Saturday, March 3, 2012

March Already!!!! What happened to February! LOL!

Happy March Everyone!

I want to Thank you all for being so patient,
as I said in the last Blog Post, we have
a ATC Challenge coming, but somehow
between that post and this post, things got 
a little crazy in my life!
On a personal note, those of you who know me,
know that I have a 'zoo' in my home, and outside
of my home! Well, we've had an emergency a
week ago, with our dear dog Oliver Howard:(
In a 24 hour period of time last week we ended up at the Vet's Clinic, ( a Fabulous Clinic here in Victoria, B.C. that we have been clients of for nearly 25 years, Juan de Fuca Veterinary Clinic, You guys Rock!!!), which ended up the next day with Emergency Dental Surgery for Dear Oli and a diagnosis of Bladder Stones!
If you look at this above picture of our Beautiful Boy...this is
what he looked like when we brought him home:(
Poor swollen face:(
They even took a top fang!!!
He's been resting on pain med's 
since last week and is coming along fine, 
a new prescription diet and we'll see 
what happens in the coming weeks about 
the Bladder Stones...ouch I hope they pass!
(Luckily they're really tiny on the x-ray, so
we're fingers crossed that we caught it all
really early, and the diet will turn this around:).

Anyway my apologies to you all for being so
late with this post....but with a little face like 
that, it's no wonder my life stood still for awhile:)
(and believe me, the other two 'elderly ones' sucked 
as much sympathy as dear Oliver was getting to boot! LOL!
But's that's another whole story!)

So here we are March 3rd already!!!
So are you all ready for another

Gift Certificate Giveaway?

As a Guest Designer for
It's my absolute pleasure to launch
ATC Swap Challenge
and this time
Gift Certificate Giveaway!
Woo Hoo!!! LOL!

When Melissa and I Hosted the last 
ATC Challenge that Highlighted her 
for making ATC's, it was so much fun to 
Swap the Winning ATC's with you all
that I decided to do this again! 

So here's the Skinny! (grin)

The 'Theme' for this 
ATC Challenge is
Which could be anything!
With Easter coming it could mean desserts, candy, or
it could mean cute animals, or anything that you
think is SWEET:)
So get those thinking caps on, and lets begin and 
here's what will happen!

Before Friday March 23rd, 2012
Email pictures of your
ATC Challenge Entries
to me at
You can submit up to 3 Entries,
 as I'll be using a 
Random Generator
to pick...

5 ATC Entries 
as the 
ATC Swap Winner's
who will be swapping
ATC's with me.
Then leave a Comment 
here on this post to be
(You don't have to be a Google Follower,
but sure would appreciate if you'd sign
on as one!)

The 5 ATC Swap Challenge Winners
will have their 
ATC's Highlighted in a 
Future Blog Post here
Birdnuts Mixed Media:)
along with swapping the 
ATC Winning Entries by mail,
I'll be sending along
an ATC that I've made with
some 'Extra' Goodies from
Melissa Samuels Shop
to encourage you to make 
more ATC's:)
( I'm really hoping you all will find this
fun, as I'd like to do this every once in
awhile as it's so much fun for me, and
I so Enjoy Co-Hosting with Melissa:)

But wait!
The 5 ATC 
Swap Challenge Winner's 
are the one's that
I will use a Random Generator
to pick 1 Winner of the

$25.00 Gift Certificate Giveaway
Melissa Samuels Shop!!!
Woo Hoo!!!

