Thursday, June 21, 2012

Where did June Go? 
ATC Shout Out
Part 1!!!

I swear it just flew by!
And here we are, 
June's ATC Swap
with our 
Shout Out Post
for all the 
Incredible Artists Submissions
to this months ATC Swap!
This has truly been a Wonderful Variety of
ATC's that have been Entered since the theme
this month was 'Free Play' and I left
it up to you all to come up with mojo
on your own, it's been a joy seeing
what you all have come up with!!!
And I really have to Thank all of 
you New Artists joining us this month!
I'm Gobsmacked! And the Talent!!!

So enough gushing, LOL!
I have to give a 
Huge Thank You!
Nancy Baumiller!!!
for Donating the
$25 Coupon to her shop
as the Drawing Prize this
coming Saturday, 
June 23rd!
Woo Hoo! Nancy!!!
Thank you so much!

On Saturday, I'll be using the 
Random Generator Website
to chose the
of the 
$25 Coupon to 
And will do another
blog post to 
Announce which one
of you is the Winner!
But until then....
Here's all the Fabulous
Artists and their 
Wonderful ATC's for this
month's ATC Swap!!

First up! LOL!
Nancy Baumiller!
No she isn't going into the
Drawing for the Coupon
but I have to share with you
the Fabulous ATC's that
she made just for this month's

What delicious Eye Candy huh?

And I love Nancy's Graphics from her 
Graphics Kits, they lend themselves to 
all sorts of Mojo!! LOL!!

And I have to say, Nancy has been expanding
her talents not only with 
But she has also started a 
Brand New Venture

And I encourage all of you to go have a Boo
in Nancy's New Shop at

Woo Hoo!
Next up is....

Linda Donnelly!!!

Linda Donnelly
Entry #1
Oh man was I thrilled when Linda
decided to join in again in another 
ATC Swap here on 
Birdnuts Mixed Media!
I love Lind's work!!

Linda Donnelly
Entry #2
And I think if you could see this one
in person you would agree with me that
her attention to detail is stunning!!!
This one is totally 3D, and gorgeous!

Linda Donnelly
Entry #3
And Oh man! This one! LOL!

Linda has some Fabulous Links I'd love
to share with you all and I encourage
you to please take the time and check them out!!

and you can also find
 Linda on Facebook at

Thanks so much Linda!
Hope you'll join us again next month!!!

So lets see...who's next:)
Woo Hoo!!
Diana D. Darden!!!
Diana D. Darden
Entry #1
Diana always has such a unique view
on life in her pieces, I'm alway 
so taken with their charm!

Diana D. Darden
Entry #2
She also has a particular love for Paris!
Something those of us who know her
agree and share!

Diana D. Darden
Entry #3
And she's so full of Wit! LOL!
And someday I will teach her better 
camera skills! GRIN!!!
Love ya Diana:) xx

Please check out Diana's Fabulous 
Website and Shop of all of her
Glorious Creations!!!

Thanks so much Diana!!! 

And up next!!!
A Brand New
Palma Rea:)
Palma Rea
Entry #1
I was thrilled when Palma contacted me
about joining in the ATC Swap, as
she is another Fabulous International
Artist all the way from Italy!!
Woo Hoo!!!
and Nancy Baumiller was thrilled with
this ATC, as Nancy loves crows! LOL!

Palma Rea
Entry #2
Love this!!

Palma Rea
Entry #3
And this one is just so cool!!!

Palma has some Fabulous Links for me
to share with you all!!!
Her Blog 'A Creative Journey'
and her Etsy Shop

Thank you so much Palma for joining in 
with us all this month and hope you'll
participate again!!! xx

But wait!!! There's Lot's More Artists!!!

Woo Hoo!
Monica Downing!!
Monica Downing
Entry #1
Check this out! 3D and using Nancy's Graphics!!
Fabulous Monica!!!

Monica Downing
Entry #2
I just think this is so clever!
And really appreciated her using 
Crowabout StudioB's Graphics!

Monica Downing
Entry #3
Wonderful Creations and so unique!!!

You can check out some of Monica's 
other work on her blog at
Thanks so much Monica for throwing your
hat in and for the Shout Out for 
on your Blog!! 
Much appreciated!!!

