Sunday, December 6, 2015

So Sorry to Be Missing in 
Action for So Long!!

Well Hello Everyone!
Long Time Huh?
I have to Thank You for hanging in with me, and to 
all the New Followers that
have been signing on for the past few months,

And getting a new post done, just in time
as we are now going into the 
Holiday Season

It's been a very busy year for me personally,
and not a whole lot of art has been on my
plate these past few months.
And a bit of a health issue cropped up...

(Public Service Announcement....
Get Your Shingles Vaccine!!!)

But I have managed to tuck into a project
here and there, as any creative person knows,
you cannot stay sane without having your
creative outlet, at least occasionally!

So many changes over the past year, here in 
Canada, has played majorly in much of my not posting.
With the Canadian Dollar taking a dive, and changes 
in our postal service that complicated mailing 
out of the Country, and,
political changes that influenced continuing 
the Swaps and Giveaways globally,
all had to do with my lack of posting.
Nothing sucks creativity out of you faster
than complications and problems and rules....

But, I continued on playing with the 
Digital Arts and Cut 'n' Paste
and an occasional physical piece of art,
so BIG Thanks 
to my 
Graphic Designer Shops

and of course

and many others at

They've kept me sane this year....GRIN

and my First Love, of Cut 'n' Paste
whenever I've been a able to grab some
creative time with some Tag Making...

as I've had a Blast playing with
many of Nancy's Crowabout StudioB Graphics

and often you come across a particular
graphic from these Fabulous Designers
that moves you, inspires...

This graphic of Nancy's inspired me after
making this tag...

I love collecting and restoring,
vintage gold frames,
so did this Cut 'n' Paste 3D version
from the tag I made using Nancy's
Crowabout StudioB Graphics.
'Feeling Grounded' 
Looks even better in person with glitter and
some extra bits added. 

And if you check out Nancy's Shop 
later on tonight, she's releasing a 

Just wait! It's a Great one!!!

And Ms. Marsha at
has a 
and HUGE 
Holiday Kit!

Which I've totally enjoyed having a play with!
And there's still time for you to grab this 
Great Kit
and get some Holiday Graphics Fun!!

So as we near the end of 2015
and usher in the New Year 2016...
I wish You All
a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!!


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