Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Better Late than Never...

Hey All
Thought I'd better at least 
check in with you all so you'll know I am still around,
and yes, still floundering for the Summer months.
But as the Summer is coming to a close,
I'm pleased to say I've still managed to get a bit
of art time in once in a while, so just a quickie
blog post to catch up.

First off, Better late than never,
I'm referring to the Fabulous Workshop 
I took a couple of years back with 
Mary Jane Chadbourne
Her Wood Doll Workshop was great fun,
and I'd bought three of her great wood doll blanks,
and had completed two of them, but the third
ended up on a back burner as life tends to get in the way.
So pleased to say I finally finished the third wood doll.

Named my Hippie Dippy Doll
'When Pigs Fly'

It's been one of my favourite sayings for years,
and I tend to collect flying pigs so thought
with this last doll I'd go for it :)
Using Mary Jane's Wonderful Wood Doll Blank
and lots of papers and bits and bobs, 
and some great items, including the 
Lazier Cut Out of the Flying Pig

I so enjoyed getting back into playing
with assemblages again, and even went as
far as making bits using my art tags to incorporate.

It really felt good to finally complete the set :)

Such fun!

And as usual, been keeping busy with....
Tons of tag making!

I've been spending the Summer doing some 
clean up and reorganizing the Art Room,
and came across a ton of printed up Graphics
from a myriad of Companies over the years
that I've collected yet not really played with.
So I've been cutting out tons of graphics of
an evening while watching t.v. and now have
a go-to box of graphics, as I've also
made a routine of early morning 
Coffee and Tag Art Making.

And even diving into some of my stamp collections,
and I hate to say, some I've never even used yet!
Character Construction Stamps have
been sitting and waiting for me to notice them in 
my collection, so lately Coffee and Tag making
has been spent with them :)

Gorgeous Quality Stamps
that I'd collected a ton of and I'm so sorry
I've waited so long to play with them!

I also dabbled a bit in some
quick crafts, popsicle stick arts.

Found them to be a bit of fun.

And even experimented with a idea I saw
on Facebook of using discarded recycled plastics
to create Shrink Plastics.
Used my hand carved stamp of my Favourite Boy
Oliver Howard to experiment with...
another fun project :)

So as you can see, Summer hasn't been
a total loss of Art Time,
but really looking forward to some 
Fall and Winter serious Play Time
with the Art Room.

Hope you find some inspiration to get into
the Mojo of some Art Time for Yourselves too!!!
Thanks for having a Boo!!



Jackie said...

You have been busy this summer!! I love your dolls!Some day I would like trying them if you can still get the kits! Do I have permission to pin them! Keep up the blog as I enjoy it♥

Denise J. Phillips said...

Thanks Jackie, Mary Jane says she still has the doll blanks in her Etsy shop!
I may have to get more, way too fun not too :)

Mary Jane said...

Fabulous post, Denise! Your most recent art doll is fabulous and love the photo of the grouping of three! Happy to see you will be back into blogging soon....you inspire me to do more of it myself! Thanks for the shout out, loved having you in the Imaginarium Art Doll class!!

Denise J. Phillips said...

Thanks Mary Jane and All the Best for your year off, I am sure everyone will miss you, and be in the ready for 2018!! Can't wait to see what you come up with! Enjoy all the free creative time off!!! :)