Friday, March 28, 2014

Happy Friday Everyone :)
How about a Giveaway?

Well Hello There :)

After a Fabulous Tag Swap that
I really enjoyed Hosting and
with such Fab Co-Hostesses
Nancy and Marsha I'm finding
I'm going through withdrawal! LOL!

But I'm still making tags!
How could I not with even more
Fab Kits Released from these 
Great Shops!

New Release
from the Fabulous

A Breezy Fun Kit
Blissful Journey!

I had a bit of digital fun making
this Digital Page with Nancy's New Kit  :)

And Another 
New Kit Release!

I had a Blast doing some
Digital Play with 
Hidden Vintage's New Kit :)

I do love playing with Animals :)
And this Kit was so much fun!!

And Another 
New Kit Release
from the 
Tumble Fish Studio!

And has contributed to my 
continuing making tags!!!
( I'm addicted! LOL)

And Marsha has a Great 
Egg Kit to boot!!!
Just in time for the upcoming Holiday!

Oh man the colours are fun 
and inspiring to play with!

And more tags to boot :)

So with all this inspiration
hope it motivates you all!!!

So what can I say.....
I'm in the mood for a Giveaway....

So for something a little different....

Have you seen these?

Ranger Brand
'Melt Art'
Texture Treads!

They're made to use with UTEE
(Ultra Thick Embossing Enamels)
and Guess Who has those!
That's right one of my 
Favorite shops 

And Kristin's Having a Sale!!!
Retro Cafe Art
has a Huge Selection of
UTEE Products on Sale
So get on over and Check them out!!

Now for the Giveaway!

I have 6 of these
Fabulous Ranger
Melt Art 
Texture Treads
to Giveaway!
That's right...
so here's what to do to
Be Entered to Win!

I will be using the 
Random Generator
to pick 
3 Winners!

Yes! 3 Winner's
will Win 2 of these
Melt Art Texture Treads

Starting right now
if you're a Follower
Birdnuts Mixed Media

Leave a Comment
on this Blog Post!
If you aren't a 
Follower yet, 
then choose either
Google or Network
Blogs Widgets on the
right sidebar to sign
up as a Follower,
Leave a Comment
on this Blog Post to 
let me know you're 
Entered in the Giveaway!

The Deadline for the 
Giveaway is Friday 
April 18th, 2014

So there you go!
3 Winners 
to Win the Giveaway
on April 18th!
So get Entered to Win!

And you know you can 
always find me on Facebook,
so send me a Friend's Invite
for an extra Entry to Win!
( That is if we aren't already Friends :)

Well I'm off to start the 2014 
Tax Season...yuck :)
But once I'm all caught up on the
bookkeeping end of Tax Season
After this Giveaway I'll be totally
ready for another Swap!
So stay tuned and get 
Entered to Win!



P'tite Plume said...

Who I do to kill to win??? Tell me! Lol
Ok, I cross fingers, maybe that will work...

Denise J. Phillips said...

LOL! You're Officially Entered without Murder Valerie!! LOL!!!

Virginia Smith said...

OMG! Those look like so much fun! I haven't tried UTEE and I know I need to, so winning these would "force my hand" so to speak! LOL Love and chocolate cake to you, Denise!

Melissa said...

sign me up sign me up sign me up ... and random generator needs to listen to OH... or maybe put our names in a hat and see which one he pulls out .. hahha

Unknown said...

Nope you get the taxes done soon :)
Love your swaps xx

Unknown said...

That should read HOPE your taxes get done soon lol

Mimi Cross said...

The texture treads are the greatest! Fingers crosse, for sure!

Anonymous said...

what fun......havent tried that yet but sure would love too. they look awesome and all the products oh my i could spend a fortune. love all your tags and brighten my day when i see your posts. thanks for the chance to win. xoxo

Denice Metz said...

I am a follower and I want to win

Susan Goodell said...

Haven't tried the Texture Treads yet, but they look like a fun tool to play with.

Glenda said...

Ohhh, they look great to use Denise and I have loads of utee or Opals from downunder that would look gorgeous in those patterns, fingers crossed, and I will pay postage hehehehehe.....

Theresa Plas said...

You have been a very busy girl! Be fun to try out this new tool. Count me in!

Marie aka eklektik said...

