Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Almost Halloween...

Hey All, Just a quickie post as my 
Mojo seems to be flying wild this week!

Been spending a lovely few days with the
weather change to 'brr' setting....grin.

Lots of cut and paste work instead of digital
pages for a bit....

Came across some old photo's from the blog
on Facebook of a series of Tryptic 2x2's  we all
used to do for swapping and it gave me an idea....

Using graphics from Tumble Fish Studio (Retired), and some Itkupilli from Mischief Circus, 
I made up this little Halloween inspired Tryptic ....

I've been on a binge of saving cardboard from recycling
lately. Cereal boxes, and such, and have been making my
own 'blanks' of Inchie's, 2x2's, 1x3's, and ATC and Post Cards.

So looking at the little Tryptic Witch then, I was trying to
think of some way of incorporating it into another projects...

So I incorporated the Tryptic's onto a 4x6 Post Card.
Made it a little more interesting and another way
of using up all that cardboard....HA!

Lots of other projects on the go as well, tons of ATC's.
I'm a member of Teesha Moore's 'The Astronauts Club'
and she has a ton of wonderful graphics to have a play with.
So between my love for Crowabout StudioB, and Tumble Fish Studio, (Retired), and Itkupilli at Mischief Circus, 
now I've incorporated some of Teesha's wonderful graphics
into some of my ATC making this week....
here's a few of them ....

And also some Post Card Collages .....

Just love how all the graphics from so many
designers just seem to fit together.

I also received a lovely order of some new Washi Tape
with an oriental motif...which set me off ....grin.....

again, incorporating 2x2's onto the ATC's...

I just love the graphics from Itkupilli...
and love my new Washi Tapes ...

So that is what I'm up to this past couple of weeks.
I'm also knee deep into the latest workshop from
Dispatch from L.A.
in bookmaking...one of my favourite things to be
doing, so I'm busy ping-ponging between 
cut and paste, and sewing paper...
not a bad way to stay busy ....

So BIG Thank You's to all the Fabulous Designers
at Tumble Fish Studio, and Crowabout StudioB
Itkupilli and Teesha Moore's The Astronauts Club
You all keep me out of trouble....HA!!!

Just a few more days....and it'll be 
Halloween!!  Be safe and have a Great one!!!



Marie aka eklektik said...

You are truly inspiring! Luv your extraordinary creative work as well as your imaginative energy - a reflection of your beautiful soul. Tis all my pleasure to read this post...a true blessing indeed! for my mind and heart!

Denise J. Phillips said...

Aww thanks for the encouragement!

Anonymous said...

Dear Denise,
As always, your art is just fabulous and I love it still!
I've one question: Did you break your friendship with me on FB???
I can't see any posts of you anymore and I really miss your posts.
I hope you, Steve, and Mr. Oliver Howard are alright!
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Lots of big hugs,

Dortesjs said...

Truly great, love your art