks for a wall display I have planned...

Much to the dismay of my husband at the thought
of all the holes I'll be putting into the walls....grin....

...when you're being creative, you don't think about
such things....other than if there is wall space....

...again, using the Retro Cafe Art 
Chunky Dimensional ATC Kits to make them...

Have also managed some Digital Art Time
with the myriad of Fabulous Graphic
Designers over at Mischief Circus

Oliver Howard posed for this one....grin...

And here are a few of my ATC's, and Post Card Collages
made over the past couple of months with all of the 
Wonderful Graphics from All over at Mischief Circus!
And with a little Teesha Moore at The Astronauts Club
thrown in :)

...used one of my own personal 'Oh Deer Bubbie' photos
of one of our favourites of our deer herd around our home.

...and some of my Collage Post Cards....

...hope you too have been getting some
good, quality creative time for yourselves....

...never waste good mojo :)

and even had a play with some of the new
Dylusion Stamps 
I received for the holidays....

...and more cut and paste....

....trying to channel my inner gardener....

...and sometimes it's hard to get motivated.... helps.....

So I'm glad I popped in just to touch base
with you all so that you'd know I haven't
fallen off the planet....grin...and I'm still
finding some creative time...

Hope this finds all of You doing well 
and finding your Mojo!!!


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