Saturday, March 11, 2017

Almost Spring!

Hello Everyone!
Many, many global changes with running
an old version of Blogger, with many
new regulations.
I thought for sure, I'd posted a couple
of posts since the beginning of the New Year,
but for some reason, they seem to be missing.
I'm receiving messages about things like 
cookies, and such, ( and not the sweet eatable kind),
and I'm not aware of any cookies on my blog,
but there might be with any of the links attached.
Not being so technically inclined, although I thought
I was really clever keeping 'old' blogger going :)

Not much new to report, other than some dabbling
in the arts...

Pleased to say that Ms. Marsha
over at Tumble Fish Studio is back 
from semi-retirement!!!

She's released a few new kits since her return,
and I've been so pleased to have a play with them!
( Missed you Ms. Marsha! Welcome back!)

I do so enjoy working with Digital Graphics...

And always enjoy working with 
Tumble Fish Studio Graphics :)


And that led me into more playing around
this time with Itkupilli and Miles Beyond the Moon's
wonderful graphics....

...channeling my inner snarky, moody self with these....

And this past few weeks....
switched up to some
Daily Coffee and Art Time in the Early A.M....

Some Cut and Paste
Post Card Art has been my latest addiction, with the
help from Crowabout StudioB and Tumble Fish 
and others :)

It's also allowing me to get my HUGE Collection
of Washi Tape out! 

I do love Washi Tape......

Can you tell I'm ready for Spring.....

So that's what I've been up too over the past 
couple of months....

In amongst the snow flurries we've been having
out of the ordinary, I'm sitting here channeling Spring :)

So Hope You All 
are getting some Art and Creative Time
in your weekly routine!
I know it's tax season time coming, so make sure
you reward yourselves with some creative 'You' time!!!



Dortesjs said...

wooo you make stunning faboules art in all genre i think. very inspirering and wonderful thanks for showing and sharing this lovely blog. ;O)

Denise J. Phillips said...

Thanks so much :)