Friday, June 22, 2012

Where did June Go! Part 2!!!!
Oh man, had to split the
Shout Out Post
into 2 Parts!!!
Woo Hoo!!!

Well Hello Again! 
That was quite the Blog Post yesterday, 
took 3 hours to compose, and here we are
about to do another one!
And what a fabulous reason as there are
even more 
Wonderful ATC Artists 
I'd like to share Shout Outs for with you!!!

All of this is from 
June 2012's
Wonderful ATC Swap 
$25 Coupon Drawing with the 
Nancy Baumiller

Today is the Deadline
for the 
ATC Swap
and tomorrow
Saturday, June 23rd
I'll be back here to 
Announce the Winner
of the 
$25 Coupon to 

Woo Hoo!!!

So let's get on with
sharing some more
of the 
Fabulous ATC's
and the 
Artists and their links
that participated this month
and who are Entered into
the Drawing!!

First Up!!!

Another New Artist
to our Swap!
Fiona Randall!
Fiona Randall ATC #1
I have to give full disclosure, as Fiona was
so sweet to insist, that she is a
Design Team Member for 
Crowabout StudioB!!
So Fiona isn't Entered into the Drawing
for the Coupon but I am Swapping
ATC's with her!!! Woo Hoo!!!
And isn't it a Fabulous one!!!
Fiona Randall ATC #2
Oh wow!!!
You do Nancy Proud Girl!!!
What talent!!
Fiona Randall ATC #3
These are all such a treat Fiona!!!
And I so want to encourage all of you
to please check out Fiona's 
Wonderful Eye Candy on her Blog!!
Thank you so much Fiona for joining in!!!
Please do again!!!

And Our Next Fabulous Artist is.....

Woo Hoo!
Flutter BeforeYou!!
Susan Dietz!!!
Flutter BeforeYou ATC #1
I always appreciate Susan's taking time
to Enter into these ATC Swaps!
I've considered her one of 
Our Gang here on 
Birdnuts Mixed Media as she's
taken time each month to Enter!!
Flutter BeforeYou ATC #2
And Oh Man am I glad she does! LOL!!
Isn't this wonderful!!
Love Mixed Media!!!
Flutter BeforeYou ATC #3
And I always enjoy her take on the ATC's
and her use of interesting items!!
Love it!!
So please check out Susan's Blog at
and she has a Blog Post right now
about being Interviewed by
Cindy Jones Lantier!
Woo Hoo!
and check out Susan's Etsy Shop
all sorts of goodies to see!!!
Thanks So Much Susan!!! xx

Not Done Yet!!!!
Next Up!!!!

Sharon Borsavage!!!
Sharon Borsavage ATC #1
Girl got her freak on!!! LOL!!!
Love it!!!
Sharon Borsavage ATC #2
Sharon is one of the small group of 
Artists who will be joining me in 
a new Round Robin Book Swap this
Fall and Winter through Facebook, and
this example is exactly why I'm thrilled
she's joining in!!! :)
Sharon Borsavage ATC #3
What can I say!!
This one was a real hit on Facebook's Shout Out!
Thanks so much Sharon!
and please check out Sharon's Fabulous
as her talents in Jewelry Design is really something
to see!
And her shop!!!
Oh the goodies!!! 
Thank you Sharon!!!

Is it coffee time yet???
No Way as guess who's next!!!!

Woo Hoo!
Home Girl
Mary Jane Chadbourne!
Mary Jane Chadbourne ATC #1
You all know if you check in regularly that
Mary Jane Chadbourne is a dear friend
of mine and a Fabulous Artist!!
Mary Jane Chadbourne ATC #2
What talent!!!
Mary Jane Chadbourne ATC #3
I adore collecting Mary Jane's Fabulous ATC's
and other pieces of her art to boot!
I'm the proud owner of one of her
Fabulous Bracelets!!!
And Mary Jane is currently 
Teaching a Wonderful Online Course
of making these at
Do check it out!!!
and please check out her Blog at
and her Etsy Shop!
Thank you so much Mary Jane and by the way
Happy Birthday this week!!!!
Woo Hoo!!! LOL!

