Friday, September 20, 2013

Just as you thought we were
going to take a little break.....grin.....

Thought I'd do a Shout Out
post and a Quickie Giveaway
while I'm finishing up 
the last Fabulous ATC Swap
with Tracey from
Hidden Vintage Studios at
and getting prepped 
for the next ATC Swap
that is coming up soon!
First off.....
Had a Great Mail Day today!

All the way from England....

This Fabulous Handmade 
Bird Watcher
came from a Great Artist I 
came across on Facebook
Jane Ryan OPI (Opiworks)
you can find her here
on Facebook and
here on Etsy and
here on Her Blog!

Being a Birdnut I'm thrilled
to have a piece of Jane's works
and it'll be next to my own 
Butterfly Garden Assemblage in
the Art Room.
Thanks Jane!! Love her!!

Then as if the mail day 
wasn't cool enough...

Goodies from 

Kristin Hubick at Retro 
brought in some of my fav goodies
Mr. Tim Holtz's New Tag Stencils 

Not easy to get yet, so having 
bring in a few I immediately grabbed 2 of them! GRIN

These Mini Journals are the same as
Dyan's Fabulous Large Journals
right down to the storage envelope
inside the front cover, ( such a handy
thing for storing stencils and paper bits!)
The Mini Dylusions Journal is
8 3/8" x 5 5/8" a great size for some
quick or detailed journal art! 
And the paper inside it! Oh man
it's like silk to work with!

So I got to thinking as I sat drooling
over my new Mini Dylusions Journal
that to have 2 of them right now might
be a bit of overkill, as it's going to take
me some time to fill 1 up with all
the projects on my plate.....

So I'm putting up the 2nd 
(the one I didn't drool on......LOL)

as the Prize for a 
Quickie Giveaway!
That's right! 
Here on 
Birdnuts Mixed Media
I'll give this one away!

All you need to do to 
Enter to Win
is Leave a Comment
if you're a Follower of 
Birdnuts Mixed Media
on This Blog Post

If you aren't a Follower yet,
then there are two choices
on the Right Side Column 
to sign up as a 
New Follower
Google or NetworkBlogs
and Leave a Comment on this 
Blog Post and
let me Know you've sign up!
It's that easy!
On Friday, October 4th
I will Announce the Winner!!!

Woo Hoo! GRIN

In the meantime...I'll be busy
getting set up for the next
upcoming swap here on 
Birdnuts Mixed Media!
Rumour has it that a certain
(Ms.Fancy Pants) of 
could be

I've been playing with some 
4 x 6 art cards using some of Nancy's Fabulous Graphics
along with my own, a size that I haven't
played with before with all the ATC 
making I've been doing, so to get the 
hang of it ...

I love making up Nancy's Girlies
from all of her Fabulous Kits!

They always set the tone...

...even if the tone is a little odd....grin...

As you can see, 4 x 6 is a fun
size to be working with!
Hmm......maybe a 4 x 6 swap? grin....

So that is enough of a tease,
I'm off to pack ATC's and get them
out into the post to the 
Leave a Comment 
to Be Entered
to Win!!!

And on a personal note
September 10th was our
Oliver Howard's
12th Birthday :)

He had a day full of treats
including a new sweatshirt
for rainy days....
the boy's in the hood....grin
Luv my boy 

Thanks All :)



'cine said...

Oh how I would love to win this awesome prize....and could you throw in Oliver Howard just for the weekend....hehehe, I know you couldn't do without him for that long, but he is still my sweetee.

Melissa said...

Sign me up for all of it!!! If you were needin to, oh say, get rid of some of ur stash, i could find it within my heart to relieve u of the garden faerie hahahhahaha!! I did hop over to the Retro cafe... oohhh i could go broke there - need to see which holiday the fam needs to get presents for me and let me do the shoppin for them.

thanks for everything - you have really expanded my world.

Jackie said...

I'm all signed up Denise! and so glad to hear you are giving away the one you didn't drool on! haha
have a super FRIDAY!!!!

Pam said...

Signed up! Love all things Dyan!

denice said...

would love to win this awesome prize thanks for the chance I.m signed up

Glenda said...

Ohhhh Denise, I would love to win anything LOL, even a piece of your artwork, and can both you and Oliver come and visit me downunder :-) Hop in the package that you are sending me... I am a follower on blog and facebook as if you didn't know LOL...
hugs Glenda

Tammy B said...

oh my, i adore the birdwatcher statue, thanks for introducing us to the artist. would be thrilled to win the journal, can't find them around here yet! happy weekend :)

TinaW said...

SO generous of you to give up one of the journals - and not even the one already pre-drooled!

Wendy said...

How fun! I drool every time I see the Dylusions stuff. I have a few of the sprays and I'm trying my best to be a good girl and not buy all the stencils. I'm a stencil freak. But a that couldn't do any harm could it?! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Susan Goodell said...

