Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Monday!
and a 
Giveaway to Boot!

Hi Everyone!
Hope you all had a Fabulous
Mother's Day!!!

I had a wonderful 
Fur Babies Mum's Day

Had a Great Surprise from
the Hubby, he had my
recently purchased
Singer Featherweight 221
Sewing Machine 1942
all refurbished and cleaned
and now it's tickidy boo to use!
I'm thrilled and can't wait
to think up some projects
to use it for!
Now to find room in the Art Room
to set it up! HA!!!
If you're like me, real estate
in one's art space is precious! 

And another Fabulous thing that
happened this Weekend...

(With Permission to post)
My Latest Limited Edition
Custom Digital Pet Portrait
'Queen Meg'
Owner Tracey Lewindon 

Isn't Meg a 
Fabulous Regal Girl!!!

I had so much fun doing 
Meg's Pet Portrait!!!
Thank you so much Tracey!

So I thought to 
Celebrate the Launch 
of my 
Brand NewVenture
that I would have a 

That's Right!
You could Win 
Limited Edition
Custom Digital Pet Portrait
of Your Pet!!!

Dog, Cat, Bird, Hamster
I'd even attempt a Favourite
Fish! GRIN

So here's the skinny....

Send me an Email

with up to 
3 Jpeg Photo's of
your Pet !!
( My Email Service has said
1 per email otherwise it is
undeliverable! Argg!!!)
Sorry about that!!!!

The best photos are eye level
with your pet looking at the camera if
possible, or looking up at the camera.
And when you Email please send
Medium to Large Size for 
Best Quality :)
(And Please send all of your
Photo's in individual emails,
clearly marked with the pet's 
name and your name!
My email service won't deliver
otherwise for the file being too large.
Sorry!!! )

Make sure you tell me 
Your Pets Name

I will choose, 1 of the 3 Photo's
You send to post right here
on the Giveaway Blog Post
with You and Your Pet's
Name and You'll be 
Entered to Win
in the 
Drawing for the 
of a 
Limited Edition
Digital Pet Portrait 
of Your Own!

Please Keep in Mind
that these
Limited Edition
Custom Digital Pet Portraits
are for 
Personal Use Only 
with a
Terms of Use (TOU)
that will be attached.
Copyright of Pet Portraits
Denise Phillips
Birdnuts Mixed Media
All Rights Reserved
Special Permission for
Birdnuts Mixed Media's Use
Assorted Images
Copyright Tumblefish Studio at

The Drawing for the
Winner of the 
Limited Edition
Custom Digital Pet Portrait
will be 
May 31st 2013
With the Announcement
of the Winner
Saturday, June 1st, 2013!!!

For the Giveaway
1 Pet per Families Entry Please
although I'd love to have
all of your pets Entered
I'd be overwhelmed with Entries!!
I will be limiting Entries
to the 
First 25 Entries Please this time round.
The Blog Posts that it will take to
post all the Entries will be amazing!

So lets give this a try!
Up to 3 Photo's 
Size please and
as clear as possible.
(Emailed Separately Please)
Emailed by 
May 31st, 2013
to be 
Entered to Win!!!!

Woo Hoo!!!
Can't wait to meet
all of your Fur Babies!!!


Woo Hoo!!!
Entries are Already Arriving!
And here they are!!!

Meet Sassy!!!
Owner Lynn Stazzabosco

Meet Sam!!!
Owner Jennifer Cain

Lexi and Diesel !!!
Lesley Berry 

And Introducing
Lois Romeo

And Meet
Owner Florance Simpson

And Meet
Jutta Konig

And Meet...
Owner Leslie Sowden

And Introducing
Owner Amy Burke O'Toole

And Here's
Owner Mary C. Nasser

And Meet
Owner Liz Thoresen

And You Just Have to Meet
Owner Susan Leslie

More to come!

Friday, May 10, 2013

 Happy Mother's Day

Hi Everyone!
Hope You all have plans to 
Honour Your Mum's
this Weekend, and if
You are a Mum have a
Brilliant Time of it!!!

Not many of you know, that my little badge up top of the 
child in wings, is actually my Mum as a child.
Lost my mum December 2008 to Lymphoma but carry her
with me everyday and with my Venture 
Birdnuts Mixed Media
as without her it wouldn't have been possible :)
( Miss you Mum :)

So in Honour of my Mum
for Mother's Day :) 
tee hee
(She adored our Oliver Howard as we do:)

One of my Vintage Photo's from my 
Personal Collection 
along with
some Bits and Bob's 
from the Wonderful 

And another one Honouring Mother's
Using the Fabulous 
(Featuring our very own Outdoor Pet
Bubbie, who's pictures are part of my 
Oh Deer Collection of Collage Works :)

As you all know, I've been making some
pretty big Hints for the past month here on
Birdnuts Mixed Media

I am so 
Proud and Honoured
to be launching my 
New Venture

Birdnuts Mixed Media
Custom Personalized
Digital Pet Portraits!

