Friday, June 21, 2013

So what can I say. Tomorrow is the Deadline to receive your Triptych ATC's and over 1/2 of them have not arrived yet. Nothing in the post yesterday or today. I think to be fair to all of the participants in the swap, I'm extending the Deadline to receive by Thursday August 1st, with the Drawing for the $25 Gift Certificate from Nancy Baumiller at Crowabout StudioB at to be done on Friday August 2nd. I am sure most of you have already mailed them out, as our Postal Service up here is terrible at times, but for any of you that have not, please private message me so we can arrange to get them here! Sorry for the delay, but I want everyone to have a chance to participate!! Cheers!

Who's ready for
an ATC Swap
and Prize Drawing?

That's right!
As some of you know, and if 
you scroll through last years
blog posts, you'll see that almost
every month last year 
Birdnuts Mixed Media
Hosted and Co-Hosted
ATC Swaps!
Unfortunately I had a health
issue come up at Christmas 
that brought it all to a stand still,
but after a few months recovery
I'm ready to dip my toe back into
mondo ATC making! HA!!!

But first, Guess Who's my
Fabulous Co-Hostess 
time round?

Woo Hoo!!!
The Lovely 
Ms. Nancy Baumiller


Last year Nancy Co-Hosted
such a Fun and Wacky
ATC Swap with me here
Birdnuts Mixed Media,
and I was so pleased she
was into doing it again!
I love the Graphics from
Graphics Kits
and Nancy's Art!!

So I practiced a little...

Here's a Journal Page I made
using Crowabout StudioB's
Wonderful Graphics!

And an ATC

Do go and Check Out
Crowabout StudioB's
Shop at

Because if you use 
Crowabout StudioB Graphics
with your ATC's in this Swap
then you'll get a 
Double Entry Chance
at Winning!!!
That's Right! 
Nancy Baumiller has very kindly
Donated a 
$25 Gift Certificate to
Crowabout StudioB 

for a Prize Drawing at the 
End of Our ATC Swap!!!

Thank You Nancy!!

So let's get to it!!!

I learned a ton last year
doing all the ATC Swaps,
and had a blast!
This year we're going to do it
a little differently!

First off, the Theme....

Triptych Altered
Playing Card ATC's

That's right!!!
3 ATC's to make 1 Picture!

It isn't as easy as it looks! LOL!

I started out making my own
backgrounds on Playing Cards!

Then using Crowabout StudioB's

I came up with a few Ideas :)

So that's the Theme for you
to be making
Tryiptych Altered Playing
Card ATC's
(and don't forget, if you use
Crowabout StudioB Graphics
that will count as 
2 Entries
in the 
Drawing at the Deadline!!)

Now, you need to make
2 sets.
( They can either be the same
or individually different
your choice :)

1 set will go into the Swap 
to be Traded with 
Another Swap Artist's 
ATC Set!

The other set will be Traded
directly with me!
That's right! I'm making
a set for each of you as well!

So make sure you put your
name and info on the back
of all 3 of your Triptych 
Altered Playing Card ATC's!


I am also making by hand
the Return Envelope Mail Art!

( oh man, what am I getting myself
The entire Envelope is handmade...


I will be starting a Photo Album
on Facebook on my 
personal page Denise Phillips
to Highlight your ATC Entries as
they are received!
And after the Deadline for the
Triptych Altered Playing Card
ATC Swap
I'll be doing a Blog Post here
Birdnuts Mixed Media 
Highlighting all of Your Entries
and can pass on any info you'd
like to supply me for 
Your Blogs and Websites!

( I will photograph the sets
as they arrive to post to the
Facebook page 
and here on the Blog:)

To be Entered in This Swap
I will need to ask you to please
go to PayPal
and send a Gift Invoice Paid
of $5 for 
Return Postage and Handling
Birdnuts Mixed Media
or you can send cash
but I would think that is risky
going through Canadian Customs
etc, so I thought this might be easier.

(I'm sorry this year to have to charge for the 
return postage, but last year's totals out of pocket
for the year was over $1,000. just can't afford that
this year!)

I believe that the Gift Invoice will show my
mailing address, if it doesn't for any reason,
then when I get the copy of the paid invoice
I will send you a confirmation Email (make
sure your email is included and your mailing address!!) 
to confirm and make sure you have my mailing address.

I will be limiting only 20 Artist's
Entries in this Swap (2 sets per Entry)
to insure I've made enough ATC's and Envelopes for Return.
Any overages will be credited back 
to you immediately.

The Deadline
for all Entries
Thursday, July 25th, 2013
And the 
Winner of the
$25 Gift Certificate
Crowabout StudioB 
will be
Friday, July 26th, 2013!!

All the Triptych Altered Playing
Card ATC's will be mailed out
on Saturday, July 27th, 2013
First Class Air Mail
so keep in mind coming from Canada
it can take from 10 days to 2 weeks for

So there ya go!
I'm so excited to
be Hosting Another
ATC Swap!
(been too long!!!)
Hope You'll All 
Join In!!!!

Email me if you have any questions!
And Thanks Again

Nancy Baumiller of




Is this swap still open to join?

Denise J. Phillips said...

We've just started Joy!!! Details on Entering on the Post!!!! Hope you'll join in!!!!

Gigi Butterfly said...

I'm the doable one.

Denise J. Phillips said...

Yay Gigi!!!! Glad you're in!!!

Fiona (anubis 1 ) said...

I'm in my friend. It's a no brainer for me. But please don't enter me in the prize Draw Hun as you know I am on Nancy's CT. Looking forward to this one :)

Glenda said...

Hi Denise, is this open to international players too. I'm in Australia.

Denise J. Phillips said...

Yay Fiona!!! So glad you're joining in!!!!

And Yes Glenda! As long as you get the ATC's to me by the deadline of July25th to be put in the swap pot! The mail service from Australia is very slow, ( from past experience) so please go for it now so finger's crossed they'll arrive in time!!! And please do join in!!! Would love it! Cheers!!!

Glenda said...

Hi Denise. Sen the paypal money and emailed you privately.

Denise J. Phillips said...

Got it my Dear, and emailed back! HA HA!!!

Bonnie Ashurst said...

Have room for one more?

Denise J. Phillips said...

Of course Bonnie Ashurst!!!! Please do join in!!!

Wendy Erman said...

Hey Denise. I'm joining in on this one. I just sent a paypal payment. I hope I did it right. You're in Canada, right? I guess I just need your mailing address. Can you send it to:


Denise J. Phillips said...

HI Wendy!!! Yay!!! Received and I posted a message to you with address as a pm on Facebook!! Welcome!!! Announced you're Officially Entered on my Timeline, and when you have completed your Triptych ATC's be sure to post the pictures on your Timeline and Tag me so they can be Highlighted in the Facebook Photo Album for the swap!!! Can't wait to see your Triptych's!!! Thank You for Joining In!!! Cheers!!!

Anonymous said...

OK. I payed and hope Im in this then.

Denise J. Phillips said...

Received and Announced on Facebook that' you've Entered!!! Can't wait to see your Triptych ATC'S!! Thank you for Joining In!!!

Unknown said...

Wow! I love your art! I met you through Rachelle.
I will enjoy following your journey.

Denise J. Phillips said...

Welcome Charlotte! Thank You Feel free to join in on any of my Swaps or Giveaways!!
I'll be sure when I get a moment to go check out your blog as well!!! Cheers!