Sunday, October 7, 2012

September ATC
Swap and Giveaway
Shout Out Post!!

Woo Hoo!!!

Wow! Those 5 weeks just flew!!!!
And soon it'll be Halloween
and believe me all these Fabulous
Halloween ATC's that have arrived 
have us in the mood in my home
for Halloween!!!
Even Oliver Howard 
is ready!!! HA!!!!

My Co-Hostess

is Ready and Standing by
for Next Weeks
Drawing of the
$25.00 Gift Certificate to
Retro Cafe Art
the 2nd Drawing 
for the totally fun
ATC Size Halloween
Cupboard Kit!!

So 2 Chances to Win!!
Drawing Winners
will be Announced next
Friday October 12th, 2012!

But this Post is all about 
Fabulous ATC Artists
who have participated!!!

(And Thank you all for dealing with
all the rotten Postal Issues along
with me!! Really appreciated
your patience!!!)

So lets get to it!!! 
Woo Hoo!

First up....

Tina Wittmer!!

Tina's Entry #1

And Tina's Entry #2!!

You can see more of Tina's Wonderful
works on her Flicker Site
Thank you Tina!!!

Lets see.....who's next....

Woo Hoo!!!
Diana D. Darden!!
Diana's Entry #1!! Scary Girlie:) HA!

And Diana's Entry #2
Thank you my Girlie!!!

And to see more of Diana's Wonderful
Creations you can find her Website at
Check it out!!!
Thanks Diana!!! oxox

Now, who could be next......

The Fabulous
Fiona Randall!!
Woo Hoo:)
Fiona's Entry #1

And Fiona's Entry #2!!!

I always appreciate Fiona's participating
in my ATC Swaps all the way
from England:)
Check out her Blog to see more of her
Fabulous Art and get a load of
Halloween Eye Candy!!

And another Fabulous ATC Artist
who Entered is.....
Wendy Aspinall!!!
Wendy's Wonderful Entry #1

And Wendy's Entry #2!!!

Thank you so much Wendy for joining in!!!
And you can find Wendy's Fabulous
ATC's and Artwork and her 
Own ATC Swaps and Giveaways
to boot at
One of these months Wendy I'll have to Enter
your ATC Swap!!! Thanks so much!!

Well, When you talk about
Halloween Eye Candy....
you have to be 
referring to the 
Halloween Loving
Mary Jane Chadbourne!!!
Mary Jane's Entry #1
(Love the mixed media:)

And Mary Jane's Entry #2!!

And if you all don't mind, I'd love to shout out and share
Mary Jane's Latest Mixed Media Artwork 
that she's been working on as a 
Donation to the 
 ALS Society Auction!

You can find information and read all
about this Fabulous Piece and the 
Charity that it's being Donated to at
Mary Jane's Blog
and her Etsy Shop at

Thank you so much Mary Jane! Always appreciate
you joining in!!!

And who's next.....
My Wonderful Greek Girlie!!!!
Eugenia Strange!!!
Woo Hoo!!!
Eugenia's Wonderful Entry #1:)

And Oh man!! Eugenia's Entry #2!!!

I always appreciate Eugenia's joining in with us
all the way from Greece, and her wonderful
PenPal Emails we share! Always fun and 
a learning experience, and I'm encouraging
her to start her own Blog as the Girlie doesn't have one!!!
Thank you Eugenia!! xoxo:)

And Even More 
Halloween Eye Candy from....
Andi Atwater Easterly!!!
Andi's Entry #1
( The picture won't load any bigger, but when
it arrived it was absolutely adorable!!!:)

And Oh man!! Andi's Adorable Entry #2!!

I'm so please that Andi has been participating 
in my ATC Swaps here on Birdnuts Mixed Media
and now her Husband is too!!!!

Monte Easterly!!!
A Wonderful Spirited ATC
Monte's Entry #1

And Monte's Entry #2!!!
Wow! I'm so pleased to have you come join
us Monte!!! Please do so again!!!!

You can see more of Andi's Fabulous Art
( and you have to get Monte to start his own blog too! GRIN)
Thanks you two:)

Now.....More.....Oh My!!!
Deanna Jinjoe!!!
( My Canadian Homegirl!!)
Deanna's Entry #1!!