 Special Permission
for Commercial Use Granted by

Along with my own
Vintage Photo and Graphics
and other Image Sources
for Commercial Use.

 I will be offering 
Limited Original Custom Digital 
Pet Portraits of Your Pets!

And as you can see, not
limited to Dogs and Cats :)

With a Special
(Terms of Use)
Each Portrait is an 
Original Digital Work 
of Art 
Copyrighted by 
Denise Phillips
Birdnuts Mixed Media
All Rights Reserved 
with Copyright to
Tumblefish Graphics
Other Graphics Companies
for their Images Used Commercially.

All Digital Custom Pet Portraits
will be 
Limited Original Works 
of Digital Art
Personal Use Only

These Terms of Use 
Your Personal Pet's Photo
Birdnuts Mixed Media
will not use any Personal Pet Portrait
in any Commercial or Private
Use without Your Permission.

Each Portrait will be an
Original Work of Digital Art
using your Pet's Photo.
I'll be working Individually
with each Pet Owner to
Create a One of A Kind
Pet Portrait that will
reflect each Pet's Personality
and a Bit of their Story.
These are not cookie cutter pre-made pieces. 
Each Pet Portrait will be 
Assembled Digitally and Produced 
as an Original Work of Digital Art.

For the time being, 
( and some fine tuning:)
while this is all getting set up.

You can reach me through 
Email at
or through Facebook 
to discuss the 
Terms of Use Agreement
and Arrange a 
Digital Custom Pet Portrait
of Your Pet.
(Invoicing after Arrangements and Agreements
will be through PayPal until further notice.)

So here I go dipping my toe
into the water! GRIN

As you all know I adore
animals of all kinds, 
so I hope with each 
Pet Portrait I can Honour
the Spirit of Each of Your
Wonderful Pets and the 
place in your Family!!!

And a Huge Thank You
for all of her 
Hand Holding and
Working with me to get my 
Dream up and Flying!

(and for further tweaking and holding me up! GRIN)
You're the Best Marsha!

Thanks Everyone!
More to come soon!!!
Have a Happy Mother's Day!!!!


tee hee :)

and stay tuned....
a Giveaway coming soon!!!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Well Good Morning Everyone!

Well Giveaway Day is
Finally Here!
With a Surprise!!!!
Woo Hoo!!!

I'd intended on having this
post done by midnight last
night, but a bit late,
so here we go!!!!

First I'd like to
For such a Fabulous
Turn out of 
All of You
Entering the Giveaway!!!
Really Appreciate
All of You and
Welcome to All 
the New Followers!!!
Yay!!! GRIN

So without waiting any longer....
using the Random Generator

The Lucky Winner 
of the Mixed Goodies

(which by the way I've
added even more goodies 
than what is in the picture!!)

The Winner is!!!!

(Confetti Flying !!! HA!!!)

Big Congrats Leslie 
for being the
Winner of the 
Mixed Goodies
I'll be sending you an email
so we can arrange my mailing
them out to you!
Hope you Enjoy using
it all!!!

But Wait!!!!

There's a Surprise!!!

There is a 
Giveaway Gift 
I'm sending out 
Lucky Winner
All of Your

is Starting a Brand New Season
of their 
Fabulous Artists Workshops 
for 2013

I was so happy to have taken
one of their 
Artists Workshops
last Season of 
Mary Jane Chadbourne's
Desert Dreams Studio
who is a Fabulous Artist
and Friend of 
Birdnuts Mixed Media

 Mary Jane Chadbourne
Desert Dreams Studio
is Hosting
Fabulous Workshop
this Season on 
Artful Gatherings
'The Spoken Soul'
Altered Playing Cards

Guess What!!!!

I am sending  
One of You
to Class!!!!
That's Right!!!

There's a 
Second Giveaway Prize
of a 
Gift Certificate
with Class Registration Fee
and Workshop Pre-Paid

A Gift from 
Birdnuts Mixed Media
to One of 
You Fabulous Followers!!!

For You 
to take

So let's get to it!!!

And the Winner
of the 
Gift Certificate is....

Woo Hoo!!!

'Tina W'

Yay for TinaW!!!!

I'll be sending you an email TinaW
with all the Workshop Info and
the Information for the Upcoming

So there ya go!

You All didn't expect 
2 Winner's Today
did you!!!
HA HA!!!!!

Well, I'm off but I'll leave you
all with this!
In the next week, I'll be 
having another 
here on 
Birdnuts Mixed Media

And here's a little hint of
what is coming up.....

Start going through
all of your favourite
pet pictures of your
to be ready....

(tee hee :)

So stay tuned!!!!! 

Thank you 
Congrats again 
to the Winners!!!!