Friday, May 10, 2013

 Happy Mother's Day

Hi Everyone!
Hope You all have plans to 
Honour Your Mum's
this Weekend, and if
You are a Mum have a
Brilliant Time of it!!!

Not many of you know, that my little badge up top of the 
child in wings, is actually my Mum as a child.
Lost my mum December 2008 to Lymphoma but carry her
with me everyday and with my Venture 
Birdnuts Mixed Media
as without her it wouldn't have been possible :)
( Miss you Mum :)

So in Honour of my Mum
for Mother's Day :) 
tee hee
(She adored our Oliver Howard as we do:)

One of my Vintage Photo's from my 
Personal Collection 
along with
some Bits and Bob's 
from the Wonderful 

And another one Honouring Mother's
Using the Fabulous 
(Featuring our very own Outdoor Pet
Bubbie, who's pictures are part of my 
Oh Deer Collection of Collage Works :)

As you all know, I've been making some
pretty big Hints for the past month here on
Birdnuts Mixed Media

I am so 
Proud and Honoured
to be launching my 
New Venture

Birdnuts Mixed Media
Custom Personalized
Digital Pet Portraits!

 Special Permission
for Commercial Use Granted by

Along with my own
Vintage Photo and Graphics
and other Image Sources
for Commercial Use.

 I will be offering 
Limited Original Custom Digital 
Pet Portraits of Your Pets!

And as you can see, not
limited to Dogs and Cats :)

With a Special
(Terms of Use)
Each Portrait is an 
Original Digital Work 
of Art 
Copyrighted by 
Denise Phillips
Birdnuts Mixed Media
All Rights Reserved 
with Copyright to
Tumblefish Graphics
Other Graphics Companies
for their Images Used Commercially.

All Digital Custom Pet Portraits
will be 
Limited Original Works 
of Digital Art
Personal Use Only

These Terms of Use 
Your Personal Pet's Photo
Birdnuts Mixed Media
will not use any Personal Pet Portrait
in any Commercial or Private
Use without Your Permission.

Each Portrait will be an
Original Work of Digital Art
using your Pet's Photo.
I'll be working Individually
with each Pet Owner to
Create a One of A Kind
Pet Portrait that will
reflect each Pet's Personality
and a Bit of their Story.
These are not cookie cutter pre-made pieces. 
Each Pet Portrait will be 
Assembled Digitally and Produced 
as an Original Work of Digital Art.

For the time being, 
( and some fine tuning:)
while this is all getting set up.

You can reach me through 
Email at
or through Facebook 
to discuss the 
Terms of Use Agreement
and Arrange a 
Digital Custom Pet Portrait
of Your Pet.
(Invoicing after Arrangements and Agreements
will be through PayPal until further notice.)

So here I go dipping my toe
into the water! GRIN

As you all know I adore
animals of all kinds, 
so I hope with each 
Pet Portrait I can Honour
the Spirit of Each of Your
Wonderful Pets and the 
place in your Family!!!

And a Huge Thank You
for all of her 
Hand Holding and
Working with me to get my 
Dream up and Flying!

(and for further tweaking and holding me up! GRIN)
You're the Best Marsha!

Thanks Everyone!
More to come soon!!!
Have a Happy Mother's Day!!!!


tee hee :)

and stay tuned....
a Giveaway coming soon!!!


Jan Hoefler said...

Best to you in your adventure Denise! LOVE the pink tutu'd bird! That piece is fabulous!!!!!

Denise J. Phillips said...

Thanks so much Jan! It's been in the works for awhile, but needed to get going! LOL! Great creative outlet, and will be fun working with everyone's pets!!! Thanks again!

Kirsten said...

These are wonderful! Make me wish I had a pet. Lots of luck, I'm sure this new venture is going to be a huge success for you.

Denise J. Phillips said...

Thank you so much Kirsten! Really appreciate it! Since you don't have a pet, I'll share Oliver Howard and Moth Eaten Elderly Sidney with you on Facebook! GRIN. Thanks for the Well Wishes!!! Going to be an interesting ride! Cheers!!!