Friday, July 27, 2012

July ATC Swap
Shout Out!!!
23 ATC Artists!!!

Oh Man!!!!
You guys Rock!

I knew when 

Agreed to 
Co-Host  this month's 
ATC Swap with me
that it would be a 
Big Deal!

23 ATC Artist Entries!!!

So this is the 
Big Shout Out Post 
for all the
Fabulous Artists 
who have participated, 
and wait until
you see their ATC's!!!!

*****I'm running so late with this post****
and I'm so sorry, 
but I'm going to run through these quickly, as there 
are so many, and I want to make sure
that you all get to see the ATC's but
also get all the links to these 
Wonderful Artists Blogs,
****Shops and Websites!!****

Here we go!

First up
Diana D. Darden
Entry #1 :)

Entry #2

And Entry #3!!!!

I can never say enough, of how I appreciate
Diana's participating every month in
these ATC Swaps
I love her work, and you will too!
Please check out her Website at

Next Up!
Marge Fulton
Entry #1

Entry #2

And Fabulous Entry #3!
Thanks so much Marge Fulton for
Participating in this months ATC Swap!
You have to get a Blog going!!!

Our Next Artist....
Susan Rae Sager!
Entry #1

Entry #2

Entry #3!!!
What a Fabulous Series!!!
And what an interesting medium!!!
Thanks so much Susan and
please everyone check out
Susan's Blog

Woo Hoo!
Next up...
Tina Wittmer!!!

Entry #1

And Tina's Entry #2
And another Fabulous Artist
with no Blog!!!
Thanks so much Tina for Joining in!!!!
Really appreciate it!!

Not done yet!!!
And our own
B.C. Homegirl
Deanna Jinjoe!!!
Entry #1
Thanks Deanna!
and you can see Deanna's 
Wonderful Work on her Blog
and her Shop!

More Eye Candy to go...

Fiona Randall!
Entry #1

Entry #2

And the Fab Entry #3
Fiona hails from England
and I so much appreciate her
Joining in with us all!!!
Thanks Fiona!
And check out her Wonderful Blog

Wow! There even more!!!

Our Wonderful
Flutter BeforeYou
(Susan Dietz!:)
Entry #1

Entry #2

Entry #3
I love Susan's Spirit:)
And you will too when you check out her
and her Etsy Shop
and you can find Susan on Facebook at
Thanks Susan!!!

And Brand New to the Swap!

Virginia Smith!!
Lovely Entry #1

Even the back of the ATC's!!

Entry #2!

( and right up my alley:)
Entry #3!

Lovely Work Virginia!!!
And I Thank you so much for Joining in!!!!
and here's Virginia's lovely Blog

And Another Fabulous Artist
Fellow B.C. Resident!!!
Gigi Butterfly!!!
Entry #1

Entry #2
( And she's always ready to Bare All for it too!!)

Entry #3:)

Gigi's Wonderful Art 
can be found on her Website 
Please check out her Work
Enjoy her Wonderful Spirit:) xx

And there's even more!!!!

Another Newbie to our Group!
Kirsten Alicia Sheridan!!
Oh Man! Entry #1

Entry #2

And Interesting Entry #3!
Great use of a Different Medium Kirsten!!!
Love them!!!
and here's Kirsten's Blog
Please take time to check out this 
Wonderful Artists Works!
Thanks Kirsten!!!

And What Can I say!! 
A Real Pal to 
Birdnuts Mixed Media!

Mary Jane Chadbourne!!
Entry #1

Entry #2:)

Entry #3:) :)

Mary Jane's Fabulous Designs and Arts
can be seen on her Blog 
and in her Etsy Shop
and Website
And Facebook Fan Page!!!

Always Fabulous Eye Candy to see!
Thanks Mary Jane!!! xx

You know What?
There is still another
Dozen Artists!!!!

So Here's What I'm going to do....

I'm going to do a 
Second Shout Out Blog Post

And on that Post
I'll be Announcing the
of the 
Retro Cafe Art Gallery
$25 Gift Certificate
and the 
Winner of the 
Lazier Paper Cut-Outs

Ok Everyone!!!
See you Tomorrow 
with the 
Rest of these
Fabulous Artists ATC's 
and Links
and the
Announcing the Winners!!!



Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

WOW, look at all that eye candy! And we aren't even done yet!!! Bravo to you and all the work you do!!! xoxo

Denise J. Phillips said...

Thanks Kristin!!!! It's been a pleasure and an experience! HA!!! 70+ ATC's in one month, WOW!!! GRIN:)
12 more Artists ATC's and Winner's Tomorrow!! Woo Hoo!!!

Anonymous said...

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