Saturday, August 25, 2012

What Happened to August?

Oh Man! There may be another whole
week left, but this month has blown through
so fast!!!

As you know, I've taken the Month of August
off from the Wonderful ATC Swaps
here on Birdnuts Mixed Media...
although it doesn't mean I haven't been busy...

well, not all the time....(grin)..
(Thanks Oliver Howard for holding 
down the fort!) 

I did manage to get another Project Piece
done in my 
'Oh Deer' Collection:)

And a few ATC's just for the heck of it
out of some of the lovely papers and goodies
you Wonderful ATC Artists have been
tucking into your envelopes to me:)
( Thank you!!)

It was nice to take a little time just to make some
ATC's for the fun of it, and even a journal page or

But one thing I have made time for

I'm so happy to 
is that
I've Opened my 
Very First 
Etsy Shop!!!!

Woo Hoo!!!!

I've listed all sorts of my Projects in my 

And Big Thank You's to all of the 
Fabulous Well Wishes at it's Opening!!!

I'm having a Fabulous Time
making all sorts of Diverse Projects
for my New Shop:)

So Please Come by my New Shop 
and check out all the Goodies Listed:)

Just Winging It in my New Venture!!

And It's almost that Time of Year Again!!!
Can it be!!!
is coming!!!
Oh Man!

Make sure you go by 
see Kristin's Latest 
There's still time to Enter!!!

And on a Personal Note
This has also during my 
Time Off this month
been a sad one for my Husband and I 
and our little Zoo Family, 
as this month we lost a 
Dear Member of our Family
Mr. Ted 

He was Oliver Howard's Partner in Crime
although he came to us late in his life
and under sad circumstances,
he's been a Brilliant and Loving
and Loyal little Friend to me personally.
He was my Art Room Buddy during the
nights of Art Frenzy Insomnia
and I so miss his company:)
Loved ya Mr. Ted! 
And Miss You my Buddy:)

So it's almost September....
ATC Swap???
Let me know if you all are still interested
in my continuing the ATC Swaps as
with the Holidays coming I'm not sure
you all will have the time and interest?
Leave me a comment on this 
Blog Post and let me know 
what you think?
Also any ideas you might have
to 'spice' them up! GRIN.



Virginia said...

Yes, please continue the ATC swaps! I just got into it and would hate to stop now! LOL Since it's close to Halloween, why not a Spooky Swap?

Fiona (anubis 1 ) said...

Oh yes please continue Denise. I'm lovin participating in the swap. A spooky swap sounds good to me...

MONICA said...

UMMMM YES....your swap is the reason I started making ATC's...LOVE IT!!!!

Unknown said...

I loved the last swap and can't wait for the next!! I'm not into halloween, but will go with the flow!

Anonymous said...

Ok, that was ME....not anonymous. Sometimes blogger makes me scream!

Anwho....count me in girlie!

Unknown said...

Well YES, your ATC swaps are the best! I missed you this last month but am so happy you had some time for doing whatever your heart desired. Congradulations on your shoppe too! I love the thought of Spooky wickedness too!!

Denise J. Phillips said...

Well you all, Thank You!!! I have just heard that Retro Cafe Art Gallery would like to Co-Host again with me, and the prizes Kristin Hubick is offering up are's looking like a ATC Swap is in the works!
Will announce later the theme and details:) Just didn't know if you all had scattered to the wind! GRIN.

TinaW said...

Congratulations on the Etsy shop! Since your work is fabulous, you are sure to do well.

July was my first ATC swap and I would love to keep going. I really appreciate all the time you put into the swap and making your ATCs.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were supposed to be realxing in August, instead you seem to have been busier than ever. :) Love what you've been creating - lots of gorgeousness - and yes, I would love to take part in an ATC swap again. Good luck with the Etsy shop.

Michele Oliver said...

I have only done one of your swaps and would love to do more....

whyte said...

Well, you bring up a great point about the holidays right around the corner, how'd I forget that? But if you are in, I'm in again. I'm learning how to art a bit faster; I don't usually have a mental block, it's more a where-do-i-stop block, it can take me days to complete a simple ACEO........I'm working on this affliction.