Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I'm still Floundering! 

Well, blame it on the weather,
(although it's been a mild
winter, can't complain)
Blame it on too many things
to do...
( that is always a good excuse!)
Or even Blame it on Tax Time
( oh no!!! That's right around
the corner!)

But I'm still Floundering! 

Even though, I've kind of taken
some time off from all the 
ATC's Swapping and the 
Giveaways here on my blog,
I have been filling some of my
time with projects!

From my last post the 
Playing Card ATC Swap
is still in the works, almost finished
the deck of cards, (will post pictures when finished on my next blog post!)
... but got a little
motivated in another direction.....

I went to
and low and behold a 
Fabulous New Graphics Kit 
from the Fabulous

That was it!

I opened up a new deck of
Playing Cards.....

And I was hooked! LOL!
Along with some Incredible 
Lazier Cut-Outs 
from the Fabulous

I just kept going making these!

But it didn't stop there!

3 a.m. in the morning, I jump 
out of bed with an idea!!!

Then before I knew it I'd made 
a whole bunch of them!

So I kept ping ponging back
and forth between the 
Playing Card ATC's
The Brooches,

and then...

Using some Fabulous Goodies
Retro Cafe Art Gallery, 
and a Playing Card that
I'd Altered using my own
Vintage Photo and Retro's 
Wonderful Lazier Cut-Outs
I came up with this 'Story Board'
as I like to call them:)
Just Listed in my shop

along with the Brooches!

But wait! Sitting and looking
at all this fun work, I then got
motivated to do this...

(sorry I can't get the picture
any bigger on my blog, but here's
some more details)

So I bet you're sitting there
wondering, how on earth
did she jump from making
Altered Playing Card ATC's
to this....

tee hee...
well, remember this one...

Lets see if you all can
figure it out:) 

Ok, I'll tell you:)
I used cut 'n' paste
of the background of this 
Altered Playing Card
and then blew it up
to get the background 
torn paper image
for the Journal Page.

So there you go...
a few sleepless nights,
and grabbing some 
afternoons for some
wonderful Art Time
Just Floundering away.....grin

So I hope you'll stop by
the Wonderful

and of course
head on over to the

and if you have any
Cyber Shopping Time left
Hope you'll head on over to
my Etsy Shop

and have a Boo!!

I'm going back to
Floundering now...constructively! LOL!


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Post Valentines Floundering.....
(tee hee)

Hi Everyone, it's been a little
while since you've heard from 
me, and here's hoping you all
had a Lovely Valentines Day!

I've been so busy with not
just every day stuff, but 
also diving back into some
unfinished projects all in
preparation for the coming
Season of Workshops
that I'm hoping to be taking.

Artful Gatherings

is one of the Groups
that I can't wait to get
into the classes with!

They have a Fabulous Line Up
of Teachers this 2013 Year
with a Wonderful Variety
of Workshops to chose from!

Registration is Open!!!
So get on over there and check out
all the Fabulous Artist Teachers 
 and their

But in the meantime,
Another Project I'm trying to get
finished up at the moment is 
a Wonderful Playing Card 
Inspiration Swap at

In Search of Dessert
Jessica Brogan
is Hosting this Wonderful
Altered Playing Card Swap
and the Deadline has been
extended to March 29th,
so you do still have time to
stop by her blog (link attached)
to Enter! 
Keep in mind, that's 52 Playing Cards
to alter and get mailed so get going! 

Here's the beginning of the cards
I've made

I got a little carried away, as these
are just the backgrounds! LOL!
I tore out pages from a soft
covered Moleskin Journal,
( believe me I thought long and
hard about doing it! GRIN)

Then using Dyan Reaveley's 
Fabulous Dylusions Ink Sprays

I sprayed the pages with a variety
of the wonderful colours Dyan has.

( And she's just released more
Fabulous Colours!!!)

From that point when the pages were
dry, I used one of my Favourite 
Stencils, and Mr. Tim's

Distress Stains
(All the new Fabulous Colours
from his Seasonal Series!)
Which I am so grateful to have
them all Thanks to a Wonderful
Girlie who treated me for
my Birthday and Christmas!

Next I glued, and trimmed the
Moleskin pages to the Playing Cards.

Now that I have the 52 Playing Cards
Backs and Fronts done...I'll be
scrambling to get them done and
mailed! LOL!!

And then there are also all the 
Dollie's I've been making recently,
and only 1 left in my Etsy Shop!
I've been so honoured to have
sold them all and I'm loving 
that each Dollie's New Owner
are sending pictures of them 
hanging in their New Homes
Globally!! What Fun!!!!

And of course there's always
time to grab 
for a bit of journaling....

Oh man! Have I had fun with this
Journaling spread!

Using this Lovely Little Girl 
as my Muse from the Wonderful

And these Fabulous Lazier Cut-Out
Butterflies from the Wonderful

And adding tons of Glitter
and Colour and pen work and
moulding paste and stencils...


So now you've seen just a few
reasons of why I've been 
late getting a Blog Post up
and running.....I think
they're pretty good excuses! HA!!!!

(and see you soon:)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Noon Already!!
And we have a Winner!!!

That's right!
February 1st is already here!
Happy February Everyone!
Wasn't it Christmas yesterday?
Wonder how many of you
still have your 
Christmas tree up? GRIN:)
(I'm not telling! LOL!)

So here we are at the 
Deadline Date for 
Announcing the Winner
of the 
Wonderful $25 Gift Certificate
Giveaway from my Lovely
Co-Hostess this month

I was pleased to have
Featured Deanne's 
New Shop!
And I hope you all went
and had a boo, as I showed
you before she has a wonderful
variety of goodies!!!

My Favourite being her
selection of the Moleskin

And her own 
Handmade Journals
that she has Highlighted
in her Shop!!

Totally Yummy to work in!!!

Deanna is constantly
adding New Products
so make sure you
Bookmark and check her
New Shop often!!!

So here we go!
Using the Random Generator
Site we have a Winner!!

And the Winner of the
$25 Gift Certificate

Joanna Grant!!!!!
Woo Hoo!!!

I'll be Emailing you Joanna!!

So Thank you to 

Thank all of You 
for participating in another
Wonderful Giveaway
here on 

Birdnuts Mixed Media!!!
I always appreciate it!!!

So here's a litte more
Mini-moleskin Journaling
from my latest pages....
and stay tuned, more
fun Giveaways Blog Posts
in the works!!!

my latest mini-moleskin
just in time for the New Year...
(with a little Tumblefish Graphics

1st page, fun start of a new journal:)

...and I just kept going....

...and going...

...and going...

...... :) ..... get the picture...