Signed up to be a follower and would love to get my hands on one of those mini dylusions journals. And, by the way, happy birthday, Oliver.

Jackie said...

I am officially signed up for you blog! I have been reading it but now it is official ♥
I would love to have the journal Drool or not! But maybe Oliver Howard's!
I see another Jackie so I will sign off as Jackie QH!
Oh yes looking forward to the next swap!!

Virginia said...

Awesome give-away! I have tried some art journaling and really want to do some more. Can't wait for the next swap!

Joanna Grant Art said...

What a wonderful giveaway, Denise, and so very generous of you. I'd love to be in the draw for the mini journal. A perfect size for travelling and doing art. Cheers, my friend. Joanna Grant

Tralasong said...

OOOh!! I'm in!! Have never had one of those journals - I'm drooling over here now!!


Holly Trotta said...

Wow ... great prize. I saw this size and thought it was perfect ... thanks for the chance to win it.


Holly Trotta said...

Wow ... great prize. I saw this size and thought it was perfect ... thanks for the chance to win it.


Denise J. Phillips said...

This Official Comment is for Alma from Facebook who had a problem with leaving one here on the blog post. You're Officially Entered Alma :)

Denise J. Phillips said...

This Official Comment is for Lizmay! Lizmay had a problem with leaving a comment as well!

MONICA said...

PICK ME PICK are so generous...thanks for the chance at winning...

embellishstudios said...

oooh!! I love journals...shocking hey?
Love the birthday hoodie! :-)

Unknown said...

2I love the book and the stencils! and am a follower!

Unknown said...

GF, you better know I am a follower and one of YOUR BIGGEST fans!!!!!!! Next to Oliver Howard of course!!! LOL Oh don't forget to sign me up!!!

bockel24 said...

oooh, I´ve always wanted to try Dyan´s journals ...
and yes, 4 x 6 is a great size, I think it´s my favourite format!

Fiona (anubis 1 ) said...

Oh my Girlie you are so generous........Would love to be in with a chance of winning. Much love and hugs from across the pond :)

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Denise,

I follow you on face book, but not here, so to remedy that, I am now following you here too!!
I would LOVe to be the winner of your giveaway!!!

Love and hugs,

Susan Rix

Lorri said...

Wow such a generous giveaway! Thank you for the chance. I have the large journal and would love the smaller version. I'm signing up now :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Denise! Well, if you don't mind ... drop the cupcake and enter me into the fortune pot ;-)!! I have been following you via Networked blogs for a while now. And FB, well, you know it :D. Please hug "my nephew" Oliver from me!
I would really like to win the mini one ... didn't even know that a small one existed!
Big hugs over the pond!

Jackie said...

Oh Denise, what a wonderful giveaway! You are such a hoot, just reading your posts makes me laugh and laugh. And, of course, Comet strongly identifies with everything Oliver Howard has to say. Ha! Wow, so many Jackies on here. Just to keep us straight, I'll forever be Jackie, Comet's Mom.

Dee Ryder said...

Oh Denise..... but of course I would LOOVVVEEEE to have this smaller Journal actively opened and painted on in my art room.... I can close my eyes and see the vision of it all pretty and colour-filled.... :) yea!

Denise J. Phillips said...

Hey All, This is a Fabulous turnout for the Giveaway! I'm thrilled, just wish I could afford to send each one of you one of these great mini journals of Dyan Reaveley's! But alas...there's only 1 to give away...this time :)
I heard that Malinda Bowns Kopec couldn't figure out how to leave a comment to be Entered, so this is an Official Entry for her.

And yes, Comet's mom, I know who you are :) LOL! xoxo

Cafe Artiste said...

Ooooh! October's my birthday month, so maybe I'll get lucky! Thanks Denise!

Inkypinkycraft said...

An amazing giveaway and very generous x I follow on facebook, will follow here too if I am not ...liver looks very sweet x hugs x tracevx

Denise J. Phillips said...

This is an Official Entry for the lovely Rachelle Panagarry who is having great difficulty getting her comment posted as others have also had. I'm running old school Google instead of Google whatever they call it :)

marirlpn said...

I haven't used one of these journals yet...key word is "yet"! lol I'll be recovering from surgery on a tendon of my right 5th finger, so this mini size would be perfect. One of these days (have had a rough summer and this is 2nd surgery since last month) I plan on joining one of your ATC swaps. Have a great day. Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

I thought I had already signed up to follow your blog, but I hadn't. Sorry about that, I have now rectified that terrible error. :) LOVE the photo of you feeding the birds & of course, the pic of Oliver Howard, looking VERY cool. Gorgeous ATCs.

Melissa said...

is it friday yet???? just so u know, i have now rec'd my 2nd package from retro art.. all cuz of this post and ur pict of your new stash ;) ps. let me know if u need to trade that faerie garden 4x6 .. which now, i have started playin with.. u r right they ARE very fun! thanks for all ur inspiration!