And Deanna's Entry #2!!!
Oh man!! Deanna has exciting News of her own
soon to be Announced with the Opening of
her own Internet Shop!
Check out Deanna's Blog
and find out about her New Venture soon!
and you can find her 
Fabulous Hand Made Journals 
in her Etsy Shop at
Thanks so much Deanna:)

And our Next ATC Artist is......
Tracey Stockman!!!
Woo Hoo!!! Tracy's Entry #1!!!

And of course I'm partial to Crows!
Tracey's Entry #2!!!

Always love it when Tracey joins in with us,
she's been a long time Follower of
Birdnuts Mixed Media and she's an
adopted Auntie to Oliver Howard as
she sent him a Fabulous Hand Made Dog Quilt
just for him when he was ill earlier this year:)
I will always be appreciative of her kindness:)
But she has no Blog!!! HA!!!
Thanks Tracey for Entering your ATC's!!! xx

And Wait!!!!
We aren't done yet!!!!
Oh man, and I've eaten 4 mini cinnamon buns
so far while posting this! HA!!!

And speaking of Cinnamon Buns....
Woo Hoo!!!
Pat May!!!
( my early morning Facebook Coffee Buddy:)
Pat's Entry #1 
(which I adored when it arrived, 
this is a beautiful watercolour in person!!)

And her Fabulous Entry #2!!!

You can find Pat's Wonderful Arts 
and Interests
on her Blog
and check out her Etsy Shop 
Oh my the Goodies in there!!!
Thank you Pat!!! Coffee later?? GRIN:)

Ok, so I've grabbed more 
coffee and cinnamon buns...
Who's next?
Monica Downing!!!
Woo Hoo!
Monica's Entry #1!!
( Oliver Howard loves this one! HA!!!)

Talk about Eye Candy!
Monica's Entry #2!!!
( How many Teddy Bears did you dismantle
to make this! HA!!!!)

Check out Monica's Blog and her Talents at 

And another Fabulous ATC Artist!!!
Casey Nelson!!!
Woo Hoo!!!
Casey puts so much detail and layers into
her ATC's that I totally appreciate
that she only Entered 1 this time round!
It's Fabulous Casey!!! Thank you so much for Entering!!!
You can find more of Casey's Fabulous Work 
and Tutorials and Fun Stuff 
on her Blog

And next is the 
Jan DeBellis!!!
Jan's Entry #1!!
( Now, Jan kept saying that she only had time
to do one Entry....but then.....)

Jan's Fabulous Entry #2!!!
Using one of 

Woo Hoo 
Thank you Jan!!!
You can find more of Jan's 
Wonderful Art and Interests 
on her Blog

Now! Ha!
It's been nearly 
3 hours and
5 Cinnamon Buns
2 pots of coffee
to do this blog post.....
and still 
Of ATC's to SHARE!!!

So I'm going to stop at this
point, and do another
Big Shout Out
Blog Post later on this

Here in Canada 
it's our own
Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend!!!
Woo Hoo!!!
So Happy Thanksgiving
to all of my 
Canadian Followers
here on 
Birdnuts Mixed Media!!

And in my
Etsy Shop!!
Monday Night
October 8th, 2012
I have a Big Sale!!!
Use Coupon Code
at Check Out

Lots of New Goodies

Just Listed for the Sale!!!

Everything in the Shop
with the Coupon....

20% off!!!
So hope you'll stop by!!!
and don't forget the Coupon Code!!

See you all the next 
Shout Out Blog Post
over this weekend!!!
Woo Hoo!! 
Lots more Fabulous ATC Artists
still to Shout About!!! 

Thank You so much!!!



whyte said...

Enjoyed the Shout Out!! It's so much fun to scroll thru and see all the talent, the ideas just never quit, ya know?!!! Thanks so much for this monthly ATC swap, you are the best, Denise.......keep the coffee pot hot!

Unknown said...

These are all so wonderful! Thank You so much Denise for all that you do! You ARE the hostess with the mostest!!! Xo

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Excellent post and fabulous art works! Thank you Denise! xoxo BIAF!

Anonymous said...

An amazing collection of wonderful ATCs in both posts. I'm very proud to have my efforts included. Thanks for your hard work, Denise. Hope you had a great weekend.