Friday, July 28, 2017

Happy Friday
Quickie Post...

I think may of you can relate to a night 
of insomnia unfortunately, but in my little world,
that means uninterrupted  art time....

And now that it's nearly dawn, I'm finding I'm in
a rush as the day is about to begin....
So you'll have to forgive me for not putting
my usual commentary with each photo,
as I'm just trying to post any sort of inspiration
since it's Friday and hoping You All get some
art time this weekend....without a night of insomnia! 

Had a experimental play with one of my Altered Book Journals
and using a myriad of my favourite graphics from
Tumble Fish Studio and Crowabout StudioB and
others from Mischief Circus and
my sewing machine....grin....
Bits and Bobs, some of my pre-made Post Card Arts

I made a 
Trifold Insert Page 
for my Altered Book...
Front page
Sewn in Post Card Collage

Second page....

And Inside the Trifold...

Hand Painted Watercolour and doodads attached....

Little Miss Smart Ass.....GRIN....

Had great fun, especially incorporating my
sewing machine in the project.

And that was just one page in the Altered Book Journal 

And here's a few other projects the past couple
of weeks I've been working on. Some Post Card Collage Arts
and some Digital Arts, all of which I hope will
give you a 'push' to be creative this weekend.

Again with lots of help from my Friends
Marsha and Nancy 
at Tumble Fish Studio and Crowabout StudioB

And a bit of digital work
using Itkupilli's Graphics 

And some Crowabout StudioB

And of course, some Post Card Art too...

So there you go!
Now the sun is peeking I'm off!
Have a Brilliant Weekend
and Make some art!!!


suzyb said...

I do like it when you can't sleep, for the art you create is fabulous, but the lack of sleep for you, I am sad about.
I love your work Denise and look forward to any other stuff you post!! Makes me smile, thanks for all you do!!!

Denise J. Phillips said...

Aww Thank you Suzyb! That's so kind of you :) I'm more a night person anyway.....GRIN