Friday, September 20, 2013

Just as you thought we were
going to take a little break.....grin.....

Thought I'd do a Shout Out
post and a Quickie Giveaway
while I'm finishing up 
the last Fabulous ATC Swap
with Tracey from
Hidden Vintage Studios at
and getting prepped 
for the next ATC Swap
that is coming up soon!
First off.....
Had a Great Mail Day today!

All the way from England....

This Fabulous Handmade 
Bird Watcher
came from a Great Artist I 
came across on Facebook
Jane Ryan OPI (Opiworks)
you can find her here
on Facebook and
here on Etsy and
here on Her Blog!

Being a Birdnut I'm thrilled
to have a piece of Jane's works
and it'll be next to my own 
Butterfly Garden Assemblage in
the Art Room.
Thanks Jane!! Love her!!

Then as if the mail day 
wasn't cool enough...

Goodies from 

Kristin Hubick at Retro 
brought in some of my fav goodies
Mr. Tim Holtz's New Tag Stencils 

Not easy to get yet, so having 
bring in a few I immediately grabbed 2 of them! GRIN

These Mini Journals are the same as
Dyan's Fabulous Large Journals
right down to the storage envelope
inside the front cover, ( such a handy
thing for storing stencils and paper bits!)
The Mini Dylusions Journal is
8 3/8" x 5 5/8" a great size for some
quick or detailed journal art! 
And the paper inside it! Oh man
it's like silk to work with!

So I got to thinking as I sat drooling
over my new Mini Dylusions Journal
that to have 2 of them right now might
be a bit of overkill, as it's going to take
me some time to fill 1 up with all
the projects on my plate.....

So I'm putting up the 2nd 
(the one I didn't drool on......LOL)

as the Prize for a 
Quickie Giveaway!
That's right! 
Here on 
Birdnuts Mixed Media
I'll give this one away!

All you need to do to 
Enter to Win
is Leave a Comment
if you're a Follower of 
Birdnuts Mixed Media
on This Blog Post

If you aren't a Follower yet,
then there are two choices
on the Right Side Column 
to sign up as a 
New Follower
Google or NetworkBlogs
and Leave a Comment on this 
Blog Post and
let me Know you've sign up!
It's that easy!
On Friday, October 4th
I will Announce the Winner!!!

Woo Hoo! GRIN

In the meantime...I'll be busy
getting set up for the next
upcoming swap here on 
Birdnuts Mixed Media!
Rumour has it that a certain
(Ms.Fancy Pants) of 
could be

I've been playing with some 
4 x 6 art cards using some of Nancy's Fabulous Graphics
along with my own, a size that I haven't
played with before with all the ATC 
making I've been doing, so to get the 
hang of it ...

I love making up Nancy's Girlies
from all of her Fabulous Kits!

They always set the tone...

...even if the tone is a little odd....grin...

As you can see, 4 x 6 is a fun
size to be working with!
Hmm......maybe a 4 x 6 swap? grin....

So that is enough of a tease,
I'm off to pack ATC's and get them
out into the post to the 
Leave a Comment 
to Be Entered
to Win!!!

And on a personal note
September 10th was our
Oliver Howard's
12th Birthday :)

He had a day full of treats
including a new sweatshirt
for rainy days....
the boy's in the hood....grin
Luv my boy 

Thanks All :)


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Greetings All 
We have a Winner!!

What a Fun Swap we've
had this last month

So many Fabulous ATC's
arrived from You All from
all over the Globe!
I so much appreciate all of
You taking time and participating
in my Swaps here on 


But I have to tell you, 
a really Wonderful package 
arrived from Tracey herself!
She's made 20 different ATC's
for me to tuck in for each
one of you!!!
With a little 
Halloween Goodie
tucked in!

Thank you so much 
Tracey for participating making
so many ATC's for Everyone
on top of 
Donating the 
$25 Gift Certificate
for the Drawing!

Don't forget to check out

There's even more 
Brand New Halloween 
Graphics Kits!!!!

So here we are.....

About to 
Announce the
of the 
$25 Gift Certificate

Using the Random Generator
I'm so please to announce that
the Winner is.....

Woo Hoo!!!

Virginia Smith!!!!

I was particularly jumping
up and down for Virginia
as she's one of 
Birdnuts Mixed Media's 
longest participating 
ATC Swap Artists and
I don't think she's ever
won before!
so there you go girl!
Your number came up!!!
Thanks so much for 
participating Virginia!
And Big Congrats!!

So Now that we've made
it to the Deadline, and the Drawing
I'd better get packing and mailing
all the Wonderful ATC's and
the Extra Goodies tucked in
to you all!!!
Big Mail out from here
in Victoria, B.C. Canada
on Saturday so with the Post
the way it is, should be about
10 working days to 2 weeks to arrive 
( I'd say sooner by what the heck,
it'll be a surprise if it does! LOL!)

Big Thank you's again to 
Tracey Parker

And a Huge THANK YOU
to All of You
Wonderful ATC Artists
for Entering the Swap!!!

And stay tuned!
Will be announcing another
Fabulous Swap coming up
very soon!
( Will announce both here and
on Facebook :)
After I catch up with the mail outs
and take a little breather!!!
Whew.... grin.