Loving your latest creations, especially 'New Pet' and 'I just want to Spit'!! Not only lovely, but luv your humor!! Always a pleasure to visit your website - lots of yummy 'eye candy' and inspiration!! Brightens my day! Thanks for the opportunity to win the Textures - I hadn't seen them yet. Look like a lot of fun to play with!!
Mose sends huge cyber wags to Oliver Howard!!
Have a beauty day!!

Unknown said...

I'm a friend connect follower. I am hoping this giveaway if international, as I'm from the UK...?

Unknown said...

I also sent you a friend request on Facebook. I hope you'll accept it. I love UTEE.

Nancy Baumiller said...

You are fabulous Hostess as well Denise! Ahh heck put me on the list too! lol I never tried using any of this stuff although I am a big fan and patron of Retro Cafe Art! They have the best selection of art and crafty supplies! Hugs and thank you for having me as a co-hostess!

Jackie PN said...

Well, sign me up too Denise! I have not used these yet, but ready to give em a try! Oh, by the way...sloppy kisses to Oliver Howard from me and chum! ")

Bernice Hopper said...

I would love to win. Thank you so much for the opportunity

Catherine Etter, The Mindful Spirit said...

Soooooooooo cool, what fun!!!!!!!!!

Larry said...

Yikes! I've yet to recover from a crazy glue misadventure!
Denise, just wanted you to know that I'm in the process of doing a cut/paste tag using Marsha's Queendom kit (as a kid I was always annoyed that the Queens got gowns while the Kings had to wear tights and those bloomer pants - but I digress and will make a note to self for my therapist!)
Back to the point - I'm in for the draw.

TinaW said...

Woo-hoo! Thanks, Denise!

MaRyKaY said...

Ive been wanting to buy and use some of those kits for a while now. But you know how life is.
I enjoy seeing your tags and keeping some ideas in my mind from them.
Thanks for chance to win some of those ranger plates. Those could be used with all sorts of mediums huh?
Have a great week and good luck everyone

Tumble Fish Studio said...

What a great giveaway Denise! You know I think I have some ideas for our next "collaboration", by the way! Maybe I'm in withdrawal too. You and the stuff you share are one of my Happy Place parts of everyday!

MONICA said...

This is super cool...been so wanting to try the Utee products...count me in for the win (hopefully hehe) THANKS DENISE YOU ARE THE BOMB-A-LICIOUS!!!!

Denice Metz said...

need to win

Jackie said...

I need another hobby like a hole in the head but I would love to try these!

Fiona (anubis 1 ) said...

These look like fun Denise. sign me up and maybe I'll get the melt pot out. Been a while since that has seen the light of day LOL.

Tanya said...

Awesome giveaway! I love those kits and the tags too. I'm a cut and paste girl - love it! Thanks for the chance to win. I'm a follower :)


gaylemontayostudio said...

YAH! Another it! I have plenty of UTEE to try these out with...thanx for the op to win!

gaylemontayostudio said...

YAY! Another giveaway! I have plenty of UTEE to try these great products with! Thanks for the op to win...

Denise J. Phillips said...

This is an Official Entry for Kathleen Wade who's having difficulty leaving a comment.

Unknown said...

I love this Blog. Love to win. Love Birdnuts Mixed Media

Jackie Mohring said...

Looks like fun to try out these new goodies, Denise. Thanks for a chance to win. Rub Oliver Howard on the belly for me. Comet says hey!

Anonymous said...

you bet your bird seed i would love to win this prize. i have never tried utee and the fun fiber thingys look awesome. hope the random generator gets it right this time and picks ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks, as always, for the chance to win. xoxoxox

Denise J. Phillips said...

This is an Official Entry for Robyn Koozer who couldn't get access to the comments section of the blog. Thanks Robyn for letting me know, and to anyone else having issue with the blog's comment section, just let me know on Facebook, and I'll come leave an Entry for you :)

Not much longer until the Drawing!!! Good Luck Everyone!!

Tralasong said...

Nice treads! I wants!

Maggie said...

Ooo! Ooo! Mr. Kotter! Pick me, pick meeee! *said in my best Arnold Horseshack voice* :)

Cindy said...

What an awesome giveaway! I would love to have those treads.

Unknown said...

This would be a huge blessing! Thanks for the opportunity :) ENTERED!

Anonymous said...

Awesome opportunity, I so love these little journals loved the blog as well