Thursday, February 18, 2016

February's Flying!
But I'm making up for it!

Ever notice, you can have the grandest of plans,
and be full of inspiration, during a window
of opportunity like a quiet month like February,
and you still run out of time! 
It's crazy! February is just flying past way too fast!

But it hasn't stopped me from accomplishing
some of my creative ideas!

I'll be referring to this February as my
Ping Pong Month of Creativeness.
I started out this month, sitting at my art desk,
perplexed in what to get on with...
Next thing I knew, I was grabbing from my scrap pile
of papers, and making bookmarks.
Nothing gets your mojo working more, than just
sitting and playing with paper, glue in my book.
It took me on a little adventure including a new holder, 
putting together a

to store them all least now I'll know
where there's a bookmark in my home...

Once I'd finished that, I'd already come up with
some more creative ideas....
Still playing with paper and glue, 
and some watercolour paints and pens, 
but also adding
a bit of Graphic Deliciousness....

...from the fabulous 

After this point, I switched gears, motivated
by playing with the watercolour paints,
( as I'm needing practice for taking an upcoming
workshop which I'll tell you all about later on ),
I started playing around ....

...after a bit of doodling, painting and pen work,
it led me to thinking stamp carving....

...and of course after hand carving the stamp, 
it then led me to wanting to do some tag making...

And of course, once you get all of the supplies out
for a creative session, one project just isn't enough...

...which led to more doodling, stamp carving....

...and tag making..... grin.

Even using all the scraps...

Just had to release a Fabulous New, Huge Graphics Kit

'Another Mash Up' 
It's Huge!!

So of course, I had to have a play!

...and play....

...and play again....

and I may not be done yet....grin....
This new kit of Marsha's a real 'must' have for your
Graphics Library! 
So many delicious bit's and bob's!!!

After all this creative Mojo flowing,
I even got motivated to finish up a project that I
actually started late last year....

I had purchased a vintage huge frame with dome,
that had housed a wedding bouquet from about

Once I'd enlisted the 'hubs' assistance removing the
smelly, dead, long done flower bouquet, 
I refinished the
huge frame ( over 36 inches tall).
I lightly sanded the mahogany,stained finish, 
then gessoed,using two coats of gesso to give
the piece some 'tooth'.
Then using 
I had a blast creating this finish.
Sealed the piece and washed the 'dome' glass...
all in preparation for this wonder piece of art...
I had purchased this fabulous piece 

( I've attached links to Sarah's Website so you can find her!)

I really fell in love with this piece Sarah made,
and didn't realize at the time of it's arrival
of how I would display....

So this happened....a quick and easy background,
using canvas, black gesso and Sharpie Paint Pens...

...there is a picture hanger on the back of
'Miss Mouth Bird's' head, so using a black
twist tie, I poked holes through the canvas
and mounting board, and twist tied the
art to the backing, securing it in place....

And Poof!
After a bit of fussing, as 'Miss Mouthy Bird'
was a bit big to fit into the dome, but managed
to finally get her into place and sealed up!
Now the hard part....
..figuring out where to hang her! LOL!
She's definitely going in my art room,
but must find enough wall space to really
show her off!
I'll post a pic later on when I get it figured out
where in the art room she'll be placed.
( Thanks so very much Sarah, I just love her!!).

So there you go....I somehow managed
to get my mojo into a creative mood,
get some quality and fun playtime to
not only do some creative play, but
to also get another big creative project 
finished far, I'm right on with
my New Year's resolutions... HA!!!

And February isn't even over yet! GRIN
Hope you're getting some creative time in
and hope this all might inspire your mojo!