Friday, May 25, 2012

ATC Artists Shout Outs for May's ATC Swap!!

Hi Everyone!!  :)

This just Gobsmacks me!!
We're bringing another Wonderful 
ATC Swap to a close, and about
to start another one!
Who knew that a quick idea I had back in
March, would be so much fun!!
Each Month, I get more and more
inquiries, and the Entries of ATC's
get more and more mind blowing!!
All of you that are Entering are such
Fabulous Artists!!!

So this post is all about You!!!
This is the 'Shout Out' Post 
Each of You 
and your 
Fabulous ATC Entries!!

As you all know
the Wonderful 
$25 Gift Certificate Drawing is on
Saturday, May 26th!!!
When I'll be Announcing the 
of the 
Gift Certificate to Melissa's Shop
the New 
ATC Swap for June!!
With something a little
different for June!

So until Saturday...
Here's the Fabulous
ATC Swap Artists 
May's ATC Swap Entries!!
Theme was 'Event'

First up!!!!
Diana D. Darden
ATC Entry #1 Diana D. Darden
I had to laugh when Diana  sent this to me,
as the dear little Prom Queen looks like she's pooped!!
Turns out, this is Diana and her Mom! LOL!!!
Love the Car!!!!

ATC #2 Entry Diana D. Darden


ATC #3 Entry Diana D. Darden

This ATC of Diana's led us into all sorts
of Comments on Facebook! LOL!
Wasn't she and her little brother adorable!

And I encourage you all to check out 
Diana's Fabulous Creations 
at her Website at
She has a Fabulous Assortment of 
Interesting Goodies to Show You!!!
And all with a Taste of her Wonderful
Sense of Humour!!!
Thanks so very much Diana for Entering
your ATC's!!

Next up is.....

Mary Jane Chadbourne!!
Woo Hoo!!!
ATC #1 Entry Mary Jane Chadbourne
I just have to say, I adore Mary Jane's 
Fabulous ATC's!
Always with Humour and Talent!!

ATC Entry #2 Mary Jane Chadbourne
And when 'Carl' Arrived in the post,
I just laughed so hard!!!
Another Fab One Mary Jane!!

So here's some Exciting News 
that I'd like to share with you all
about what Mary Jane is up too!!!
Mary Jane Chadbourne
is going to be 
Teaching a Fabulous On-Line Class 
on how to make these!!!
Registration is Right Now!!!
With the Class Starting at the 
Beginning of June!!
So Get on over to 
and I always encourage you all 
to check out Mary Jane's Wonderful
and her Etsy Shop at
Thanks so much Mary Jane for Entering!!
Alway appreciate you taking the time and sharing!!

And our next ATC Artist is:)
Nancy Baumiller!!!
ATC Entry #1 Nancy Baumiller

I always adore Maxine!!!
And I have to say that I was so pleased that
Nancy Baumiller decided to Enter in this
month's ATC Swap!!
And there is News about 
Next Month's ATC Swap
that Nancy knows about!!! LOL!!
So make sure you check out Saturday's Blog Post!!
in the meantime
Nancy Baumiller is the 
Fabulous Graphic's Designer
and Owner of 
and not many of you know but 
Nancy Baumiller has also just started a 
New Venture!!!

So please check out her Wonderful New Shop
Thanks so much Nancy for Entering the ATC Swap
and we'll all be seeing you in June!! Hint, Hint, Hint:)

So if all this Eye Candy isn't 
Our Next Fab Artist Entry
comes from...
Sharon Borsavage!!!
ATC Entry #1 Sharon Borsavage
I'm telling you Sharon, you and I just
have to make crowns!!! LOL!!
Love this!!
ATC Entry #2 Sharon Borsavage
Isn't this wonderful little Buckaree!!! LOL!!
ATC Entry #3 Sharon Borsavage
Dog Party!!! LOL!!! It is commonly known
on Facebook with all of these Wonderful
Artists including Sharon, that we're all a 
little dog nuts!!! So I love that you slid a
Dog ATC in this month Sharon!! LOL!!
Now I have to tell you all!
Please check out Sharon's Fabulous
Blog at 
where you will not only see her 
Wonderful Jewelry but also her Fabulous Journal Pages!!!
And to see the Incredible Assortment of
her Jewelry please do check out

But Wait!!!
We aren't done yet!!!
How about the Fabulous
Jil Manning!!!
ATC Entry #1 Jil Manning

Can you believe this is Jil's First ATC!!!!
Well done my Girl!!!
ATC Entry #2 Jil Manning

And isn't this just adorable!!!
Love your Humour Jil!!!

ATC Entry #3 Jil Manning

Now that's an Event!!
Great picture of you too Kid!!!
Thanks so very much for jumping in and
joining us Jil! I'm so pleased that you're
trying out the world of ATC's!!!
But we do need to get you Blogging!!!
Hope you'll join us again in June's Swap!!

And Next Up....
We all know her and adore her...
Kristin Hubick!!!
ATC Entry #1 Kristin Hubick
Oh man this just Rocked when I saw
Kristin's ATC listed on a 
Blog Post 

Thanks so much Kristin for Entering and
Swapping ATC's!! 
I love Retro Cafe Art Gallery's Paper Dollies!!
and All the Fabulous Goodies in her shop!

