Saturday, June 1, 2013

And the Winner is.....

Good Morning Everyone!
Well here We are 
after waiting the past few weeks 
to see who is the 
 of the 
Limited Edition
Custom Digital Pet Portrait is!
( A $45.00 Value)

I was thrilled with so many
Entries and All of Your
Fabulous Pet Photo's!!!
Believe me, having the
Random Generator 
to pick the Winner
is so appreciated 
as if I had to pick I would
have picked all of You!!

So with 
Special Thanks 

For the Special Permission
Birdnuts Mixed Media
to use Their 
Graphics Collections

I will be Emailing the Winner
with the TOU 
(Terms of Use)
along with the 
Limited Edition
Custom Digital Pet Portrait

So lets get on with the
Announcing the Winner!!!

Using the Random Generator
we have the Winner!!!!

oh wait!

We have 3 Winners!!!!
That's right!
I decided at the last moment,
I would Surprise You with 
3 Winners!!!!
since we all had to wait for
so long! 

Our First Winner is......

Owner Lynn Stazzabosco!!!!

Congrats Lynn and Sassy!
I'll be sending you an
Email in just a little while!!

And our next 
Winner is......

Owner Florance Simpson!!!

Congrats to Florance and Tuffy!!!
I'll be sending you an Email
in just a little while!!!

And our last 
of the 
Limited Edition
Custom Digital 
Pet Portrait is.....

Owner Lois Romeo!!!

And Congrats to 
Lois and Bailee!!!!
I'll be sending you an
Email in just a little while!!!

A Very Big 
Thank YOU

Owner Jennifer Cain

Lexi and Diesel!!!
Owner Lesley Berry

Toulouse !!!
Owner Jutta Konig


Sadie !!!!
Owner Leslie Sowden


Mimi !!!!
Owner Amy Burke

Bruno !!!!
Owner Mary C. Nasser

Huey !!!!
Owner Liz Thoresen

MoosieBird !!!!!
Owner Susan Leslie

I So Appreciate 
You All
taking time to 
Enter the Giveaway!
I'll be Hosting another
Giveaway in the near future
so please Enter again!!!

Well There You Go!
3 Winners!
Whew....I'm pooped now!
Will be Emailing the Winners
later this morning with their

And for Anyone Else
If You're Interested 

Please contact me by Email
if any of you would like
to arrange a Pet Portrait
for any of your pets!!

Thanks Again Everyone!



Mary C. Nasser said...

Congrats to the winners!
Love what you created, Denise!

Denise J. Phillips said...

Thank you Mary, and Thank you for Entering!!!! Bruno's adorable!!! xx

Liz Thoresen said...

Congratulations you lucky dogs :)..... Denise, you have such talent in capturing the personality of these delightful creatures! They are fabulous!

Denise J. Phillips said...

Awww Thank you so much Liz!
I really enjoy making them, and finger's crossed
for the future with doing these! Spread the
word, I could use the work!!! GRIN.

Florance Simpson said...

Thank you for this contest Denise...if you make some business cards with pet portraits on them (Moo offers a free set for Etsy sellers) I would be happy to pass them out to all the doggie owners I meet here in Oak Bay.

Denise J. Phillips said...

That would be wonderful Florance. Thank you for offering! I have my Birdnuts Mixed Media Cards, but putting together a Pet Portrait one now. Thank you! xx