Saturday, July 1, 2017

Happy Canada Day Holiday Weekend!
And a Happy July 4th Holiday Weekend to the U.S. too!

Thought with the extra time off this Holiday Weekend,
I'd not only get a bit of much needed art time in, but
would also touch base with you all as it's been a couple
of months since my last post! 
Wow! Sorry about that!
But I am sure as busy as everyone is these days,
all will be forgiven, as it's been a busy couple of 
months around here too!

I'll start with todays project 
I just completed.
A bit of a tribute to one of our
dearly departed a while back birds,
Ms. Connie Conure

Connie was with us a very short life,
born with a weak heart, and came to us
just after my Mum's passing. Connie was
just 12 weeks old when she arrived and 
was a total delight.

And was totally spoiled by us too.....grin.....

During the few years that Connie was with us,
she inspired so much of my creative arts and crafts...
and seemingly became part of many projects.
(Graphics used in this Digital Page were from the Fabulous
Tumble Fish Studio)

Anyway, long story short.....
It's been a few years since Connie left us and this world,
but I had one last project in mind as I had kept one
last shoulder feather of hers, for years now, 
one of the most beautiful
as she only had two red feathers, one on each shoulder, and rarely ever dropped either.

Now, I don't proclaim to be a jewelry maker.
Occasionally I make something, 
( other than the wood bracelets I love to make and share), 
that is strictly personal, for me to occasionally wear, 
but rarely to share, as I said, 
I don't think I'm all that clever with jewelry making.
But I was pleased with this today.
'Flying Broken'

I'm sorry to say, that I don't remember the company 
that I purchased the case from, but today I was finally
inspired to make something with it.
I found a butterfly wing today, and it triggered the 
big search through the art room to find the casing
I just knew I had somewhere....
Once found, using Dylusions Inks and card stock,
made the background piece.
Double sided as the case is.
Using Lazier Cut-Outs of a myriad of words

and a Vintage rosary also from Retro Cafe Art Gallery
I finally made something of tribute to our 
Dear Connie's last feather. 
She made so much of her very short life,
even though she was flying broken 
and she's with us forever for it.

Even though it's been a few year now,
I still miss my lunchtime routine of doing dishes
while she sat in my garden window in front of
me having her lunch...

It was a nice way to spend Day 1 of the Holiday Weekend,
quietly being creative....have missed my art time.

But I still have been having a wee bit most days
of my Early A.M. Coffee and Art Time I tend
to celebrate on Facebook most mornings....

Lots of quickie inchie arts....
(makes it so easy with wonderful graphics from

And lots of 4x6 Post Card Arts too....

And tons of Digital Page Play too!
With the help from 

And Tumble Fish Graphics....

Love Ms. Marsha's Graphics from Tumble Fish...
they always speak to me....

And when you use them all together.....

You can truly have some 
creative Me time....

So again, sorry for the long time since
I've posted, but as you can see....there is still
art play happening....and I'll alway 
be back again to share and hopefully inspire!

Have a Great Holiday Weekend!


Kim Collister Studio said...

Awww, Denise what a cherished piece from the heart to remember and honor your sweet Connie. It's creative, beautiful and such so heart warming, thank you for sharing it. It's that kind of jewelry that's truly priceless. ❤️

Denise J. Phillips said...

Thanks Kim, I've saved so many feathers from all of our birds that have come through our home the past 30 years of having a bird 'forever' home, all tucked away in ziplock bags, all labeled of who is who, and had intended on teaching myself how to solder, to make a display of them all....maybe someday :)

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

So nice to see you here again!!! xoxo

Denise J. Phillips said...

Thanks Retro! Feels quite familiar! LOL!!! xoxo

suzyb said...

So nice to have you back even if it's only now and then. Love your piece with the wing and feather. I am sorry about Connie, but she was loved and still is. Thank you for sharing that story with us out here. :)
I hope you are having a lovely weekend.
I have spent the day indoors, I got burnt yesterday. :( Sad face. I have just been "fluffing" all day today. Sometimes you gotta take a day off.
Stay calm and create ArT

Denise J. Phillips said...

Thanks Sue, hoping to get more in the 'groove' with blogging and creative time! Miss it :)