Saturday, April 28, 2012

So Who's the Winner?

Well I'd have to say that I am as all these
Fabulous ATC Artists who are sending me
their ATC's for the 
Have Gobsmacked me with their Talents!!!
But alas, we've come to the day that
Winner of the Gift Certificate
is to be chosen!
Using the 
Random Generator Website
as it's far too difficult to decide!
(Wish you all could Win!)

But first:) Ha Ha Ha!!!
I'd like you all to see all the Fabulous
Entries I've received from all these
Wonderful Artists!!

So for 
April 2012's 
1st Year Anniversary
ATC Swap
Here are the Artists and their Entry ATC's!!!

First up!
Eugenia Strange:)
Entry ATC #1
I thought this was lovely and the child's
graphic was adorable!

Entry ATC #2
Adore this! And so true! LOL!!
I'd just like to say, that Eugenia Strange
doesn't have a blog, but we're working on her!
And she's participating in these Swaps, 
which I so appreciate, all the way from Greece!
Woo Hoo!!!:)
Thanks Eugenia!!

Next Up!!!

Pat May:)

Entry ATC #1
This is Pat's first time participating in
Birdnuts Mixed Media's ATC Swap
and I'm thrilled to have her join us!
What a Fabulous Entry, and I'm sorry my
blog won't let me post it bigger, as the
details are Fabulous!

Entry ATC #2
Love it Pat!

Entry ATC #3
Who can resist an adorable child with a bear!!!
Pat May has both an Etsy Shop and a Blog
Please pop by both her shop and her blog!!
Thanks Pat!

And our next Entry is from....

Diana D. Darden
Entry ATC #1
Woo Hoo! Diana!!
Couldn't agree more with this ATC! LOL!

Entry ATC #2
And who would want to hide! LOL!

Entry ATC #3
Adorable Diana!!
I encourage you all to check out Diana's
Wonderful Website
Here shrines and other projects she make
are so full of whimsey and talent!
Thanks Diana!!!:)

Now lets see....who's next....

Woo Hoo!!! 
Mary Jane Chadbourne!!!

Entry ATC #1
As always my dear Mary Jane, Adorable!!!
And I can so relate!!! LOL!!!

Entry ATC #2
Don't you know it!!
I think we're probably both party girls! LOL!!!

Entry ATC #3
In my dreams Mary Jane, I usually land hard! LOL!

Listen up all, 
I so appreciate Mary Jane Chadbourne's
participation in 
Birdnuts Mixed Media' ATC Swap
as she is an Artist who has a 
Huge Plate of Projects!!
Teaching a Fabulous Class coming up on 
as well as recently being 
Honoured to be picked as a Local Artist in
Las Vegas to make a Heart Sculpture for
a Donation Project of a 
Large Heart Sculpture
to the St. Jude's Hospital Charity 
Fund Auction for Children! 
Please check out Mary Jane's Wonderful Works

Thanks Mary Jane!! :)

And look here!!! Another Newbie to our ATC Swap!!!

Sharon Borsavage!!!
Entry ATC #1
Woo Hoo! Sharon!!!
I was so thrilled when you contacted me and
inquired if you could join in! Heck Ya!!! LOL!
And what a great Entry!!!

Entry ATC #2
I and say it too!!!
Sharon has a bundle of energy and enthusiasm
that I wish I could bottle! LOL!

Entry ATC #3
And this special ATC Sharon told me was
of her and her grandmother:) The only picture:)
So sweet Sharon!

Now I ask you all!! Please go check out Sharon's 
Fabulous Jewelry that she makes!!!
Wait until you see her Wonderful Works!!!
Thanks so much Sharon!!! :)

And Woo Hoo!!!
My 'Home Girl'
Ms. Gigi Butterfly!!!
Entry ATC #1
This arrived in today's mail, and believe me,
the picture just doesn't do it justice!
Love your ATC's Gigi!!

Entry ATC #2
And what you all may not know, is this is only
the 2nd Time Gigi's made ATC's!!!!
Her First Time was for the previous Swap!!!
You Rock HomeGirl!!!

Gigi is one of B.C.'s Wonderful Fine Artists
and I encourage you all to please check out
her Gorgeous Print and Original Paintings
in her WebShop at
Is she ever Talented!!
Thanks Gigi!!! :)

And our next Fabulous Artist is....

Flutter BeforeYou
Entry ATC #1
I adore this Girl's way her mind works!!

Entry ATC #2
And I love how she incorporates vintage images
into her work:)

Entry ATC #3
This is a dilemma that isn't just in childhood!! LOL!

What a creative spirit you are Flutters BeforeYou
and please check out all of her links at

and lets see...who's up next....
well someone really Special:)

Julia Fritz!!!
Our very own Anitra Fritz's Daughter!!!

