Friday, March 29, 2013

Honest, I haven't Forgotten You All....

I knew I was really behind
in getting some blogging
done, but didn't realize
that it's been so long!
Sorry about that!

So here we are
another Holiday Weekend!

And as you can see,
even Oliver Howard
is ready for some
marshmallow peeps :)
(Poor Darling is so good about
my dressing him up at Holiday Times)

As you know from my
past couple of blog posts,
I've been floundering 
and I must say, I still am
to a certain extent.
Doing lots of experimenting
with Stains, and Inks and
Paints and Graphics

( Graphics from Ceremony on Etsy)

Experimenting with mixing
and matching....

And playing with Stencils and
Washi Tapes too.

I find that once I have the
background page done, it's 
almost as if Graphics Kits 
speak to me, like this 
Fabulous Kit from 

And this assortment I used

I've also been working on
all the details and researching
and practicing on a 
Brand New Venture
I'll be  revealing to you all soon!
Some of you on Facebook
have already experimented
with me, and I've been
thrilled at so many of 
you joining in and allowing
me to have you be my 
guinea pigs!

And Huge Thank You's
to Tumblefish Graphics

For all the help and advice
and hand holding while
I get my ducks in a row!

and Information on what
I'm up to will be coming soon!

So again, I am sorry for being
so late with a new blog post,
but at least you can see I've
had a good excuse!

Well, Wishing you All
a Wonderful Holiday Weekend!
Hope you get some Art Time in
for yourselves and Enjoy some 
time off!



Unknown said...

looks fun Denise! I so enjoy your posts on FB, I think your fabulous post are in part, helping me, keep sane the past few months, and I just wanted to say Thanks for that. Happy Easter to you and yours...And best wishes on your new adventure! Xo

Denise J. Phillips said...

Aww, Thank you Flutter Before You, nice to hear one of us is keeping sane, GRIN. I am sure it isn't me! LOL! Happy Easter to you too, and Thank you for such lovely comments! Cheers!


Gosh, I think we all are going through a period of exploring different stuff. Love your work Denise. Can't wait for MJ's class.