Friday, June 29, 2012

July ATC Swap!

Ok, Me Bad!!!!

Big apologies to everyone this morning,
 who were all prepared for the 
Announcing July's ATC Swap and Drawing!
Being that it is June 29th, 
and I have for the first time, 
run out of time to get the blog post up and running, 
I have to say Sunday night June 30th I will be Announcing! :(
I am publicly sorry for my tardiness, 
as it is a first, 
and to my Fabulous Co-Host for July, 
Big Sorry but will have it all running and posted Sunday night!!!
It will all be worth it as July's ATC Swap is going to be Fabulous!
See you all then!

Oh Man!!! LOL!!!


Lisa Robinson said...

I would like to enter the swap. I hope this is what I need to do.

Denise J. Phillips said...

Hi Lisa, it's the next blog post up from this one that you need to leave the comment on sweetie! Would love to have you come join in the fun!!!!
Email me if you need further information!!! Cheers!!!