Friday, January 24, 2014

How about a Giveaway????
We could all use a treat :)

I know I'm a little late to the party,
but better late than never!

Over at Kristin Hubick's 
Retro Cafe Art Gallery

I came across this Fabulous Paint
Called VerDay that is Amazing stuff!!!

I know! It's been around for quite some
time, I told you I was late to the party!
(tee hee)

But it has been a wonderful process working with this paint set and got my mojo back on track after a long quiet spell :)

so just playing around with it to get
my ideas flowing I did this mini canvas collage with my 'Oh Deer' Bubbie

Only a 2 x 2 inch canvas but it was
a great starting point!

Which led me to this.....

Using Retro Cafe Art's 
as the base I just grabbed
bits and bobs of left over pieces from past projects to create my latest
ATC Shrine Box creation....

...loved using the VerDay on it...
So thinking to myself, what else can it do...

and since I took the 
Online Workshop of
Mary Jane Chadbourne's 
1st Workshop at 
Artful Gathering

I decided to start making my bracelets again
using the VerDay as the background and
I'm thrilled with how it turned out!

This one is a size small, but doing up
an assortment of them for my Etsy
shop soon, so let me know if you're

....and since I was on a roll with the 
VerDay.... favourite :)
8x10 Canvas with a bit of 
Itkupilli Graphic and one of
my new Christmas present stamps
by Lynne Perrella

this was the most fun, and I'm 
currently doing a series of these
to go into my Etsy shop so do
let me know if interested :)

So anyway, being almost the end
of January, and with Valentine's 
just around the corner in a few weeks.....

I decided I'm having so much fun
with the VerDay that I needed to share.....

so.... I purchased an extra set 
from Retro Cafe Art!!!

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Your very own Set of 
VerDay Paints!!!

On February 14th, 2014
On Valentine's Day
a Gift From Me to You
I'll pick a Winner 
and Announce here on the Blog!!

Well there you go!
VerDay's Paints Giveaway 
for Valentine's Day :)

So I'm off to do a bit
of catch up for the upcoming
tax season, ( sorry to even mention),
and free up some of my time 
to get another ATC Swap in order
in the coming weeks....

So let me know if any of you are
interested in any of my pieces as
most of you know you can also find
me on Facebook :)

In the meantime....get 
Entered to Win!!!


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year + 1

Hey Everyone!
Long time no post and I'm so
sorry, but life got crazy, as I am
sure it did for all of you as well
getting prepared for the Holidays.
Crazy busy!!

But after our last ATC Swap,
I decided to take some much needed
art time as well as preparing for the Holidays, and wanted to try out some
new techniques, and use some of 
my new art goodies.
And even without an ATC Swap
going on, still tucked into a few 
ATC's just for the fun of it :)
So while using my Gelli Plates
it led me into trying my hand at
some quick journal making
Lots of experimenting and of course
using some Fab Graphics.
I was rather pleased with my 
attempts at stitching these.

And I incorporated some other
Artists wonderful Mail Art doodles
( this one's background from the
Wonderful Gigi Butterfly!) along
with some 
Graphics all sewn onto the cover.
( Using my little vintage 
Singer Featherweight Sewing machine...
I love that machine :)

As the Holidays approached this
year, I did just a couple of quickie
projects, this one was a bit of fun

Using Crowabout StudioB
Graphics and some wood house cut-outs
made a cute small table display for
the Holidays...
and some tags for packages

With a little help...

Oliver Howard had a Wonderful
December showing off his hat
collection on Facebook....
what a kooky boy :)
Everyone was so kind with their
comments as the photo's kept 
appearing with each one funnier than the next...

But I have to tell you all, this was
the coolest part of the Holiday Season
for us, as Oliver Howard has so many
Fabulous admirers and 
Friends on Facebook,
but the fact that he inspired art 
really rocks!

Look at this Fabulous 
Acrylic Painting
of Oliver Howard
by the 
We were Gobsmacked when it arrived!
How absolutely generous but
also I love that Rhonda Loves
Oliver Howard!! 
( I share him gladly :)

I've loved seeing Rhonda's 
Painting on Facebook 
for quite some time,
so to have a piece of her art, 
and having
it be our very own Oliver Howard
was just such a treat!!!
Do check out Rhonda Davies
on Facebook to see examples
of her Wonderful Art!
Thank you so very much
Rhonda!!! Oliver sends
Sloppy kisses :)

And looking back at 2013
it was also a year that we
had the loss of our 
Dear Old
Moth Eaten Sidney Poodle
age 16 years,
(as the year before with our
Mr. Ted)
(Tribute page by me :)

But nothing had prepared me for
the honour of having this arrive..

The Fabulous Artist
Surprised me out of the blue
with dedicating this lovely piece
of art that she'd painted to my 
Sidney Poodle, as to many of her
other friends that had also lost pets,
but so honoured Sid by making this
for a fund raising project in her 
I was so honoured, but when I 
received the Original Painting
from Mindy, I was so stunned
at her generosity, but also how 
much it was Sidney...
Thank you Mindy!!
Do go and check out Mindy's Blog
and her Etsy shop!

As many know, the mail service
towards the Holidays in both Canada
and the U.S. became impossible, so
I was so relieved these two paintings 
made it through, as it turns out as
of today January 2, 2014 we still
haven't received our packages and cards
for the Holidays from Family and Friends
so I expect to be continuing to Celebrate
over the next week or two as things finally
get delivered and filter through.
Crazy global mail service issues are
going to create many problems for
so many people, but particularly for
some of our Fav Online Shops and
for Artists Business and swaps....
Finger's crossed by the end of 
January, we'll see if some of the 
postal issues have eased a bit....
we have ATC Swaps to get on with! 

Hope You All have had a Great
Holiday Season
and All the Best for this New Year!
Be safe with all this Winter Weather
and I'll be posting again soon with
some new 2014 fun!!