Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hi Everyone:)
Well here we are with Winner's!!

That's Right!!!!
4 Total 
Winner's in this Post!!!
I believe that is the most I've ever
had in 1 Post!
What a great way to 
Celebrate my 
1 Year Anniversary
of Birdnuts Mixed Media!!!

And Who Best to Celebrate 
with other than All of you 
Fabulous Followers of my Blog 
and with

Woo Hoo!!!

And I am gobsmacked 
at all of you 
Entering the 
$25 Gift Certificate Giveaway
ATC Box Giveaway!!
What a turnout!!!
So using the Random Generator Site
to chose, 
I'm going to list off the 
I'll be emailing the Winner's to notify you that
you have been chosen, and please email
me back to confirm and to let me know
your mailing address for sending the 
ATC Boxes!!

And Thank you all for the 
Lovely Comments
about the boxes!
I had a Fabulous time making them!!
And I am sure you all will give them
a good home:)

So Here We Go......

We'll start with the 
3 ATC Boxes First!!!

The Winner's of
the 3 ATC Boxes are.....

'Artfully Yours, Linda'!!!!
'Louise Robertson'!!!!
'Gaby Bee'!!!!

Woo Hoo!!!!
Each one of you will be
receiving one of the 
ATC Boxes 
I made
for this Giveaway!!!!
Email to follow to
arrange for mailing!

and now!

The Winner of the


Woo Hoo!!!
I'll be emailing you too 
to arrange getting the 
to you!!!

A Big Thank You
If not for your encouragement Kiddo,
Birdnuts Mixed Media
would never have been started!
And here I am a year later!!!
Woo Hoo!!! LOL!!!

Thanks to you all 
for Entering!!!