And then we have a
New ATC Artist this month!
Linda Donnelly!!!
ATC Entry #1 Linda Donnelly
I was so thrilled when Linda contacted
me on Facebook and inquired about joining
us all! And was even more thrilled when
her ATC's arrived!! They're lovely Linda!
ATC Entry #2 Linda Donnelly
Especially this one as it gleams with glitter!!
Nothing like a Spring Event!!!
And Please, please, please
check out Linda's Fabulous Shop at Etsy

And her shop at
(I just adore your bird photos Linda!!)
and Linda's Blog at
Fab Artist, Photographer and Animal Lover to boot!!
Thanks so much for joining in!!!

And then one of our 
Fab Artists who hails
all the way from Greece! 
Eugenia Strange
ATC Entry #1 Eugenia Strange
Woo Hoo!!! I always Appreciate
your Entering in these Swaps Eugenia!!!
ATC Entry #2 Eugenia Strange
Her talent with the ATC's is always
apparent, but you should see her 
Fabulous Pieces Highlighted in
ATC Entry #3 Eugenia Strange
Another Fab ATC Eugenia!!!
Unfortunately, I haven't talked Eugenia into
starting a blog yet, but I'm working on her!!
Thanks so much for taking the time and
to participate in the Swaps from so far
away Eugenia!!! Really appreciate it!! xx

And another of our 
Wonderful Artists....
Patricia May!!!
ATC Entry #1 Patricia May

Oh Man Pat!!! We both went Loony for the 
Event!! LOL!!!!
When this arrived in the mail, it is stunning
in person!!! The photo doesn't do it justice!
Great piece Pat!
ATC Entry #2 Patricia May
And this ATC as well!!! It sparkles with glitter
in person!! Love it Pat!!
Please do check out Pat's Wonderful Blog
You'll find some Fabulous Art and even 
some Freebie Graphics!!!!
also Pat's Shop at
You will fall in love with her Altered Art and
Thanks so much Pat for taking the time again
to Enter into the ATC Swap!!
I do hope you'll be able to join us again in June!!

We aren't done yet!!!!!
Susan Rae Sager!!
Come on down!! LOL!!
ATC Entry #1 Susan Rae Sager
Oh man Susan!!!
I was thrilled on Facebook when you asked
about joining in this month's ATC Swap!
Susan's known on Facebook as such a
Wonderful and Talented Artist!!
So I was thrilled when she sent me this
first Entry, although other's think he looks like
Prince Charles, I personally thought of George Bush..
LOL!!!Great piece!!
but wait.....
Look at this one!!!
ATC Entry #2 Susan Rae Sager
Can't we all relate to this one!!!
And if not, you will when you get older! LOL!!!
Thank you so much Susan for Entering
and I know that you're a busy girl, but man would
I love it if you join us again!!!
Check out Susan's blog at
as she always has a plethora of interesting 
Art and Tutorials
for all of us!!!
Sign on as a Follower so you don't miss out while you're there!
and also check out
Wait till you see her images!! Fab, Fab, Fabulous!!!
Thanks Susan!! xx

And this Sweet Girl and Fabulous Artist!!!
Flutter BeforeYou
ATC Entry #1 Flutter BeforeYou
I always enjoy the details that she puts
into all of the Wonderful ATC's that
Susan shares with these Swaps!!!
ATC Entry #2 Flutter BeforeYou
And her Imagination never ceases to inspire me!!

ATC Entry #3 Flutter BeforeYou
Look at all the details on this one!!
Layering is one of the details that 
Susan is really talented in I think from
the ATC's that she's been sending me 
throughout these Swaps, and I so 
appreciate it Susan!!
And I was so Honoured this Week
with a surprise Blog Post
on Susan's Blog at
As she gave 
Birdnuts Mixed Media
a lovely Shout Out! Thanks so much Susan!!
Flutter BeforeYou also has a Wonderful Shop
get ready to get hooked for all of her incredible treasures
she lists from her vintage finds in Oregon!!!
and you can also find Flutter BeforeYou on
Facebook at

So there ya go!!!
Another Fabulous 
ATC Swap Month!!!
There were a few of our regulars Swap Buddies
who this month were just too busy to be able
to participate but I hope you all will
find time to jump in any of the ATC Swaps
I'll be Hosting throughout the Summer!!!

Well, it's currently 4 a.m......LOL!!
And this post has taken me 3 hours!!!
I'm off to bed for a nap!!!

All the Artists Highlighted in this 
Blog Post
are all the Entries into the 
$25 Gift Certificate Drawing 
And it's a great time to be
Winning the Certificate
as Melissa has 
Tons of New 
Products coming in Daily!!!
Please do check out her shop at

And we'll see you all back here on
Saturday, May 26!!
Tomorrow for the 
Gift Certificate Winner
and the 
June 2012 ATC Swap Info to boot!!!
Woo Hoo!!!


(Nap Time!!! LOL:)


sharon said...

Wowee Denise! I love seeing all the fabulou artists here, and really appreciate all the links you set up, so now I can go check everyone out! I appreciate all your hard work!

Susan Sager Brown said...

Great post, Denise! it was so fun to get back to my first love, ATC making!! thanks for posting all the links as well! Cant wait to check all the other artists out! xoS

lizmaynz said...

Ok I've had a ATC over load and I'll never sleep lol luv all the art it's just stunning and so inspiring thanks Denise :O)