Saturday, April 20, 2013

End of Floundering

Hello Everyone!

What can I say....
I'm done with floundering,
taxes are done, weather is
slightly perking up,
and after the past weeks
events in the U.S. I think
we could all use a pick me up.

I was so moved by all that
has been happening in the
United States 
just breaks my heart for 
those in Texas and the 
horrible episode in Boston.

When we're inundated with
such painful and terrible news
I tend to want to create even more
than usual as a stress relief.
Using the Fabulous 

I made this 'Best of Wishes'
Digital Page and posted
for all of my American
Friends on Facebook.
We could all use some Good News.

Which leads me to a quick
decision and after starting
some long needed Spring Cleaning
in my Art Room I realized
that I am an 
Art and Craft Supply Junkie.

Yes, I admit it freely! GRIN

Realizing that I have a ton
of Brand New Product 
boxed away in my 
Arts and Crafts Cupboards in the
Art Room

I've pulled a selection of
7Gypsies and Graphics45
and of course some Fabulous
Mr. Tim's Tim Holtz Goodies
along with an assortment of
other Goodies
including a Brand New Pack of
Playing Cards
( I'll tell you about that in a moment!)

I estimate there is over
$100 Retail Brand New Goodies
I've pulled together here, 
so here's the skinny!

If you're a Follower either by
Google or Network Blogs
Leave a Comment 
on this
 Post to be
Entered to Win 
this Selection of Goodies!

If you're New to
Birdnuts Mixed Media
Just sign up to either
Google or Network Blogs
on the right side column
Leave a Comment 
and let me know
that you've signed on
and you'll be
Entered to Win!!!

Deadline for the 
End of Floundering 
May 3rd, 2013!

On that Blog Post I'll not only
Announce the Winner of the
Giveaway Goodies
but I'll also give you a head's up
on why there's a package of
Brand New Playing Cards

So there you go!
Oh Wait!

Did you know Earth Day is April 22nd?
Here's a little Digital Photo I made
up from one of my creations that
I made.
Using the wonderful hand
( Where I am very proud to have
another of my Hand Creations 
in Kristin's  shop listing!)

And This Weekend Only
Kristin has a Fabulous
Washi Tape Sale!!!!

Another of my addictions....grin

And that isn't the only Sale going on!

I'm having a 
Spring Cleaning Sale 
in my Etsy Shop
this Weekend Only!

Use the Coupon Code
( use all Capital Letters! Case Sensitive)


At Checkout and you'll 
receive a Discount of 25%!!
Only until Monday Morning
April 22nd 2013
So hope you'll stop by and have a boo!

Taxes done!
Spring Cleaning Started!
A Big Giveaway!
Two Big Sales!
What more could I say!

oh yes....
In the Works, and Coming very soon
Birdnuts Mixed Media!!!!

More details to come!!!

So Leave those Comments!
Sign on as a Follower
to be Entered to Win
End of Floundering
See you May 3rd with
a Winner!!!

Now go do some 
shopping! GRIN