Thursday, August 15, 2013

due to the mail service being
it's usual late.....and more
than a handful of your
ATC's haven't arrived for
todays intended deadline,
I'm postponing the deadline to
Wednesday, September 18th,
with the Prize Drawing
for the $25 Gift Certificate
Hidden Vintage Studios
Winner to be Announced
here on
Thursday, September 19th!
So sorry for the delay, again!
See you back here
Thursday, September 19th!!!
Good Luck in the Drawing!!!

Are you ready? 
(tee hee)

Hey All You Fab ATC Artists...
are you ready for another
ATC Swap?
And another Fabulous Prize Drawing?????

Well guess what!
You've got it, and....
a Newbie 
with me this time round!

Another Wonderful 
Graphics Company

A Wonderful Selection
of Graphics at
with a Brand New Kit
just released

'Teacup Tricksters'

There are some really 
Wonderful examples
of Assemblages made 
with this kit on their

Facebook Page

So please do go check
out their Facebook Page
and give them a 'Like'
as they were very kind
in donating a

$25 Gift Certificate
Hidden Vintage Studio

for the 
Prize Drawing
here on 
Birdnuts Mixed Media
for this Month's ATC Swap!!!

Woo Hoo!!!

See! I've already been playing!

The Graphics Kit
Teacup Tricksters
has some Deliciously
Halloween Graphics!

It's certainly put me
into the Spirit!

So here we go!!!
Details on 
How to Enter! 
( If you dare....bwhaaaa!)

Thought you'd like to get a little
Art Going for the upcoming
and to 
Hidden Vintage Studio's 
New Kit

So this time round
the ATC Swap Theme is
Although if you'd like to 
use any of 
Hidden Vintage Studio's
Kits in making your ATC's
that would be Great too!!!

In this ATC Swap
you'll be making
3   ATC's
2 ATC's will be Traded with
2 other ATC Artists in the Swap.
And 1 ATC will be Traded with me!

I will start a Photo Album
on my Facebook Page
Denise Phillips
to Highlight all of your ATC's
as I receive them so we all
can have a boo!!! (grin).

As it is August 15th Today
I'll be running the ATC Swap
to the 
Deadline of 
Thursday September 12th, 2013
with the 
Announcement of
the Winner of the 
$25 Gift Certificate to
Hidden Vintage Studio
Friday, September 13th!!

LOL! How appropriate!
Friday the 13th!!! 

To Enter in the ATC Swap
and Gift Certificate Drawing
Please send a 
$5.00 PayPal 'Gift' Invoice
for Return Postage and Handling
Birdnuts Mixed Media

I will be limiting to only
20 ATC Artists in this months
ATC Swap
so if you aren't able to participate
after Entering please let me know
asap so I may let another Artist
I will gladly refund your 
Return Postage and Handling 
within the first 2 weeks of the Swap
but after that there will not be
a refund.
( I have found some to want a refund after finding
out they were not the Winner for the Drawing
so this seems to be the best way to stop that issue).

Because I am up in Canada, and
many of you are Global
you need at least 2 weeks from the
time you mail your 3 sets of
Halloween ATC's to me to get them
to me in time for the Deadline...
All Entries no matter where you are
mailing from should be in the Post
by no later than 
September 2nd, 2013

And if possible please
try to make your ATC's
as easy to put into a Standard
Sized Envelope to save on
mailing costs, anything oversized
will cost twice as much in returning.
(Thanks to the Canadian Postal Service!)
Much appreciated.

So there you go!
So get your Entries in
while there's room with
only 20 Artists Playing!
And go forth and get those
Halloween ATC's Made!!!

Big Thanks to 
Hidden Vintage Studio!

Thanks All!!!

Friday, August 2, 2013

And the Winner's are....

I have to tell you all that
this has been one of the 
most exciting and fun 
swaps I've hosted here on
Birdnuts Mixed Media!

First off the Art!!!
At first, when Nancy Baumiller
suggested a Triptych ATC
Swap, I hadn't done 
triptychs before, but I tell you
I'm hooked!

And you ALL did such a 
Fabulous Job of it with
all of your Entries!!!
And over this weekend
I will do a separate Blog Post
to Highlight your Triptychs 
for you All! 
So appreciate all of your efforts
and many of you are just as
hooked as I am now with this
style of ATC making so be
assured, there will be more
Triptych Swaps in the Future!!!

Nancy Baumiller my Co-Hostess 

was so inspired that
she decided well into the Swap
that she would offer a 
2nd PlacePrize 
by making her 
Incredible Mail Art 
Envelope and a set of 
Triptychs done by her
for the 
2nd Place Runner Up!
How cool is that!!!

And I have to Thank Nancy
my Co-Hostess for the 
Treasured Art 
she made just for me too!!!

What a talent Nancy is!!!

So here we are, ready to 
Announce the Winner's!
so lets get on with it!!!

Using the Random Generator 
at the bottom of my blog page,
I'm pleased to announce, that
2nd Place Runner Up Winner
of a 
Set of Triptych ATC's 
Mail Art Envelope Art by
 Nancy Baumiller


Camilla Olsson!!!!
Woo Hoo! Congrats Camilla!!!
I will pack up 
Triptych ATC's 
into her own
Mail Art Envelope 
and mail
it out separately 
from your
Swap Envelope! 
So keep
and eye on your mail box
for 2 Mail Art Envelopes!!!


so now....the 
of the 
$25 Gift Certificate 
(drum roll please :)

Betti Zucker!!!!!
Woo Hoo!
Congrats Betti! 
Nancy will connect with 
you on Facebook to get the
Certificate to you!!!!

Yay!!! And Big Congrats
to the Winners!!!

But as some of you know
from my 
Timeline on Facebook
You All are getting Mail Art
done by me :)
(look at all that! And it isn't even all of it! LOL!)
With an extra goodie or so
tucked in :).. there you go!
Over the Weekend I'll do another
Blog Post Highlighting all
of your Fabulous 
Triptych ATC's in this Swap
for participating in my First
ATC Swap hosted this year
after my long recovery period
since Christmas. 
All your
Well Wishes have been so
appreciated :) xoxo

And a HUGE
Hugs and Thank You's
to Ms. Fancy Pants 
(my nick name for Nancy:)
Nancy Baumiller!
 Honour and Pleasure Nancy
to Co-Host with you!!!

So you all Stay Tuned 
as another post
over the weekend, and 
Another Swap coming up Soon!!!!
(Will be Announcing over the next Week!!)
So keep those 
Art Supplies Handy!!! LOL!!!