Thursday, February 26, 2015

All I did was blink.....

And before I knew it, it was almost March!
Wasn't it just Christmas? GRIN

That's ok, as I know so many of you are
chest deep in snow, and it really does seem
like this Winter has either dragged on for 
those of you with horrid weather, or,
I hate to say it, flown past so fast here, as
we've been experiencing unseasonably warm
weather, tons of rain, but no snow, no frigid temps,
and truly just seems like we went from Fall into Spring...
even the hummingbirds have stayed all Winter as 
they too think it's warm enough to do so,
but I won't say that too loudly, as we could get an
Arctic Blast at any time between now and June....grin.

So here we are, tons of changes happening with 
this New Year 2015.
Shifts in priorities, new ventures, even some endings,
but for some of us, I being one, I've just been
sitting back. plodding along doing whatever
arts and crafts suits my fancy while waiting
for the big 'idea' to hit for 2015.

So here's what I've been up too, experimenting and
keeping myself dabbling in the arts....

Stamp Carving

After receiving such a wonderful big gift bag from
my husband at Christmas, full of Fabulous
Water Soluble Crayons,

and a Huge Stack of Carving Blocks
I thought I'd take my Winter Vacation,
( before knuckling down to do taxes in March),
and do some stamp carving.

The thing I enjoy about stamp carving, is that first off,
it's so relaxing!
You have to really clear your mind to be able to draw, and
concentrate on where to cut and not cut so as not to make

Like with this one...grin....
I was distracted while carving and forgot that you have
to do the lettering 'backwards' so when you print
it comes out correctly...hence the word and stamp above
the hearts I had to correct and cut away to still have the stamp
to use.

But that's ok!!
It's all part of the learning curve when teaching yourself
a new medium! Luckily, the stamping blocks are
not very expensive, so real bloopers can also be a good
tool for learning!

And for experimenting with!

And with all the fun colours to use with my new crayons,
I do believe I've been channeling Spring.

And don't forget, cutting away excess gives you
even more bits and bobs to cut into shapes and
give patterns too to use!

And Ideas are Endless!!!!

Not many tools are needed to get into carving
your own stamps, so for a little investment,
you too could dive right in!

So that's what I've been up to for the 
past few weeks, and have so enjoyed 
the process!

Hoping now to be refreshed enough
to face tax time....HA!!!

So if you're thinking about trying
stamp carving....just do it!
It's fun, not expensive and another
Fabulous way to have a creative outlet!

We'll chat soon :)