Friday, January 16, 2015

Hello Everyone!

Where has the time gone!!!

I haven't posted since October of last year for goodness sakes!
But it hasn't been for not having any art time.
Don't we all have moments, or periods of time
of needing to replenish our muse?

Well hope you'll forgive me for being absent, and
in the up coming weeks, I'll have some fun
things coming up, maybe a tutorial or two. 

But for now, I'll just post what I've been working on
since we last saw each other, in hopes that it will
jump start your muse, ideas, and creativity, as
after the Holiday Season I am sure we could
all use a bit of dusting off the Winter ...

One of my Favourite Holiday Gifts from my Hubs
were these....

A 48 piece set of Lyra Aquacolour
Water Soluble Crayons
A 36 piece set of Gallery
Watercolour Crayons

Talk about yummy colours!

And great fun experimenting with both sets too!

And you can use them on in so many mediums, tag making,
journaling, on canvas, I'm so enjoying playing with them!
( Graphics on this double tag I made from Tumble Fish Studio
at  a.k.a. Deviant Scrap )

And I am loving making my own Washi Tape
using my new crayons and some stamps!
I'll be doing a little tutorial in the coming weeks
so stay tuned!!

So I encourage you to try out 
Water Soluble Crayons as another source
of creativity!
( graphic from Itkupilli at

Another whole project I've been working on
is my hand made journal

Nothing more painful to me is to take out
all of the pages from a hardbound book!
I adore books and reading, but bit the bullet
and found a vintage book that I was
willing to go ahead and disassemble...

No regrets! You know why?
Now I have all the pages from inside the book
to use for other purposes as well as this book
I've made. 
I'll explain more in my next posting on how
I'm using the pages.

(Window frame used from Retro Cafe Art)
My Favourite Online Shop :)

So there you go.....
that's a slice of what I've been up to,
and a 'hint' at some up coming posts!

Retro Cafe Art Gallery Lazier Cut-Out Owl
and Handmade Washi Tape and Water
Soluble Crayons)
Journal page.

So I hope you'll all stay tuned, check in, and
hang around as there are some fun things
going to be going on here on 

Birdnuts Mixed Media 



Jools Robertson said...

Love the work with the new products
And your journal looks fabulous

Hope you and Oliver Howard are well

Jools x

Denise J. Phillips said...

Thanks so much Jools! You've given me hope that this is up and running again! LOL!!! Oliver Howard sends sloppy kisses!!! Happy New Year!

Kim Collister Studio said...

Denise, I love your journal! You are such a creative , talented artists! Seeing your art just makes me happy! Love your blog too! 💗