Saturday, July 12, 2014

How'sYour Summer Going?

If you're like me, you have tons
of projects going all at once :)
And not just art projects!
Our weather here in my area,
has been on again, off again 
since last Spring, so many of
my outdoor projects have had 
me ping ponging, in and out
of my art room.
Nothing like doing fence cleaning and
sealing one day, then diving into
painting a canvas the next due to 
the weather.

Working on a canvas project for
an online workshop I'm taking :)

And then it is also the 
Season for Workshops!
I've signed up for 3 all at once....
( pinch me next year if I do this again:)

Starts July 16 so there's still
a couple of days if you wish 
to join in!!!

And what FUN Class Kits!!!!

YUM!!! tee hee

And Joanna's Workshop Starts July 16th in Session 2 at Artful Gatherings just as Mary Jane's so there's still time to Sign Up!!!

And as much as I'd love to be in my art room all the time, ( as in Winter months :)
I've still managed to grab and play with 
2 of my Most Fav 
Deviant Scrap Designers New Graphics Kits

( Loved playing with this Kit of 
(my self portrait....grin)

And the Wonderful

Always love Nancy's Girlies in 
her Graphics Kits.
This one I used my own background with...
may need sunglasses....grin.

And make sure you check out
all the Designers Kits on Monday
July 14! There's a big Collaboration 
Event going on!!!
TONS of New Kits!!!

So there is so much to keep busy with! 

Even the latest edition to my art room
is enough to keep me going :)
Meet 'Doris'
My New Vintage 1958 
Singer 99K Machine

As you've seen my other machines
here on my blog, I can now say
I'm a hobbyist collector at this point :)

Which of course leads me into another
project.....rearranging the art room.
No time this Summer will have to
be a Winter Project :)

So that's about it for the moment,
I will have some "News"
coming up soon, on my next 
blog post. There are some very
serious changes going on 
with the Facebook and other 
Social Media and
the Canadian Governments Rules
as of July 1st, 2014
in regards to Blogs, Emails, Spam,
and some other issues. I'm currently 
involved in seeking information
and legal advice as there will 
be some changes here on my blog.

I will keep you posted :)
In the meantime.....
Oliver Howard and I wish You All
a Great Summer!



ElizabethR said...

Love your fish canvas it's fabulous, looks like you will be having a busy summer! Elizabeth x

Janet Ghio said...

I can't imagine how you can take two classes at Artful Gathering at the same time. I wish the classes were available for a longer amount of time! Both look like fun. My mother had a singer like that only older-I don't know how long she had had it-wish I had it now. I gave it to my ex daughter in law-when she was a daughter in law--love that photo of Oliver Howard!!

Nancy Baumiller said...

This is all so lovely and thank you for the mention! I have something headed your way!

Miss Iowa said...

Your Singer sewing machine looks exactly like the one my mom has (and still uses!). She graduated from high school in 1958 but I don't know when she got it. I learned how to sew on it.