Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hi Everyone :)

After the successful
Custom Digital Pet Portrait
I have been trying to catch
up on some of my other
creative pursuits, that
these days I just haven't
been finding the time
to 'carve' out for myself...
(tee hee....pun intended :)

As most of you know,
the world revolves around
our Oliver Howard in our
home :)
( as it does around all of our other loved creatures
we share our home with :)

And the other day, I was
sitting at my art desk 
trying to channel my
what to do next....

So I dragged out my box of
stamp carving tools and 
materials and Walla!
Oliver Howard Stamp!

Keep in mind, this is only
the 2nd Stamp I have ever
( remember last years orange slice? grin)
Oliver Howard has ended up
being a 4 x 6 inch big stamp!
Which I had to think of some
sort of backing, as he's so large
he needed something stiff and flat
to glue sorry Mr. Tim Holtz,
you have sacrificed one of your
acrylic stamping blocks from my set.

Actually it worked Great!!
I used Bath/Kitchen Clear
Tile Caulking to glue it to
the stamp and let it set overnight.

Guess I'll have to think about
getting another set of Mr. Tim's 
Stamping blocks...grin.

I have also as always, 
been making ATC's in between
different projects.
I keep a big box full of bits and bobs
that you all have sent to me over
the past couple of years in our
ATC swaps, 
here's a couple of my latest,
that are already flying off
to friends...

This one was posted on Facebook
and I was Gobsmacked at all
the wonderful thumbs up and
It is now living in Iowa with
a very surprised Facebook Friend
who admired it amongst all the 
wonderful comments.
(see, you never know what nice things can
come your way at showing a bit of kindness:)

And this ATC with again Bits and Bobs
from all of You 
and a little extra bit from one of our
wonderful pet birds :)

And I managed an afternoon
of play with a 
New Graphics Kit

by the Fabulous

I enjoyed this one, channeled
my English background
and a bit of English slang :)

So that is what I've been up
to all week, that and all the
'real life' stuff, ha!

So don't forget!
I am offering my 
New Venture
Custom Digital Pet Portraits

( My Wonderful Moth Eaten Elderly 
Sidney Matisse Laptop Poodle:)

There are lot's of examples
in the previous blog posts
for you to see what I can offer
up with your pet's photo's!
Just Email me for details!

So there you go!
Hope you all have had
time this week for some
creative fun for yourselves
as well!!!

More in the works to come
so stay tuned!!!

Have a Great New Week Ahead!



StampDancer said...

These are Fabulous Denise

Denise J. Phillips said...

Thank you so much Deb!!! I do think I'm hooked now! Doing up some Oliver Howard note cards! LOL!! Maybe a lovebird will be the next one :)