Friday, January 24, 2014

How about a Giveaway????
We could all use a treat :)

I know I'm a little late to the party,
but better late than never!

Over at Kristin Hubick's 
Retro Cafe Art Gallery

I came across this Fabulous Paint
Called VerDay that is Amazing stuff!!!

I know! It's been around for quite some
time, I told you I was late to the party!
(tee hee)

But it has been a wonderful process working with this paint set and got my mojo back on track after a long quiet spell :)

so just playing around with it to get
my ideas flowing I did this mini canvas collage with my 'Oh Deer' Bubbie

Only a 2 x 2 inch canvas but it was
a great starting point!

Which led me to this.....

Using Retro Cafe Art's 
as the base I just grabbed
bits and bobs of left over pieces from past projects to create my latest
ATC Shrine Box creation....

...loved using the VerDay on it...
So thinking to myself, what else can it do...

and since I took the 
Online Workshop of
Mary Jane Chadbourne's 
1st Workshop at 
Artful Gathering

I decided to start making my bracelets again
using the VerDay as the background and
I'm thrilled with how it turned out!

This one is a size small, but doing up
an assortment of them for my Etsy
shop soon, so let me know if you're

....and since I was on a roll with the 
VerDay.... favourite :)
8x10 Canvas with a bit of 
Itkupilli Graphic and one of
my new Christmas present stamps
by Lynne Perrella

this was the most fun, and I'm 
currently doing a series of these
to go into my Etsy shop so do
let me know if interested :)

So anyway, being almost the end
of January, and with Valentine's 
just around the corner in a few weeks.....

I decided I'm having so much fun
with the VerDay that I needed to share.....

so.... I purchased an extra set 
from Retro Cafe Art!!!

Leave a Comment on this 
Blog Post
if you're already a 
if you're not a Follower of my Blog
then sign on either 
Google's or Network Blogs Widgets 
on the side bar as a 
and Leave a Comment 
so I know you are Entered
 and You'll be 

Entered to Win

Your very own Set of 
VerDay Paints!!!

On February 14th, 2014
On Valentine's Day
a Gift From Me to You
I'll pick a Winner 
and Announce here on the Blog!!

Well there you go!
VerDay's Paints Giveaway 
for Valentine's Day :)

So I'm off to do a bit
of catch up for the upcoming
tax season, ( sorry to even mention),
and free up some of my time 
to get another ATC Swap in order
in the coming weeks....

So let me know if any of you are
interested in any of my pieces as
most of you know you can also find
me on Facebook :)

In the meantime....get 
Entered to Win!!!



Mimi Cross said...

Oliver Howard, please put in a good word for me. I'd love to win those paints from your Mum.

Melissa said...

I think Oliver Howard said he loves me more... heehee... please add my name to hat and does that come with personal delivery? if so add my name 100 times to the hat .. hahah luvluvluv m

Anonymous said...

Oh, how very beautiful Denise and generous! Would you please add me to the hat. And pleeeease tell Mr. Oliver Howard that the really is my most favourite nephew ;-)!
Hugs, Jutta

Jackie said...

Holy Moly sister! You have been busy~must be all that coffee! Please sign me up!!Right after you cook dinner for Oliver Howard! He looks like he is in need of some nourishment! hugs,Jackie

Unknown said...

What you have created with the Ver Day paints is remarkable! I love every piece! I would love to win this awesome paint set!


Virginia S. said...

I would love to try these paints out! Your work has inspired me so much over time and I am happy to hear you are working up to another ATC swap!

Lesleym said...

Would love to try these paints soooooo much, but cannot get them in the UK :-(. Thanks for the chance Denise, big slobbery hugs for Oliver Howard x

Mary Jane said...

Love your work, Denise! And thanks for the mention of my bracelet class....would love to experiment with these paints!! Mary Jane xoxo

Rev. Nancy Baumiller said...

OH! Give big kisses to Momma and let her know how much I love her work and would love this giveaway! ;) xo

Denise J. Phillips said...

And YES the Giveaway is open to everyone Globally!!!! All International Entries are Welcome!!!! Oliver Howard says send snacks.....grin. Thanks All!!!!

Tamara K's Heart and Art said...

Would love the opportunity to win! Plus I like your blog too!!

Laura said...

Great give away! I would so love to have these to play with, you made some really gorgeous artwork with them!

embellishstudios said...

Great art, you have been a busy bee!! Would love to win , I am super intrigued!

Gena Rose said...

Would love to try this paint....really love your deer piece

Joanna Grant Art said...

It's always SO fun when you blog, dear Denise. Would love to try VerDay, given the chance. Cheers! Joanna

Denise J. Phillips said...

Gerrie Johnnic has contacted me and is unable to access the postings, so this is her Official Entry! Thanks Gerrie and Good Luck in the Drawing!!

Unknown said...

Ive seen several tuts on these paints. They are really cool. I'm going to check out your shop, blog,Facebook, etc. I hope I find a tut on the bracelets. Your canvas is lovely.

