Saturday, March 24, 2012

And the Melissa Samuel's Gift Certificate goes to!!!!!:)

Hi Everyone!!!

I am so Stoked!!!
And Gobsmacked!! LOL!

First off!!!

Huge Thank You's

There will be a Special ATC
that I'll be sending this Dear Girl!!!

Now I know you all are jumping up and down
wanting to know who's the 
Winner of the $25 Gift Certificate 
to Melissa's Shop...

But I'd just like to say:)
This has been one of the most successful,
interesting, and fun Blog Giveaways I've
done this past year!
With the use of Facebook, and so many
of you jumping on board with such interest
in Making and Swapping ATC's
and all the encouragement from many of
you to 
'Let's do this again'!!

I'm just gobsmacked!

I had started off with the ATC Swap Challenge
part to be 5 Winner's picked for Swapping ATC's
I'd send them a few little goodies with the
ATC's, that's still happening:)

But as you all know now, 
I had decided a couple of weeks ago when your 
ATC's started arriving
that it would be so much more fun to Swap with
all of you!

Oh Man!!! Then 33 Entries Later!! LOL!!!

I'm still making ATC's!!! 
(Almost finished and Envelopes are ready to mail!)

Here's just a few examples of the ATC's I've made

(some of them you've already seen on Facebook),
that you all will be receiving in the mail soon!!

As many of you know about me 
Nature is always involved in any of
my projects:)
This just ended up being a little twisted! LOL!

And a little 'girlie':)

These have been a blast to make!!

And I even managed to teach myself with
some experimenting some new technique's
I'll be sharing in future posts:)

So here we are:)
Over 1000 Page Views 
since the First Post for
this Challenge!!!

45 New Followers!!!
33 Fabulous ATC Entries!!!!

Anyone interested in
doing this next month???
Leave me comments on this post if 
you're interested in being part of another
ATC Swap Challenge and Gift Certificate
Giveaway Later Next Month, and any interesting
ideas of what theme you all would like, 
and I'll get it put together, 
as Next Month is my

1 Year Anniversary:)
Birdnuts Mixed Media Blog:)

Woo Hoo!!! LOL!!!

So I suppose you want to know who the 
Winner is???? LOL!!!
(I'm such a tease!!)

Using the Random Generator Site
and listing each of your Entries
in order on the previous post.....

The Winner of the
$25 Gift Certificate to

Diana D. Dardin!!!!

Woo Hoo!!!
( oh man, can you see the confetti flying!!! LOL!)

Congratulations Diana!!!

I just wish I could have awarded all of you
Gift Certificates as you all have 
Entered Fabulous ATC's!!!! 

And I hope the fun of Swapping at the
least is enough for encouraging you all
to do this again, as I've had a blast
and I'm so proud to be 
Swapping and Collecting 
all of your Fabulous Entries!!
I just hope you'll enjoy receiving my ATC's
in the Swap as much!!

So Big Congrats to Diana D. Dardin!
And you all will be receiving your Swap ATC's
soon in the mail! 
( Coming from Canada you never know 
how long it's going to take in the post, as 
you all are all over the place!!
Canada, U.S.A., England, Greece!!! LOL)
OMG!!! The postage!! LOL!!!

And I'm leaving the 5 Winners of 
the little extra's a surprise:)

Ok, Leave me those Comments and
Let's do this Again!!!

( I certain have!!)


Mary Jane said...

Congrats to Diana! I am hoping to participate in the next swap head should be "above water" by then! Thanks Denise for all of your hard work and hosting this was a lot of fun! xo

Unknown said...

Congradulations Diana! And Thanks Denise, for bringing us together and meeting new friends! This was such a fun swap!Can't wait for the next one :)

Ann said...

congratulations to Diana!!
these atc's are wonderful!

Melissa Samuels said...

Congratulations, Diana! Thanks so much to Denise for hosting this amazing ATC challenge! xoxo Melissa