Saturday, July 28, 2012

July 2012
ATC Swap Part 2!!!
Woo Hoo!!!

Well here we go with
Part 2
Shout Out Blog Post
the last 12 Artists ATC's
of the 
July ATC Swap
$25 Gift Certificate 
Lazier Cut-Out 
Prize Drawing
with the 


You all know I'm a
Huge Fan

And Always Appreciate
her Co-Hosting
with me here on my Blog!!!
Thanks so much Kristin:) :) :)

So lets get to the rest of
Fabulous ATC Artists
who've Entered this
Months ATC Swap!!!

First up!

Kathleen Fluhr!!!
A Newbie to our Group!
Entry #1

Entry #2

Entry #3 ( Made me Laugh!!)

Thanks so much Kathleen for Joining in!!!
Unfortunately Kathleen doesn't have
a Blog or Shop for me to promote!
Come on Girlie!!! Blogging's Fun!!!

and then there is.....

Jan DeBellis!!!
Entry #1

Entry #2

Entry #3:)

I Thank You so much Jan for coming to Play with us!
And you all can find Jan's work
on her Blog

So Who Could be Next....hum....

Woo Hoo!
Our Very Own
Sharon Borsavage!!
(had to laugh as Sharon
said she could come play 
this month! HA!xo)
Entry #1

Entry #2

Entry #3

I knew you couldn't stay away Sharon!
And I'm so glad you couldn't! GRIN
Please check out Sharon's Fabulous
Designer Jewelry and Creations
at her Blog
and her Fabulous Shop at
Thank You Sharon!!!!

And Another New Artist
to the Group...
Andi Atwater-Easterly!
Entry #1

Entry #2

Entry #3:)
Andi got confused, and thought she was
swapping with other Artists other than
just me:)
But what is even more cute is this 
Poor Darling sent me this yesterday!
Oh Andi:)
It's the Effort That Counts! LOL!
Dear Girl! Please Check out 
Andi's Wonderful Art at
Thank you Andi!!!
I'm thrilled you Joined in with Us!!!

Lot's more to go yet!!!
Next up!!
Michelle Oliver:)
Woo Hoo!
Entry #1

Entry #2

Entry #3

I just wish the pictures would load better
here with Google Michelle, too much 
background taking up the space, as
these are Adorable!!!
So do check out Michelle's Lovely Blog
Thanks Michelle for Joining in with Us!!!

Lets See....Who's Next....
Ginette Nourse!!!
Entry #1
(Ginette even used Retro Cafe Art Gallery's
Fabulous Dollie Lazier Cut-Out!)

Entry #2
So Creative!!! xoxo

Entry #3
Love your pen work Ginette!!!
Ginette Unfortunately is another
Wonderful Artist with no Blog or Shop!!!
Oh man!!! Gotta work on that! xoxo

And I'm Thrilled this Artist came
to Play Again!
All the way from England:)
Mandy Chilvers!!
Entry #1

Entry #2

Entry #3
Mandy has so many Wonderful Irons in the Fire
of her own going on, that I really appreciate
her taking time to come play here on
Birdnuts Mixed Media:)
Please take time to check out her Blog
You'll be glad you did, as there's a plethora
of Fabulous Eye Candy!!!
Thanks Mandy!!!

Lot's More Yet!!!!
Tori Weyers!!!
Entry #1

Entry #2

Entry #3!
Wonderful Work Tori!
And your Blog is Fabulous!!
Please Check out Tori's Work at

Thanks so much Tori for Joining in!!!

And here's Another Newbie to our Blog!!
Constance Taylor!!!
Entry #1
I have been an admirer of Constance's Work
for some time on Facebook and I'm thrilled
to have her Enter this month's Swap!!!
Please check her out on Facebook
Thanks so much Constance! 
Please join us again!!!

Ok, Not done yet!!!
Jackie Hedlund!!!
Woo Hoo!
Entry #1

Entry #2
Entry #3

Love them Jackie!
And another Wonderful Artist with No Blog!!!
Hope you'll do one!!!!
Thanks so much for Entering!!!

And then there is......
Shelly Kane!!!
Entry #1

And lovely Entry #2
(always love feathers:)
Thank you so much Shelly for participating
here in the Swap!!!
Please check out Shelly's Blog

And Last But Not Least!
Monica Downing!!!
Woo Hoo!!!
Entry #1:)

Entry #2
(LOL!! I remember her!!!)
Thanks Monica!!!! xoxo
Check out Monica's Wonderful Blog


23 Artists!!!!
I am gobsmacked!!

What a Fabulous Bunch!!!
and Wonderful ATC
So before I announce the 

Just a quick note!
In August, I won't be having the ATC Swap
as I'm needing a Break! LOL!
I figure I've made 300+ ATC's since
I started the Swap a few months ago!!!
I'm taking a mini-Holiday from ATC's
for the month of August, but will be
back up and running in September!!!
So please if you can wait for me,
come play again in September!!!

So Now.....
Using the Random Generator Site
to Chose the Winner's!!!
First up the 

The Winner is......

Jan DeBellis!!!
Woo Hoo!!!
Congrats Jan!!!

And the Winner
of the 
$25 Gift Certificate

to the 


Andi Atwater-Easterly!!!!
Woo Hoo!
Congrats Andi!!!!

Thanks to All of You
for Entering this Month's
Fabulous ATC Swap
Thank You so much

And to the Winner's I'll be passing
on your Contact Email Addresses
to Kristin at Retro Cafe Art!!!

Ok All you Fabulous Artists:)
I'm Gobsmacked by you All!!!
Hope to see you all back here
in September!!!
In the meantime, I'll be posting
some of my other 
Projects and Goodies 
I'm working on 
while having my 



MONICA said...

WOOOO HOOOO...congratulations to the winner...WOW WOW WOW @ all of the amazingly gorgeous ATC's...I love seeing all the different interpretations of a subject...
Cannot wait for September Denise.
Thank you so much for all that you do...
Have a FaBuLoUs vacation!!!!!

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

WOW, another amazing group of ATCs! Congrats to the winners, participants, and Denise for a job well done! xoxo

Unknown said...

Thank You for hosting this fabulous swap! You my lady have outdone yourself once again! Enjoy your vacation,I can't wait to join in again in September!!! Congradulations to the WINNERS!!!

sharon said...

A big congrat's to Jan, and thank you so much again Denise for all your hard are a star! Enjoy your mini holiday! Love all the entries too, all fab artists!

Michele Oliver said...

Congratulations to the winners, fabulous prizes. Denise thanks for hosting this swap, my atc's will be in the mail tomorrow. Sorry time got away from me. I will definetly be back in September.

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