So there ya go!
Email a picture of your Entry
(or up to 3 Entries!), and
Leave a Comment on this Post
that you're Entered by 
Friday March 23rd, 2012
and on 
Saturday, March 24th, 2012
the Swap Winners will be
Announced and the
Winner of the 
$25 Gift Certificate to 
Will also be Announced!
(By emailing photo's of your ATC Swap
Entries, it will speed up the Giveaway
as the mail service to Canada takes so long,
also it gives me your return Email address 
so I can notify you when the Winner's are chosen,
I will include my mailing address to the 5 Swap
Winner's to mail their Winning ATC's to me
for the return Swap and Extra Goodies and
to give you a head's up on the Highlighted Blog
Post of all the Winner's ATC's once they've arrived!:)

So in the's a quick mini tutorial 
I made (sorry it's a short one, with taking care
of the dog and all! LOL)

Using ATC Base Card Stock from
and a little Gel Medium I took beautiful
paper napkins and peeled away the layers
to give me just the printed image on the
top layer. I glued them down carefully to
not tear the image, using the Gel Medium
to the card base:)
Then using Mr. Tim's :)
Tim Holtz 'Distress Stain' Picket Fence
I lightly covered the napkin graphic to
soften the graphic for a background.
Then using a variety of graphics that I
have from a Fabulous Assortment of
Companies that I occasionally Highlight
here on Birdnuts Mixed Media, here's a 
couple of examples of what I made using
this technique:)
I also like to use the ATC's in other ways
other than just swapping, as I do an assortment
of different sized journals, and one of my favourites
is a mini moleskin journal,
which I mounted the ATC on the journal page:)
Here's another one I mounted in my mini journal
using the same series of napkin based ATC's
With this one I didn't use the Picket Fence
Distress Stain, but instead used a Script Stamp
to embellish the napkin image, and then
mounted in my mini-journal:)

So there ya go Everyone!!!
Get to making those ATC Swap Challenge
ATC's and send me those pictures via Email and
leave the Comment on this Blog Post 
so we can get on with choosing the Winner's!!!

Thanks Everyone!!!



Mary Jane said...

Wonderful post as always Denise....and love you little mini tutorial, too! Hope to be able to participate in this months swap...keeping fingers crossed! xoxo

Coleen said...

Denise, what a pretty blog you have created. And those two sunflower ATCs next to one another are stunning. So I"m following you here now, hope you'll come by and follow on my blog as well. I'll connect with you on FB too.
Coleen, an American in Ukraine

Melissa Samuels said...

Thanks for doing the challenge with me, Denise! I love your ATC, and the technique with the napkin! Awesome! xx

SimJaTa said...

Just followed your link from Effy's email. I hope the lovely Oliver is better soon.

Wont be taking part this time as having a bit of an art crisis, but will enjoy following you and watching tutorials (need all the help I can get) said...

Hi Denise,
Found you!Thanks for the invite, can't wait to join in on the ATC swap. I just love making these mini works of art...Love the "sweet" theme too!

Anonymous said...

just decided to 'expand' a bit --I do love challenges, so,I'm signing on this one -- first swap ever if it's gonna be one - lolxx:) Eugenia

Anne said...

SO gorgeous! Lovely blog; I'm a new follower! ♥♥

Sending An Angel said...

Great I am going to enter for both sending you an e-mail with my entrees!
Cute Art World

zoogirl said...

Lovely blog and post Denise and I wish you and your precious baby boy the very best with his bladderstones <3 I look forward to following your journey! xo

sharon said...

Thanks for the tut! Love your work and your blog and I hope to participate! Your work is AMAZING and so inspiring!

Emma J. said...


Just wanted to say I sent in my two entrees, I might send another later! Anyway, thanks for the chance to win and the fun challenge!


Coleen said...

Back again Denise. I read your "About Me" and saw you are retired from Real Estate. I was a broker with my own company for almost 20 years(in housing and rental property) before moving to Ukraine. I loved it, but also so glad to be out of it.
Hope Oli is doing better by now. We had two small elderly dogs (my profile pic) that have now passed on. It's a heartbreak when these little ones hurt.
Blessings, Coleen in Ukraine

Renee Stien said...

I just emailed you pics of my 2 entries. Thanks for hosting, this was fun <3


Hi Denise - newbie hewe - I'm following your blog now and have also sent you an email with my ATC entries attached.

jengd said...

Argh! Cutting it VERY close but just emailed you!