Friday, October 10, 2014

Greetings Everyone :)

My apologies for such a long absence, as I 
just noticed it was back in July when I
last posted.

"Life has a way of moving forward whether
or not you are ready to follow along."

So many changes, stresses and complications
have raised their heads in my life over
these past few months. 
One being the changes in Social Media
and with the Canadian Anti-Spam Laws.

I have been busy researching the changes on
Facebook, and with the New Canadian Laws 
on Spamming and Gaming.
It turns out, what I've found out so far is, 
 I may no longer offer Giveaways and/or
offer Prizes, as the complicated Rules and Laws
for Canadian Sites and International Sites 
are quoting not only Restrictions,
 but also big Fines and Legal charges. 

All of this went along with the 
New Rules and Regulations
on Facebook July 1st, 2014, 
( and from what I can surmise, it must have been involved,
 and/or influenced by the legal changes),  and in turn, 
all Artists with small businesses have been 
effected by having to have a
separate Facebook Page for their works to be posted
instead of on their personal timelines. 

For those of us, who dabble in arts and crafts as
a hobby, with a few sales, and/or small business
set ups, like cottage industries, who make small
amounts of monies, it practically pushes us
out of the markets. 
This, and the Changes in the Postal Services and
the Price Increases tripling makes it almost
unaffordable to even have the pleasure
of having the Swaps as well. The Postal Services
New Documentations complicates having the Swaps,
as they are not informed and/or set up for the idea
that art is being 'swapped' instead of sold or gifted.
This I know first hand, as I've had conversations
with Canada Post back East on having to 
'teach' them the differences.

So, with Great Sadness and a Huge Feeling of Loss,
I will no longer be having the Fabulous 
Giveaways and Swaps here on Birdnuts Mixed Media.
At least until I am able to get more Legal Information,
(and I am so exhausted by the process of seeking
the information, that I've decided to just let it be 
until next year and see if there is any more information
or changes).

In the meantime.....

I have also been battling an ongoing illness, for 
over a year now, and I am finding it difficult
to continue with many of my Favourite Mediums of Art.
So this too, has been a hard decision, as
I will be taking a long break from my great love of 
Assemble Arts, due to
I have become sensitive to many of the 
Art Supplies needed for completing the pieces.
With advice from my doctors, I am to cut out
as many factors contributing to my sensitivity,
and getting rid of my dog and birds, and husband
just isn't going to work, ( wink :)

So for a while, this is my last Assemblage Piece
that I will be posting here on the blog, and again,
hoping by the New Year I might be able to
take up some of the fun artistic mediums again.

My Final Doll from Mary Jane Chadbourne's
Wonderful Workshop this Summer.

'Daughter of the Sea'

Using the base wood cut out from Mary Jane's
Workshop 'Imaginariam' on Artful Gathering

I launched myself into trying for the first time
PaperClay sculpting, and created the 'fish' body.
It took forever to cover the body with over 500 glass
beads....and they're heavy too collectively!

The sculpted body was a mental exorcise while I
taught myself how to create the effect I had
in my brain :)
And making her hair was a blast as well, again having
to really think it through on how to create the effect
I was picturing in my mind.

And using the Fabulous Face Graphic
from Tumble Fish Studio at Mischief Circus
(formally DeviantScrap)
and all the Wonderful Bits and Bobs of
wonderful fun from Retro Cafe Art Gallery :)

I really enjoyed making this doll, using so many
different and new mediums mixed all into one piece, 
just like my previous doll

This one as well had a plethora of mediums used, 
( some I can no longer do from my sensitivities, 
like resin use, and sealants, etc.)
So both will be treasured with my collection of
other Artists Fabulous Creations.
I still have one blank wood doll from Mary Jane's 
Fabulous Workshop, but will save that one for
next years attempt after a long rest :)

A Huge Thank You 
to All of You!
Followers and Shops Owners
who have Brilliantly made my
life richer for all of your Participation
over the past few years here on
Birdnuts Mixed Media.

And even though I'll be dabbling in
some paper arts, and tag making, journaling
and any other medium I can find to
keep my creative juices flowing,
I'll also be looking for some fun, creative
ideas on how we can all continue
to participate here on my blog in the
coming New Year. 

Until then.....

Oliver Howard and I 
Wish You All
a Fabulous Holiday Season coming and
we'll see You in the New Year :)




Jools Robertson said...

Denise, I'm so sorry to hear of your problems
I can totally understand as I also suffer many allergies
Your work is so beautiful, you are a true talent

Have a lovely break and look forward to hearing from you soon
Give Oliver Howard a big hug xoxo

Jools x

Kim Collister Studio said...

Brilliant, genius, beautiful, special, unique, wonderful, just like you! Totally blown away by you Sea Girl and the labor of Love poured into her for your last doll. Truly she is gorgeous, but when it comes to health related problems, yes it is time to not quit, but to move forward. You are a special friend and I am sending you an abundance of well and healing wishes and good things to come!
XOXO hugs to you and Oliver cutie pie!

Rett said...

Oh sorry to hear of your various sensitivities! Silly question...but you've tried wearing gloves and a mask? Hope things get better for you. I have no idea about swaps and giveaways on facebook...but it sounds like government is butting into our lives and freedoms. Grrrrr.

suzyb said...

Being sensitive to mediums you work with is a real bummer but they make things soooo toxic for hoomans to breathe in. A friend of mine customizes Blythe dolls in Qualicum and she uses a respirator now for sure and tries to work out doors when she can, but she just can't "stop" altogether, she would shrivel up and die. I do hope you find a way to work around your issues and keep going with your art! I have rheumatoid arthritis in my body and knitting is a passion, I still do it, just in smaller doses. I love your mixed media things you make and share with us. Happy Holiday season and Happy New Year!