Friday, November 23, 2012

Seemed like it 
took forever to get here!

Doesn't it to you?
I guess being the Year End
ATC Swap and all the Holidays
of Halloween and Thanksgiving
now past, and onto the Holiday Season,
I'm pooped! LOL!!!

So here we are, the 
Final for thisYear,
ATC Swap and Etsy Gift Card
Giveaway Post!
It's been a Fabulous Year
Hosting and Co-Hosting
and as I've said before,
I Thank all of you
Wonderful Artists for
coming and playing with me:) LOL!

So here are all of your
Fabulous Entries
and being the
last Swap of the Year
I'm just going to list who
you are, instead of the
Shout Outs as I'm still pooped! 

So Our November/December
Holiday ATC Swap
Entries are.....

Jan DeBellis

Thank you so much Jan for Entering throughout
the Year in the Swaps! I really appreciate it!!

Next up....

Corinne Marie

It's even more Beautiful in person Corinne:)
Thank you so much for joining in and participating
in my Swaps Corinne!! Hope you'll join in again
in the New Year!!! 

And our next Entry.....

Fiona Randall

And you know I really appreciate your 
consistently participating Fiona all the
way from England!
Your digital Art Rocks!!!
Thank you so much!

And One of my 'Home Girls' are up next.....

Michele Oliver
Michele is my only consistently Entering
Canadian and I soooo appreciate it Michele!!
I adore your art, and you're so generous 
when you send me your ATC's! 
Luv ya Girl!!! 
And Thank You!

Now, next up.....

Pat May

Always Gorgeous ATC's Pat, and so
appreciate your participating from so
far away! And love our early morning
coffee sessions on Facebook! Love the laughs!!
Hope you'll join in again in the New Year!!!
Thank you!!  oxox:)

And then we have....

Virginia Smith

I wanted to load this bigger, but Google won't
since it's a sideways picture, but Oh Man is
it a good one!!!
Love it Virginia! And Please join in again
in the New Year!!!
Thank you!!!

Our Next Entry is......

Retta Fox Skiff

Oh man, this gave me childhood memories
when it arrived with the fuzzy trim and the 
sound of the bell! It's lovely Retta!
I so appreciate your Entering all the way
from the other side of N. America! LOL!
Please do join in again in the New Year!!!
Thank you!

And my Wonderful
Consistant Duo is up next.....

Susan Dietz
(Flutter BeforeYou)

And Susan I'd know that dollie anywhere! HA!!!
Always Fabulous Girlfriend!!! And Thank you
so much for always joining in!!!

And Susan brought us her Fabulous Teenage Niece 

Cheveya Weaver 

It's Adorable Cheveya! I love it!!
I hope next year, you'll be able
to continue Entering ATC's with
your Aunt in my ATC Swaps!
I love your work Kiddo!!!
Thank you!!

Now who's up next?.....
(tee hee)

It wouldn't be an ATC Swap
Diana D. Darden!!!

I LOVE the Deer!!!! LOL!
And you weaved all that paper! Clever Girlie!!
Thank you Diana for always being so
supportive of my endeavours, you're a 
good friend my Girlie:)

And then we have....

Eugenia Strange

Oh this is such a cool one Eugenia!!
And you know I appreciate you participating
all the way from Greece!!!
You always Rock the ATC's with your
different perspective and humour and
I always adore them!!
Please come join in again in the New Year!
I'd miss you if you didn't:) 
xoxo :)

And we have next....

Kirsten Alicia Sheriden
My other Fabulous Brit Girl who I encouraged
to show this ATC to the Dyan Reaveley 
Journal Group on Facebook and it was a huge hit!!
You really rocked this using Dyan's Stamps, and
I think it's adorable!!
( I'm such a fan of Dyan and her humour:)
Hope you'll join in the group with some 
journaling Kirsten! You're so clever!!
Hope you'll join in here too in the New Year!!
Thank you!!!

And up next....

Dear Rita Kvton!
(better late than never Girlie!!:)

Rita Entered 2 ATC's not knowing
the Entry was to be one, so I'm posting both
so you can see her wonderful Retro ATC's
but she's in the Drawing only once:)

Love the Victorian Feel to this one Rita!!
I'm so glad you finally entered and I hope
you'll be joining in with us in the New Year!!!
Thank you Rita!! xoxo

Now what can I say about this next Artist....

Mary Jane Chadbourne

Very Honestly, if it wasn't for the Dynamic 
Mary Jane Chadbourne, I wouldn't have
started these ATC Swaps!
Mary Jane encouraged me to start either a
ATC Swap or a Journaling Group on
Facebook, and here we are a year later
and it's been so successful!
Owe it all to you Mary Jane! 
I Thank you so much, and your ATC's Rock!!! LOL!
And Adore this ATC and it's envelope!! GRIN:)

And our Last Artist of the Year here on 
Birdnuts Mixed Media
but Certainly Not Least.....

My 'Deer' Friend
Ginette Nourse

How Classy is this?!!!!
Adore it Ginette!!!
And you know darn well I appreciate your joining in,
and participating in my ATC Swaps and I'll be
heartbroken if you don't join in again next year!!!
Thank you Ginette:) xoxo

I don't know whether to be
relieved or start crying! HA!
This past year of having the
ATC Swaps has been a huge learning
experience for me, and has opened
an incredible amount of opportunities,
and I have found so many of you to
be now Good Friends!

I Thank all of you for sticking with me,
and making it all so worth while and fun!
I adore all your ATC's you've sent me
they're all in display binders, and will
be cherished as a Fabulous Collection
by all of you Talented, Gracious and 
Generous Artists!!!

So lets Rock this and See who's the
Winner of the
$25 Etsy Gift Card Drawing!!!!

Using the Radom Generator Site
the Winner is......
(drum roll please....) 

Fiona Randall!!!!
Woo Hoo!!!!

Congrats Fiona! I'll be emailing
you the Gift Card from Etsy!!

And now that the ATC Swap is
coming to an end for the year,
I will still be posting a few
Giveaways and such here
Birdnuts Mixed Media though out
the Holiday Season:)
So please do keep checking back!
And I'll be announcing in the 
New Year the 2013
ATC Swap!!!

Cheers! and Enjoy!!


Nike E. Bottalico said...

Love them all congrats to the winner!

Rett said...

Congratulations, Fiona! Thanks for having me at your swaps, Denise. I do enjoy creating those little works of art and hope to participate after the first of the year! Looking forward to it. Cheers to a prosperous, healthy, and happy holiday season!

Unknown said...

Denise, they are all just so beautiful! Your going to have quite the Christmas Collection this year! Always delighted to participate in your swaps, and Thank You for the shout out too. Congradulations Fiona!!!
~Big Hugs