What I have to tell you, is that 
Julia Fritz a budding Fabulous Artist in her own right,
Daughter of Anitra Fritz who I am a big fan of,
and I was so pleased when Anitra asked me if
Julia could Swap ATC's with me, that
Julia is only 6 years old!!
Look at this darling work she's done!!!
She's Officially in the Drawing!!
Thanks Julia!! I love your ATC's!!!
And you can Swap ATC's with me anytime!! :)

And last but not least!!!
A Last Minute Entry From another Newbie
who I hope will join us in the Next ATC Swap!

Celina Anthony
Woo Hoo! Celina!!
I love 3D ATC's! And this one is Lovely!!!
You made it just in time to 
Officially be in the Drawing and I'm
looking forward to receiving your ATC and
I've sent yours off too!!
Please Check Out Celina's Lovely Blog
She does some beautiful leather work, 
journal pages and I encourage you to sign on
as a Follower on her Blog!!
Thanks so much Celina! I hope you'll Enter the
Next ATC Swap!!!

Well there ya go!!
Another Fabulous ATC Swap!!!
I'm gobsmacked at all the Talent and Willingness
to come Swap with me!!!
For those of you who didn't get in on the Swap and
who aren't on Facebook where all these are posted...
here's a few of the ATC's I made to Swap with these
Fabulous Artists:)
The Theme was Childhood:)

Can you imagine with the beadwork
and I have to make at least 10 or more of each 
ATC to swap....LOL!!!!

This was one of my Favourites to make:)

So was this one!!
(Boy Graphic from the Wonderful
Land of Nod!!)

My husband hears this often!! LOL!
Another Fabulous Graphic from Land of Nod!

So Let's put some
Lipstick on this Pig!

Using the Random Generator
to pick the 
Winner of the 
$25.00 Gift Certificate to
drum roll please!!!!!

Woo Hoo!!!!
Sharon Borsavage!!!!

Big Congrats Sharon!!!
I'll be emailing the Certificate to you
in just a little while, have fun doing
some Internet Shopping!!!
You'll Love Melissa's Shop!
I certainly do!!!!

Woo Hoo!!!

I want to Thank All of the 
Fabulous Artists and all
the Wonderful Followers and
Facebook Friends who have 
shown so much interest in
participating in this
ATC Swap and Gift Certificate
I've been receiving tons of Emails and Inquiries from
all over the World in response to these 2 ATC Swaps
that I've had here on Birdnuts Mixed Media...
so I'm so please to say.....

Woo Hoo!!
May 2012
ATC Swap and $25 Gift Certificate
Giveaway Drawing for 
Melissa Samuels
will be happening!!!
Yup! I'm doing it again!!!
So head's up! Here's the 
Theme for May's ATC Swap!!!
And the Theme is 
it can be any kind of an Event!
Get those Creative Thinking Caps on!!!
And for a little push...LOL!
Here's an Example of the ATC's I'll be Swapping 
With you All:)
LOL!!! I love my Robots!!! LOL!!!

so you have lots of time to 
Enter the May 2012
ATC Swap as the 
Deadline isn't until May 26th!!!
You can make up to 3 ATC's
to Enter
Email the Picture of the ATC
to me to be Entered, and we'll
share mailing addresses by email
to Swap:)
A Blog Post will be done 
Highlighting all of the Fabulous
Entries and giving 'Shout Outs'
to all of the Entering Artists
and The Winner will be 
announced on
Saturday, May 27th!!!
So get to it!!! LOL!!
Hope you'll all give it a try, as
we're having a blast!!!
Thanks everyone!!!



whyte said...

Congratulations Sharon! I love the ATC with your Grandma, it's just so special!! I also love your jewelry and had a great time visiting your blog. Your talents stretch beyond jewelry and I love the jewelry pouch that was published (yayyyy!!!)in Stampington's Belle Armoire. Congratulations, I can surely see why they featured it!

Denise, thank you so much for hostessing these swaps. I hope I can join the May swap "events"! I love seeing what everyone has created and will have fun today visiting some web sites and blogs!! Thank you all!!

Denise J. Phillips said...

Thanks so much Pat for leaving such a nice comment, and Big Congrats to Sharon too!!!
Hope you all will be in May's ATC Swap!!!

sharon said...

Yaaaay! Happy Saturday...very Happy Me!!! I get to go shopping!
Thank you so much Denise for all the work you have done to make this possible! I am honored and thrilled to be amongst such an incredible bunch of talented artists!
I still can't believe I won! Woohooo!!Thank you again! And thanks so much to Whyte for your lovely compliment, that means a lot to me!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the shout out Denise! It's always such a delight to see all these little works of ArT:)

Susan Sager Brown said...

Love this post, the ATC Art is fabulous and your post with links and info on each artist is great! Great Job! I'm gonna play in May! posting my 2 Event ATC's on fb! what a great blog and group of talented artists!! xoS

sharon said...

Was I supposed to leave another comment here for this month?! Ha!! Well her it is! Glad to be doing this with you Denise!

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