Anonymous said...

Your projects are wonderful. That large canvas is stunning.

Jo said...

Please count me in! and oh boy I have just found your blog and you do some really delightful art!!! I am your newest followerand believe it or not, our little dogs look very similar ... and I've shot mine wearing glasses as well!

TinaW said...

It's so much fun to see what you've made! Thank you for the generous giveaway.

julie case said...

Wonderful projects!! I'd love to play with some VerDay! Thanks for the chance to win!
Your humble follower,

Sandra Strait said...

Great giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win!

Kathy said...

Have never used these paints, but would certainly love to try them. Your work is amazing. Love it and have seen your work on Retro Cafe. Have a great New Year.

Jackie said...

Denise I would love to try the paints out. Your projects are so creative♥

Selah Gay said...

Oh NeeNee! I LOVE what you've done! That last one is DIVINE! You Go Girl! <3 <3 <3

Dale said...

OMGosh Denise this is an awesome opportunity! thank you SO MUCH!
Living in South Africa we don't get amazing products like you girls do on the other and up-side of the world yes, this would be an awesome first present of 2014!
love and hugs Dale xx

Karen Mallory said...

Your art is amazing!
love the paints

bockel24 said...

Wow, love all those pieces but haven´t heard of that paint before - so please count me in!

Denise J. Phillips said...

This is an Official Entry for Joanna Grant as she's told me she's having difficulty leaving a comment...Google Gremlin's again!
You're in the Drawing Joanna! Cheers!

Denise J. Phillips said...

This is an Official Entry for Chriss Rollins as Chriss is having difficulty leaving a comment...You're in the Drawing Chriss! Cheers!

Glenda said...

Awesome canvas Denise. I love it and the look of those paints, probably too hard to post to Aus LOL, but I can dream huh!!!! hugs xxx

Denise J. Phillips said...

This is an Official Entry into the Giveaway from Julie Ann Martin Bailey who was having difficulties with signing in to leave a comment. You're Officially Entered now Julie! Cheers!

Unknown said...

Girl you never cease to amaze me!!! Amazing amazing!! Oh, and Oliver Howardyou know auntie melodee is truly your biggest fan!!!!!

Rena Sawatski said...

Oh wow these look like fabulous paints. Your art is fantastic, but that last one is definitely my favourite. Is the piper also a stamp?

Janet Ghio said...

I love that larger canvas. Oh so nice. I have to say a big "duh" here as I never connected the Mother of Oliver on FB with this blog. ( smacks her forehead). Anyway, would love to win those paints. Thanks for the chance!

Unknown said...

I love my Verday paints- could definitely use a refill, lol And most importantly- I LOVE what you are doing with them!!! Just fabulous Denise! Give Oliver Howard some sloppy kisses from his Alabama cousins!!

Dee Ryder said...

Oooooooo such pretty colors !!! They will be such fun to create with. :)

Denise J. Phillips said...

Well here I am again, as Diana D. Darden is having a problem leaving a comment, so here is Diana's Official Entry into the Giveaway!!! Yay! LOL!

Becky said...

I am now a follower! I love the colors of these paints.

Claudia N. said...

Oh, wow....I am so glad I found your place! Not only for the chance to win this awesome give away but as a place to return to regularly for awesome inspiration! Thank you!

Greetings from Vienna,
Claudia x

Chai said...

Great artwork. The paints sound lovely to work with also.
Thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

These paints look very interesting - would love to try them Thanks for the information on them.

Maggie Kopp - Martin said...

I am drooling over the Patina. Something about Patina color makes my hear happy!

lura brown said...

looks like alot of awesomeness to me. love your pieces. thanks for the chance to win a new fun product. xox

Denise J. Phillips said...

This is an Official Entry for Mary Kay from Facebook, as she's had difficulty leaving a Comment on this blog post.

Unknown said...

Wonderful giveaway, Denise. Thank you for your generous offer. Love the aged look that you've been creating with the paints. I especially love your 8 x 10 canvas. - Love those feathers! I'm guessing they were donated by one of your feathered friends?

lura brown said...

OMG!!! these look terrific and i sure do hope that i win. i thank you for the chance and hope to get to play with this awesome paint. xoxo

gigibutterfly said...

I'm always up for trying something new! I'm always so surprised at all these NEW products! Good grief. I'm getting confused.
Oreo and Orion send you and Oliver Howard big hugs and slobbery kisses.
xoxo Gigi

Amber McLean said...

Oooooooh! Paaaaaaaiiiiiint! LOL <3 colors, who wouldn't like to use these?

Coyote Sings Studio said...

These are gorgeous! I'd so love to win!

ZenziB said...

Mmm.. Feeling lucky! Thanks!
Debbie Baier

Unknown said...

I would love to win these awesome paints! They are beautiful!

Sara said...

Oooh, would love to play with these paints! Thanks for the giveaway, Denise. :) Please add my name to the hat.