Friday, June 10, 2016

My Summer of Puttering and Arts
June 2016

Well by now, since this year is flying,
already being June for goodness sakes!
I am sure you've figured out that there 
isn't a general
 rhythmic pattern to my posts here on
the blog as there usually is. 
Out of the ordinary over this past 
5 years of blogging, and being organized,
and having a 'purpose' to it all.

Welcome to my year of Floundering!

(Graphic from the Wonderful Designers at Mischief
Itkupilli and Holliwood and TumbleFish Studio)

A few 'life' things going on this year,
so the ebb and flow of arts seem to
be consistently interrupted. But it hasn't
halted thanks to a handful of mediums
still to keep my mojo in practice.
Digital Arts being the first, not particularly
as a preference, but unique on it's own, for me,
quick and easy, turn on the computer and with
a cup of coffee in hand, a 1/2 hour of some
graphic fun when life keeps knocking you on
the head wanting attention...

( Graphics from the Fabulous TumbleFish Studio
at Mischief

And usually a piece of Chocolate Cake!

(more TumbleFish Studio Graphics)

Another plus to playing with Digital Graphics
is it doesn't ruin the piece you're working on
if you drop Chocolate Cake Crumbs....grin.

(Graphics from Itkupilli at Mischief

So I have this year, given myself the permission
to let go of the 'practice' of being organized and
having a purpose to many of the arts and spending
more time this year focusing on a couple of 
individuals in my life.

(Graphics from Itkupilli at Mischief

It's our Oliver Howard's 15th Year coming
up in September, and although he's doing
really well in the health department in general,
I felt this year, he needed more of my attention.
He's been a brilliant companion, fur baby, ok, my son,
sharing me over the years with our other pets who've 
come and gone from our lives, and my arts and all 
the life bug-a-boo's that have taken my attention
at time away from him.
Their time is far too short with us.

And then there's the other individual
the guy I live with, that one that hangs around,
the holder of my moderate esteem, 
a.k.a. the Buddha.

(Graphics from Itkupilli at Mischief Circus)

It is our 28th Year of being married this year,
and unfortunately the 'Buddha' has been having
some health issues, but with my usual tongue in cheek,
( something he's quite used too after all these years),
I've managed to ruin his reputation by nicknaming
him the 'Buddha' thanks to the medications he's
having to put up with during this episode of ill health.
He has a new appreciation for women and water weight
I'll tell you!

(More Wonderful Graphics from Itkupilli)

..and after having the 'Buddha' home for two
months earlier this year, I'm pleased to 
report he's back to work and out from under foot!
(And feeling a bit better too )

Once he was back to work, I grabbed the first
art supplies I could find and off I went on a 
frenzy of colour!

Thank goodness for Dylusions Spray Inks
and Ranger's Tag blanks as I was in need
of letting some mojo loose!

And it got a little carried away....

...spraying here, there, all over the place 
( and even Oliver Howard had a bit of 
colour play too....but he took to his
bed for a nap before I could get a pick.

then of course, once the Mojo was
in a state of euphoria I had to start grabbing
journals and have a play again....

Bits and Bobs of watercoloring, and stamping
and cut and paste works!

And when journaling wasn't enough....
I thought I'd dive into my vintage book collection

so off like the wind I went for a few weeks 
of making my own...

Cutting paper, stamping, inking, 
altering books, and stitching
until my hands could barely move...
what a great feeling of accomplishment!

Made the regular duties and chores a little
more palatable during my Floundering periods

(more Fabulous Itkupilli) I've been eyeing up the carving tools....
hmm....guess this Floundering isn't going well....grin.

So after such a long period of not posting,
me thinks this post might bring you up to date
on all the going's on at Birdnuts Mixed Media
and the continual quest for Mojo time in 
amongst the Bug-a-Boo's of Life :)

So here's wishing You All
a Wonderful Summer months ahead!
Hoping you'll carve out or spray or paint some
colour in your days ahead, and give yourself
permission to Flounder too whenever possible!

And remember, try to have ...

A Happy Thought at least once a day!

(Love these graphics from TumbleFish Studio)

See you soon!



Jackie said...

Very inspiring!! You go girl!

Denise J. Phillips said...

Thanks Jackie!