Hey there! We aren't done yet! LOL!!!

Woo Hoo!
Eugenia Strange!!!
Eugenia Strange
Entry #1
Oh man, I always love Eugenia's ATC's!
This girl has such an imagination!!
(love the parrot!!! LOL)

Eugenia Strange
Entry #2
And who doesn't like to play the fool!
Look at all the details!
( love the elephant too!!! LOL!)

Eugenia Strange
Entry #3
And your play on words girl! 
You are so bright!

Each month since I started these ATC Swaps
here on Birdnuts Mixed Media,
Eugenia has so kindly participated all the
way from Greece!
She doesn't have a Blog or and Etsy Shop
but someday she'll give me something to
promote on her behalf!!
Thank you so much Eugenia! 
I always appreciate your participation!!! xx

And if I don't break Google with all of
these Shout Outs!!!
Or my Blog! LOL!
Next up....

Oh Man!!!
My Home Girl! LOL!
Kristin Hubick!
Kristin Hubick
Entry #1
That's right! Kristin Hubick
And look at this Fabulous ATC she's 
made with something Wonderful from
her shop!!! 
Lazier Cut-Outs!!

Kristin Hubick
Entry #2
That's right! Lazier Cut-Outs and
Kristin and I are putting together 
a little surprise for you all in July!!!
So watch for it!!!
Please check out all of these Fabulous Links
to Kristin's Wonderful Shop and Blog and
Facebook Page! Give it a 'Like' while you're visiting!!
and on Facebook!
( Next month my friend!! Thank you:)

And I have to tell you all,
I was Thrilled when this Artist contacted
me about Entering into the Swap!
Please Welcome

Mandy Chilvers
Mandy Chilvers
Entry #1
Mandy's a Fabulous Graphic Artist
from England and I'm thrilled that
she wanted to join us this month!!!

Mandy Chilvers
Entry #2
And just so you all know, this isn't digital!
Mandy cut and pasted all this!!! Wow!!!

Mandy Chilvers
Entry #3
But I'm pretty certain Mandy, you don't
have one eye in your forehead! LOL!
These are Fabulous Mandy!!!
And please check out Mandy's Links she passed
on for me to share with you all! 
You'll be amazed at all the Eye Candy!!!

Mandy's Blog
I thank you so much Mandy for participating
and really hope you'll join in again!!!
Love your work!!!

So guess what?
There are still
a ton of Entries from
more Fabulous Artists
in this months
ATC Swap and 
$25 Coupon Drawing!
So here's what I'm going to 
Friday, June 22nd,
 I will post a secondary 
Shout Out Post
with the rest of the
Fabulous Artists
who have Entered the
ATC Swap and Drawing!!

I mean come on!
There's only so much 
Eye Candy a brain can 
take in one Post! 

So we'll see you all tomorrow!
and please check out 
everyone's links it's well worth
the viewing to see all their 

and see you all tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

Ok -- tried this once,(do I have to write the number too?) -- don't remember exactly what i wrote the first time, but I want to leave a comment HERE as well, so my firs comment was along these lines -- thank you so much Denise! You always manage to make us all feel so very special with yr fab commentaries (yeah, like in the Oscar ceremony it feels LOLx) -- I've had the best of fun from swap 1 -- you should know that by now, don't ya! Eugenia xoxo

sharon said...

WOW, what a post! Thanks for sharing these faulous artists all in one place, with all of their links! Thanks for all you do sweetie!
Now take a rest!

Denise J. Phillips said...

Part 2 Coming up tonight!!! LOL!
Oh Man! This is totally a first here on my blog having to list all you Fabulous Artists in 2 separate blog posts!!! Wow!!!!
And the award goes to.....LOL! Thanks Eugenia!! LOL! And hugs Sharon:) xoxo

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Great post home girl!!! lol! Sorry my photos are not so great, I think I sent you the wrong ones. Sorry! Looking forward to another post tomorrow! WOW!

Denise J. Phillips said...

Amazing isn't it!!! I am thrilled at the quantity and variety and talented artists that came to the Swap and joined in!!! This has been a real treat!!!