Friday, February 1, 2013

Noon Already!!
And we have a Winner!!!

That's right!
February 1st is already here!
Happy February Everyone!
Wasn't it Christmas yesterday?
Wonder how many of you
still have your 
Christmas tree up? GRIN:)
(I'm not telling! LOL!)

So here we are at the 
Deadline Date for 
Announcing the Winner
of the 
Wonderful $25 Gift Certificate
Giveaway from my Lovely
Co-Hostess this month

I was pleased to have
Featured Deanne's 
New Shop!
And I hope you all went
and had a boo, as I showed
you before she has a wonderful
variety of goodies!!!

My Favourite being her
selection of the Moleskin

And her own 
Handmade Journals
that she has Highlighted
in her Shop!!

Totally Yummy to work in!!!

Deanna is constantly
adding New Products
so make sure you
Bookmark and check her
New Shop often!!!

So here we go!
Using the Random Generator
Site we have a Winner!!

And the Winner of the
$25 Gift Certificate

Joanna Grant!!!!!
Woo Hoo!!!

I'll be Emailing you Joanna!!

So Thank you to 

Thank all of You 
for participating in another
Wonderful Giveaway
here on 

Birdnuts Mixed Media!!!
I always appreciate it!!!

So here's a litte more
Mini-moleskin Journaling
from my latest pages....
and stay tuned, more
fun Giveaways Blog Posts
in the works!!!

my latest mini-moleskin
just in time for the New Year...
(with a little Tumblefish Graphics

1st page, fun start of a new journal:)

...and I just kept going....

...and going...

...and going...

...... :) ..... get the picture...



Deanna said...

Thank you to everyone who entered the draw and who popped over to the store. And huge thanks for Denise for hosting this giveaway!!!

Denise J. Phillips said...

Thank you Deanna!!! Great fun! And Congrats to the Winner!!!