Well then, since there's no cake...hmm..

Here we have..
Jil Manning!!!!
Jil Manning ATC #1
And I am so glad she's joined in again as
this is stunning Jil!! 
Jil Manning ATC #2
I have always been drawn to Oriental
themed pieces, and these are no
exception! Beautiful!!
Jil Manning ATC #3
And I adore Sunflowers and gee....birds too!
And I adore Jil's dog Mr. Wiener!!!
He is quite well known amongst we 
Facebook Friends! LOL!!!
Thanks so much Jil for Entering!!!
and unfortunately Jil doesn't have a 
Blog!!! :(
But we'll work on that! LOL!!!
Thanks Jil:) xx

Ok, Who's Next????
Another New Artist
to our Group!!!
Please meet
Ardith Goodwin!!
Ardith Goodwin ATC #1
Ardith is an Accomplished and Well Known
Artist on Facebook and I love her
Collective Works 
and her Wit!!!
Ardith Goodwin ATC #2
See what I mean? LOL!!!
Ardith Goodwin ATC #3
I think we can all relate to this! LOL!
Please, please, please check out
Ardith's Website 
for a Wonderful Assortment of Eye Candy 
and her Blog 
Thank you so much Ardith for joining in the 
ATC Swap this month, I so hope you'll join us again!!!

And I am currently armed 
with a cup
of coffee finally, 
and cookies to boot and just in time
to introduce you all to:)

Ginette Nourse!!!
Ginette Nourse ATC #1
Oh Man Ginette! I had to provoke Ginette
into Entering the ATC Swap, as she hadn't 
done them before! Look at this!!!
Ginette Nourse ATC #2
I can't believe that you hadn't gotten into
making ATC's before! You're so talented!!!
But wait until you see her 3rd Entry!!!!
Ginette Nourse ATC #3
I just wish the photograph could be turned 
as the detail in this pen and ink drawing
Ok so I flipped the picture for you all to enjoy
a little closer! I think it is so wonderful and
Ginette you are so Talented!!!
And by the way, 
Happy Birthday This Week to you too Girlfriend!!!

And still no cake! GRIN
So Everyone!
There she be!!!
Now that the Shout Out Blog Posts
Part 1 and Part 2 are all Posted,
now I'm going to get busy 
putting ATC's into the Post 
to all of you Fabulous ATC Artists!!!!
I tell you, if this keeps growing and growing
I'm going to have to get a job!!!

I am totally thrilled with the turnout this
month and I totally appreciate all of you
Artists and Followers and New Followers 
to boot!
This month here on 
Birdnuts Mixed Media

I have turned the point of
400+ Followers and
over 15,000 page Views!
and now over 400 
Facebook Friends!!!
Oh Man!!!
Thank you!!!!

So I will see you all
Saturday June 23rd
where I will be using the 
Random Generator Site
to chose the 
Winner of the $25 Coupon
Woo Hoo!!!



Unknown said...

WoW! What a group of talented artists!!! These are just amazing, and just when you think they couldn't get any better THEY DO!!! Thanks for hosting this swap Denise,It's always so much fun:)

Denise J. Phillips said...

So welcome Susan! Wait until you see what's in store for July!!! Oh Man it's a good one!!! Good luck in the Drawing tomorrow!! Woo Hoo!!! LOL!

sharon said...

Oh thank you sooooo much sweet Denise for the great shout out and the fact that I get to know some many other like minded and fabulous artists!
Your swaps are something I look forward to and am inspired by your creativity!!

ginette nourse said...

I am humbled to be one among so many talented women. A huge thank you Denise for all the love and support you have unselfishly given me along the journey of my 1st atc's!!! Woo Hoo...not to forget my 1st "Happy Mail". Too much fun:)