Friday, February 14, 2014

So Sorry I'm Late...
but we have a Winner!

Hey All, I had expected to have
this blog post done by early this 
morning, but forgot I had an
appointment this I'm
a little late with announcing the
Winner...but better late than never!

And by the way...
Happy Valentines Day!!!

I've just spent the last 2 weeks tag making
with two of my 
Favourite Graphics Company 
Designers Kits

Links attached so you can find their
New Kits!

Hope you have a Brilliant
Valentines Day!

I've also been playing more with the
VerDay Paints I purchased from

Retro Cafe Art has these 
made by Coffee Break Design
in 3 Different Sizes!

Great fun to play with, and 
using the VerDay Paints 
gave it a whole different
process! Great Fun!

The VerDay Paints worked great
on the different surfaces, even the

You'll love using these Paints!
So I guess we'd better get down to
why we're all here today...
the Winner!

Using the Random Generator
The Winner
 of the 
VerDay Paints Set

( drum roll.........grin)

Selah Gay!!

Woo Hoo!!!!!

Congrats Selah Gay, I will get them
popped into the post!!

So Thank You All for Joining
in and Entering the Giveaway!
So appreciate it....and stay tuned...
more coming!!!