Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Accidents
Finding One's Limitations! LOL!!

Hi Everyone:)
Well I've been working lately in between
ATC Swaps, on a few projects.
And as I am sitting here, and it's still
a few days before the 

July 2012
ATC Swap and Giveaway Announcement
( On Friday June 29th!!!)

I thought I might share with you one
of the projects I have had on the go for 
a little while, and the typical crazy, and
outrageous experience that I have had
in my quest as an artist:)

First of all, many of you who know me,
know that I have a Great Love and Respect
and Adore the Artist
Mary Jane Chadbourne:)
Desert Dream Studios

I have been a Follower of her works on
Facebook, and through her Blog
and I am proud to say I am a Friend:)
So when I heard that  Mary Jane 
would be Teaching Classes 
on how to make her Fabulous
 Bracelets, well! I was signed on clear
back last year!! LOL!

Mary Jane Chadbourne
began her
Fabulous Classes earlier this month
Artful Gatherings
and her Video Teaching Style has
been tremendous!
Clear and concise, and the energy
that she is exhibiting in support of all
of the students shows in the Fabulous
works that they have been 
And I am so blessed to even have one
of Mary Jane's Fabulous Bracelets
which I adore and cherish!

She had a remarkable turn out for her first class
of 70+ Students!
All of their submitted works, are Wonderful!!!

So with a Fabulous Teacher,
Long time studying her work!
Wonderful Concise Lessons
and full support of information
and techniques and tools!

then there's me.....LOL!!!

Oh man! What a lesson I have had!

First off, a word of advice,
Never do a project that will take more
than an afternoon 
on your Breakfast table......
almost 3 weeks my poor husband
has looked at these while eating!! LOL!!

Next advice, never hedge on the 
materials list!!!
I bought a fabulous expensive set
of special pens that were to
be used in wet circumstances,
and unfortunately, they ended up
smearing and completely wiping off
during the sealing process!
So take the Materials List Seriously!!!! LOL!

And keep in mind, when your Teacher
tells you to take the time on a step
so the outcome will be a good one,
Do It!!! LOL!
Taking the sanding time is important! LOL!

And another word of advice!
Never get so excited about
taking a class that
you end up making 
multiples beyond
your capability at the time!
Take the time to do one or two first!
Don't try 6 at one time!!! LOL!

Learn from your mistakes,
and make a

I made mine!
I ordered more blanks!!!
Woo Hoo!
Going to try again!!!

Thanks so much 
Mary Jane Chadbourne!!!
Now I have an even 
for your Talent!!!!