Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I'm still Floundering! 

Well, blame it on the weather,
(although it's been a mild
winter, can't complain)
Blame it on too many things
to do...
( that is always a good excuse!)
Or even Blame it on Tax Time
( oh no!!! That's right around
the corner!)

But I'm still Floundering! 

Even though, I've kind of taken
some time off from all the 
ATC's Swapping and the 
Giveaways here on my blog,
I have been filling some of my
time with projects!

From my last post the 
Playing Card ATC Swap
is still in the works, almost finished
the deck of cards, (will post pictures when finished on my next blog post!)
... but got a little
motivated in another direction.....

I went to
and low and behold a 
Fabulous New Graphics Kit 
from the Fabulous

That was it!

I opened up a new deck of
Playing Cards.....

And I was hooked! LOL!
Along with some Incredible 
Lazier Cut-Outs 
from the Fabulous

I just kept going making these!

But it didn't stop there!

3 a.m. in the morning, I jump 
out of bed with an idea!!!

Then before I knew it I'd made 
a whole bunch of them!

So I kept ping ponging back
and forth between the 
Playing Card ATC's
The Brooches,

and then...

Using some Fabulous Goodies
Retro Cafe Art Gallery, 
and a Playing Card that
I'd Altered using my own
Vintage Photo and Retro's 
Wonderful Lazier Cut-Outs
I came up with this 'Story Board'
as I like to call them:)
Just Listed in my shop

along with the Brooches!

But wait! Sitting and looking
at all this fun work, I then got
motivated to do this...

(sorry I can't get the picture
any bigger on my blog, but here's
some more details)

So I bet you're sitting there
wondering, how on earth
did she jump from making
Altered Playing Card ATC's
to this....

tee hee...
well, remember this one...

Lets see if you all can
figure it out:) 

Ok, I'll tell you:)
I used cut 'n' paste
of the background of this 
Altered Playing Card
and then blew it up
to get the background 
torn paper image
for the Journal Page.

So there you go...
a few sleepless nights,
and grabbing some 
afternoons for some
wonderful Art Time
Just Floundering away.....grin

So I hope you'll stop by
the Wonderful

and of course
head on over to the

and if you have any
Cyber Shopping Time left
Hope you'll head on over to
my Etsy Shop

and have a Boo!!

I'm going back to
Floundering now...constructively! LOL!



Diana d darden said...

Fun fun read Denise! And your work is so good!

Denise J. Phillips said...

Thank you my Girlie!!!! A lot of rambling this time round! LOL!!! Cheers!

Adamandia K. said...

Love the gear faced woman holding the bird!