Friday, October 18, 2013

Woo Hoo!!! Are you Ready??

Hey All! 
Are you ready for another swap?

I've checked the calendar, as 
Canada Post states that to be
delivered by Christmas packages 
and such must be mailed out 
by November 15th.....crazy isn't it?

Hence why I don't receive Christmas
cards from Family and Friends until
January most years!

So that all being said, I've 'plotted' 
the calendar, so if you're into jumping
in and joining in another swap,
we'll do a quickie swap hoping for a 
quick mail turn-a-bout!

And Guess Who's Co-Hosting???

Woo Hoo!!!

Our Own 

And I keep forgetting to give 
You All a Link to
Nancy's Wonderful Blog!!!!

You can see Fabulous Examples
of Nancy's work as well as an 
occasional Freebie!!!

So's here's the Skinny for the New 'Quickie' Swap!!!

But a Twist!!!!!!
They are only 
2 inches x 2 inches!!!!

That's right, 2 x 2's x 3....grin
That's confusing isn't it?

Use a 2 inch x 2 inch
base, ( I cut chipboard)

Use 3 of them to create one
picture ( that's the triptych)
make 3 different sets of them
for the swap!

2 sets will be swapped out with
the other Participating Artists
1 set will be swapped out with me :)

Nancy's so Kindly Donating
a $25 Gift Certificate
Crowabout StudioB
for the 
Giveaway Drawing!!!!

There's no Theme!!!

Can be anything you'd like, just
Crowabout StudioB Graphics!

Here's the Details on 
How to Enter!

To be Entered 
in the 
2 x 2 Triptych Swap
Please send a 
PayPal 'GIFT' Invoice 
(Family and Friends 
Section on Paypal)
for the amount of $5
for the 
return postage and handling
( tucking in extra goodies)
Birdnuts Mixed Media

(By sending the invoice to me as a 'Gift'
it saves both you and I the fee's and
charges Paypal would be charging
either of us. )

(I am limiting to only 
20 Participating 
Artists in this Swap
(so that way I have the time 
to make the 20 sets of
the Triptychs for the swap and to
have all the envelopes ready to get
posted at the Giveaway Deadline Date)

The Deadline 
to actually have your 
3 Sets of Triptych's 
Made and Mailed out
on their way to me is
October 26th!!!
I Know!!!
I can hear you all saying 'but that's
only a week away!!!' LOL!
That's right, you have 1 week to have
them made, and mailed out, as it will
take up to 2 + weeks for them to
arrive here!!!
So no feet dragging in this swap! LOL!

And the Deadline to
receive them all is
November 7th!
As the 
Drawing for the Giveaway
of the $25 Gift Certificate
to Nancy's
Crowabout Studio B

Will be Announced on 
Friday, November 8th, 2013!!

Told you this was a 
Quickie Swap!! LOL!

With the Christmas Season just
around the corner, this will very likely
be the Last Swap for this year here
Birdnuts Mixed Media

due to the slowness of the Mail Service
until Year's End....
So hope you'll all jump and and go for it!!

( I will still have a Giveaway or two
before Year's End, so do check in 
occasionally so you don't miss out :)

Oliver Howard says 'Get Going!!' 

Thanks All!
And Big Thanks to 




Fiona (anubis 1 ) said...

I'm in Denise :) xx

Denise J. Phillips said...

Yes you are!!! Thank you Fiona!!! Always love having you join in!! xoxo

Glenda said...

I'm in Denise, going off to paypal you now Is $5.00 enough, and I will do them this weekend and post straight away so they don't get held up. xxxx

Fozzy said...

I'm in (I hope! :)

Melissa said...

I am in !!!!

I vote we all chip in a bit more to make sure Denise is not in the hole ;)

gotta run this morning but will paypal when i get back


Denise J. Phillips said...

Hey All :)
Thank you so much for joining in!!! Make sure if you're new to the swaps that you email me your mailing address and I'll send you mine for swapping the Triptychs! I have one entry that I can't quite recognize the last name???
And Thank you Melissa for the offer! I hate even asking for the $5, so I don't mind picking up the difference :) xoxo